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  1. X Falcolm X

  2. Guardsman99941

    Pardon me but how to I sign up
    I've recently returned to Planetside after finally getting a PC that can run it smoothly but I have no one to game with
    Can someone point me in the right direction?
  3. Blackout459

    hey Guardsman

    Try jumping into a platoon with us on Briggs or go to for more information on joining
    Cpl Blackout459
    Mechanized Commander
  4. ice cold gangsta

    deze mofos inevitible decline begaun on today everyone knows suka but thers no ***** real *** leadership
    - ice cold of da icy hot stuntz
  5. Vectore

    I found it very boring to fight on Briggs without bumping you guys (I'm VS btw). Long live SOCA, Lord Vanu bless you.
  6. Neejrow

    Just want to bump this thread to let everyone know that we are currently recruiting.

    SOCA has changed quite a lot over the last year and we are no longer a "mil-sim" outfit. Just a casual gaming community that is plays serious on occasion.

    If you would like to apply to SOCA's Planetside 2 Outfit please visit our applications page at sign up to the website and then fill in the application for Planetside.

    SOCA is not just specifically Planetside any more, we are a gaming community with a broad range of games. Our currently active community games are Rocket League, The Division, Warframe, Counter Strike, Black Desert Online, Rust, Life is Feudal.

    We also host a community game night every 3 weeks, where we have a poll on the forums to choose an older Free 2 Play game. Examples of recent events are; Battlefield 1942, Jedi Academy, Quake 3 Arena.

    If this sounds like the kind of gaming community you are interested in, please visit our website at and register. Jump on Teamspeak and have a chat to us.

    Teamspeak Address:

    Hope to see you there,


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