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  1. Booticus

    Free bump for one of the most skilled and professional outfits on Briggs. Always happy to see these guys come to our aid!
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  2. WeaverMSI

    Much obliged, Booticus! We hereby raise a tankard to the Drunken Legion.
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  3. Firastic

    Can i join this?
  4. WideFrustum

    I suggest that you jump into one of our public platoons to get a feel for the play-style and then contact one of our members in-game. We can take forward it from there.
  5. Cpt. Brimmer [SOGA]

    We do paperwork because we have over 400 members across two companies ARMA III and Planetside and while we have a casual basis we have quite a few professional and serious gamers in our midst who enjoy doing 'paperwork' and ensuring things run smoothly.
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  6. KillerCombo

    I am a serious gamer with in Soca, i can't fault either the casual players or the "Pro Gamers" we have a handful of the absolute best players on Briggs with in Soca. And in my eyes and many of our eyes the paperwork is a good thing. Once you have ran through the recruiting process you learn the rules, you learn our operations times and how to gain rank. It's a form of subordination but at the same time it gives one a sense of being, Somewhere to belong. It also instills you with wanting to be a:
    We are massive, We certainly are a well tuned Mechanism and we are most definitely all Nameless Cogs in Operations. Today i am Alpha 3, Tomorrow i may be Bravo 8. The Australian Defence Force Doesn't use names in Operations, Which is where we proudly attained our structure from.
  7. Tini

    :( My comment was reported for profanity....
  8. Dingus148

    Ahahahah oh man...I don't know about that. Yeah, callsigns are used...for fireteams and above. Besides, detailing ratel proceedures on the internet would technically be a security breach, right?
  9. Cpt. Brimmer [SOGA]

    Our new logo by Sydney,Wong and Jack. Coat of arms to follow.

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  10. Cpt. Brimmer [SOGA]

    SOCA coat of arms.

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  11. UNSCSpartan051

    What's the diff between SOCA and SOGA?
  12. Mcponington

    I think some other outfit had taken there tag when they started in the game so they had to use SOGA.

    @Brimmer nice coat of arms.
  13. Cpt. Brimmer [SOGA]

    In regards to SOCA SOGA thing, it was originally SOGA, then we removed the guy who was running it and for legal reasons had to change the name to SOCA.

    @Mcponington all the credit goes to Sydneysider and Xamarific for the coat.
  14. Cpt. Brimmer [SOGA]

    Training sesh we ran a few months ago, only got around to uploading it recently.

  15. Crackulous

    Legal issues? Damn, that's hardcore.
  16. sirinon

    I'm back after a LONG Hiatus and need to re-recruit myself in Soca.

    Where do I go to sign up ? ( Again )
  17. Miskaton

    SOCA is going from strength to strength daily, and now is the largest outfit on Briggs TR. Our platoons form the backbone of the war effort, so whose side are you on?
  18. Remuul

    Participated in my first SOCA operation yesterday evening. Having spent most of my cert points in the various infantry types, it was nice to have some spare to spend on a vehicle. Not to say I have not been in good public platoons, but this is the first time I have been called to pull a vehicle for a specific reason.


    p.s My gunnery skill with a skyguard wasn't the best, hopefully I get a chance to pull one more often and get a chance to improve.

    One other thing, whoever lead Charile squad did an awesome job, it was a heep of fun being in.
  19. X Falcolm X

    Can I join?

    I've seen heaps of your guys whilst playing planetside 2 and you seem like a very active outfit and i like the way how you play with tactics and military style. I submitted a form on the SOCA website and I need to teamspeak for this outfit so which Teamspeak do i download? client or server, 64bit or 32bit and 1. 4netplayers or 2. gamed!d? I havn't used teamspeak before so im really not that good at it. My ingame name is falcolm and BR 17.
  20. Miskaton

    With regular public and private squads, SOCA is one of the oldest and most well known names on Briggs TR. Our pedigree is well deserved, with an experienced officer corps and dedicated cadre of veteran members. If you're on the fence about joining, let us show you why we consider ourselves the most organised outfit on Briggs by coming along to one of our serious play nights (open to all prospective members).

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