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  1. Corezer

    With a forward grip, it reminds me of a razor, with a forward grip and comp. Only things are that the solstice has a wee little bit less recoil it feels like, and the razor with comp has higher DPM. Outside of that the damage vs rpm thing is just same **** different flavor. both have a fast reload and punch targets at a pretty good range. The higher velocity of the razor means at range you can cut your lead by a half mm, the no bullet drop on the solstice means you don't have to hold over a half mm.

    That's actually why I switched from ACX-11 to the Razor GD-23, I have been playing a lot of VS getting sick *** sessions and wanted something to bead headshots with. it's not quite as easy to follow the head up in close-mid as the solstice due to that touch more recoil and larger ADS move cone, but essentially they're very similar to me.

    I cant wait to finish auraxiuming the solstice so I can move to the burst, with it's lower rate of fire and 3 shot burst I feel like the solstice burst is almost a full auto to me, with a sick ads move cone.

    Eventually, I will get the eclipse which I definitely will like more than the other faction carbines due to the shotgun actually serving to help with a deficiency (I feel it is a redundancy on the others due to their higher DPS)
  2. ATRA_Wampa-One

    I honestly thought I would hate the Solstice since it's stats are so similar to the Pulsar VS1 (which i actually hate), but going through and getting all my auraxes for the Eclipse that was my favorite all around carbine and I actually have better stats with it than either the Pulsar C and VX6-7.

    Also, the UBSG on the Eclipse really covers it's most glaring holes which is CQC viability and DPM since you can use it to finish off someone without swapping to a sidearm.
  3. Eternaloptimist

    I only play engineer now and again. Used to be for the xp but now it is for the Solstice - awesome weapon
  4. Erendil

    The Solstice is a surprising little gem of a carbine. Quite versatile, so long as you don't go toe-to-toe against enemy Heavies.

    Its only real faults are its low DPM and the fact that the Pulsar C can do everything the Solstice can, but better.

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