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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Lee Weldon, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. Lee Weldon

    So I tried Connery for the first time today, the balance was unbelievably close between the factions which is something I haven't experienced in a long time, I'm very rusty and missing lots of shots but my first thoughts are the server seems very hard. Lots of tanks blowing me up from a mile away, I don't know if there was some element of hacking going on there or if they were extremely skilled, probably the latter. The flyers seemed bad and there seemed to be a lot of people in planes, which never happened on briggs because good pilots just intimidated all the bad flyers. People talk a lot more on Connery and damn americans are some of the funniest people in the world sometimes when they start screaming things in the chat but so far soltech, people tend not to speak so Connery seems better in that regard but I think I care more about the game running smoothly than being able to communicate with others.

    Then soltech... So far I hopped into the server and it seems easier more casual, the balance is not there at all and I wanted to play NC but was in a queue that said I could play in an hour so no thank you. So after hopping on my R6 TR toon the ping seemed far better on soltech playing in Sydney and I'm potentially moving to Asia soon anyway so it seems logical. I always hear that chinese like to hack in these games and I really see little proof of any hacking anywhere though It is a concern because I've seen it on other shooters and it annoyed me. I really don't see myself waiting in such long queues to play NC and I never thought I'd start a fresh toon since I already have so much stuff. But I'm actually considering the faction swap now and I'm really enjoying the other factions guns.

    My final thoughts, maybe I should leave my NC character on connery and start playing TR/VS fresh on soltech. I'm curious to know what other Australians have thought about the swapping process. Though I'm worried I'll regret leaving my best toon on Connery if I decide the ping/latency is unplayable and I'm worried about swapping it to soltech because I don't want to wait an hour to play. If anybody knows which faction tends to be best for english speakers or knows which outfits on briggs have swapped over to connery or soltech I'd like to hear all the feedback I can get because final dates coming up soon.
  2. Liewec123

    I wouldn't play soltech even if there was no other option,
    DBG pretty much made that server to stop the eastern hackers from ruining other servers,
    I remember a while ago someone posted a pic of the weekly leaderboard and it was all soltech hackers
    I'm glad the server exists (so they can ruin eachothers gameplay instead of ours) , but I wouldn't ever want to play there.

    So imho it's an easy pick! Connery
  3. SteelMantis

    I have played on both.

    Soltech has some upsides: Much better ping (at least from Japan) and and active primetime for Asia.
    Soltech's downsides: Few English speakers (mostly what I think is Chinese with scratchy mics) and hackers. Lots and lots of hackers.

    I can't recall getting killed through a wall on Connery in the last month but it happens regularly in Soltech, almost daily in fact. And either the players on Soltech are much much better at headshotting than Connery or they are aimbotting. I once counted my last 100 deaths on my Soltech character vs my Connery charterer and had 50% more headshot deaths on Soltech. (A ridiculously small sample but still)

    However Soltech is still playable if you don't mind getting killed by hackers. There are plenty of good fights that happen without hackers showing up.

    Connery's upsides: English speaking and more active. They both have a good primetime but Soltech can get dead on off hours while Connery usually has at least a couple of battles going and almost always has all bases open. Connery has better faction balance too, VS seems to have a little advantage in pop recently but VS on Soltech often have 10-20%.

    You still have a couple of weeks to decide before the Connery/Soltech server transfers end at the end of September so it is worth spending some time on both. Personally even though I get 20ms lag to Soltech and 150ms to Connery if I am lucky and hate dying behind cover I am basically done with Soltech.
  4. adamts01

    What's your ping to Connery? I've talked to a couple aussies that get 350-400 and they simply ruin the game for everyone else. If that's the case then I'd go SolTech. It also depends where in Asia you plan on moving. I was able to get 180ms from Manila to Connery, and Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong all get better ping than that. And I see guys from Singapore that don't warp around while many from Australia do. So Asia doesn't rule out a decent connection to Connery, you'll probably get a better connection than you do right now, unless you're moving to Thailand or mainland China.

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