Solo Lib Montage (Again) - We are Kings

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by xxNinjaPowersxx, May 14, 2014.

  1. xxNinjaPowersxx

    Just showing how OP the lib is OMFG its so annoying.... wait this is solo and not farming 0_0 Oh snap! :p

    Once again other information:
    Name: WhatIsOurLimits
    Server: Mattherson
    Outfit: DARK -
    BR: 88
    Other stuff: I like cats..... meow

    As always have a great day! :D
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  2. Hatesphere

    Although impressive, I think its silly that this is even possible every time I see it.
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  3. xxNinjaPowersxx

    Why is it silly? Not every player in the game can do this (unlike farming). Most of us solo libbers like I have put hours even days practicing and getting good. It should be possible if you practice and get good. And about 90% of the time I solo I never farm ground :p I just do it for the fun of AA.
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  4. NoctD

    The Dalton is just stupid broken, one of the many things wrong with Libs. Its far too versatile and multi-role. The Lib is truly king amongst all vehicles in this game, it has the ability to take on anything and everything.

    The montage is nice though - but its no doubt another example of how the Lib is performing far too well at all things.
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  5. Mxiter

    It's just silly that an A2G bomber is that powerful at AA while it should be defenseless at this role.
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  6. Hatesphere

    I am not arguing that it doesn't take skill, but something about 1 person flying a 3 person gun ship just doesn't sit well with me.
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  7. xxNinjaPowersxx

    I could do this BEFORE the update..... don't know why people are complaining just now and not before.
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  8. xxNinjaPowersxx

    Many people that actually fly air will agree libs add something to the AA fight. Its interesting fighting libs. But you have to fight them properly and not be an idiot and fly straight at them..... For most pilots solo libs and even 2/3 libs are FREE xp. Just shows what a good ESF pilot can do.
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  9. xxNinjaPowersxx

    Well ask the devs, its possible lol.
  10. NoctD

    Some of us were complaining before the update too... but the update showed us a precedent that SOE has set for themselves. They nerfed the Viper REAL HARD, stating it was too good at all things. Given that logic, the Lib's weapons are overdue for a serious balance tuning pass.

    The Dalton actually got a slight nerf during the update, but it was far from making it balanced and not "too good against all things".

    There's a set of double standards that SOE has shown so far... why should Libs be exempted, when the Viper was hit so hard?
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  11. xxNinjaPowersxx

    Daltons are not the problem, the TB is. And before even the TB I would say the shredder is a bigger problem. The Dalton actually takes a little skill unlike the shredder. The shredder kills..... everything..... too fast. Infantry? Yup kills em in 2 seconds with good accuracy. The Dalton vs. infantry? Terrible for farming. Thats the Zephyrs role. Which the shredder takes. Armor? Yup shredders shreds, air? Yup shredder shreds.

    Just watch this video is what I'm saying :p
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  12. axiom537

    Impressive, very few can do it effectively. God, I love killing solo libs with my liberator...
  13. Phazaar

    Love it. Especially the moment you pwn the two Skyguards.

    They could use some of this...

  14. xxNinjaPowersxx

    Don't know either.... but please watch the video above. Says EVERYTHING thats wrong with the Lib.
  15. xxNinjaPowersxx

    HAHAHAHA made my day xD
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  16. xxNinjaPowersxx

    Its kinda funny when I solo against another solo libber thats never done it before..... I kinda just watch them flip around and stuff lol
  17. Mxiter

    I know, i fly quite often ESFs and sometimes libs in airsquads.
    But when 25-30% of libs are playing AA and the rest are farming ground with the same loadouts, it seems broken to me.
    This video is also proving how wrong "teamwork" argument from lib dedicated defenders is wrong since a pilot can easily gives LOS to gunners without them feedback and even a solo lib player (experienced in your case).
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  18. xxNinjaPowersxx

    Can see your point, I will admit (unlike most) the lib is a bit OP. And the way I see it is weapons. Shredder and TB in particular. Shredder kills everything in this game too fast. It needs to have a more specified role. And the TB needs a nerf vs. tanks. It clips MBT's for god sakes. I have gotten to the point where I feel bad when I do it :p.Except those 2 lightnings.... they were not that smart lol.

    Please watch my video on nerfing the lib if you want more detail.
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  19. NoctD

    Those 3 all are to various extents. I think the Tankbuster at least only has 2 roles - air and ground vehicles, it can't do infantry and its easier to avoid while flying, the Dalton is totally unforgiving if you cross into its path. As you stated, the Lib is a perfect A2A counter for everything in the air. Its simply far too multi-purpose and versatile, with super high alpha damage weapons. The Zephyr and Bulldog on Libs aren't really a big problem because they do fit into more defined roles.

    Libs are simply put - the one vehicle that rules everything. It is king!

    I'd leave the TB alone personally or maybe adjust Lib/Gals to be more resistant to the TB, but to me its still the Dalton and Shredder that have far too much versatility. I'd like to see the Dalton fixed to a single role ie. strong A2G AV only. And the Shredder to lose its alpha damage and some projectile velocity, so it becomes more of an all around balanced weapon like a ground Basilisk is.
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  20. IamnotAmazing

    I'd stop making montages and putting them on the forums, bad players are just going to hate
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