Solstice vs. Solstice SF

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by MilkMan, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. MilkMan

    I'm not quite sure the huge difference between the two. The SF supposedly can change to full auto or burst, and similarly the solstice can be changed to shoot single, auto, or burst. What am I missing here, aside from maybe some attachments? I wish I had the game on my work PC so I could just log on and poke around, but alas I do not.
  2. AshOck

    slightly higher fire rate and reload speed if I recall correctly.. I suppose the biggest advantage is the underbarrel attachments though.
  3. Davinel

    AFAIK - lower rof, but underbarrel and ammo.
  4. SixVoltSamurai

    The attachments will be the difference, with a slight drop in rate of fire as posted above. It should be the only version you can get underbarrel launchers and choose from both SPA/HVA on. Utility over RoF basically.
  5. rzr22

    Where do you guys get your weapon info?
  6. Raez

    SF as slightly slower reload speed, not rate of fire. according to weapon info.
  7. Xaielao

    RoF seems identical to me. I was really unsure what gun to go with so I 'trialed' several. I settled on the Solstice SF for its utility. I tend to play LA the stealthy way, getting up above the enemy and raining down death. I have a 2x Reflex Sight and Compensator on mine so its steady and deadly at medium range. So with a SF I can click it to burst to reduce bullet usage but still get quick kills, or if I just want to pick off someone without revealing my position as much, I'll use single fire and try for head shots, such as when I get behind a sniper I can one-two-three one fairly quickly, or if I don't quite kill them, I can move my position a bit without worrying about being spotted immediately.

    For heavier damage I liked the Pulsar C but I just didn't find it as handy as a Solstice SF at medium range while 'camping' and the RoF was just to low for my style. By the flip side I also trialed a VX6-7. It's RoF is really high but I found it's accuracy to be kinda all over the place. I figured the Solstice SF was better bullet damage without the price of a forward grip and compensator I would need on the VX6-7 to bring it under control.
  8. grin

    Numbas :D

    Sostice SF has a bit more rightward recoil than the Standard.

    bs dam 5.75
    hs dam 11.5
    mag 30/150
    t/mag 2.6s
    rof 11.54r/s
    rel 1.9s
    dps bd 66.3
    dps hd 132.7

    solstice SF:
    bs dam 5.33
    hs dam 10.66
    mag 30/150
    t/mag 2.7s
    rof 11.11r/s
    rel 1.7s
    dps bd 59.2
    dps hd 118.4

    Pulsar C:
    bs dam 6.66
    hs dam 13.33
    mag 30/150
    t/mag 3.2s
    rof 9.38r/s
    rel 2.2s
    dps bd 62.5
    dps hd 125.0

    bs dam 5.75
    hs dam 11.5
    mag 30/150
    t/mag 2.2s
    rof 13.6r/s
    rel 2.2s
    dps bd 78.2
    dps hd 156.4
  9. grin

    Testing indicates it has a faster reload speed by .2 sec and a slower rof by .4 rounds per second. It has slightly lower damage too by .4 per shot so overall lower dps.
  10. Moor

    Using the Solstice SF atm with the Grenade launcher. you get 2 shots for the grenade launcher which is awesome.

    Not quite sure how else I want to modify this weapon except atm, I have the X2 Reflex scope which is really helpful.

    Grenade launcher alone and having access to more mods makes this much more attractive to me than the baseline Solstice.
  11. grin

    The SF is one of the few weapons for the vs that will actually gain an advantage from the foregrip. I usually run laser dot on mine for mobility hipfiring.

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