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  1. WideFrustum

    We do from time to time. But I have observed that a good chunk of TR does not participate in many of the alerts. During operations nights (Sundays) we ignore the alerts in favor of the community-run "simple war" events.
  2. WeaverMSI

    Might I ask which outfit you are with?
  3. NovaAustralis

    Well I can vouch that SOCA smashed Snowshear Watchtower and Palos Solar Array on Esamir in an Alert over the last weekend!
    You gave 41BN Delta Squad a good stand up fight that's for sure!
  4. Cpt. Brimmer [SOGA]

    Mate you guys made it as difficult as possible for us, took us a long time to get a base right next to our warpgate, always a good **** fight when we come up against you guys. Makes the game that much better.
  5. Evil Monkey

    None. But every time I skip an alert on "another" continent, I find SOCA on Indar.

    The other day on an Indar alert (which usually EVERYONE attends, even TR!) - I saw SOCA ghost capping Esamir. I wondered if it was official policy to avoid alerts, but Widefrustrum just replied to that.
  6. Glutez

    How does one join SOCA?
    any special requirements?
  7. Cpt. Brimmer [SOGA]

    I replied to your inbox mate, check there.
  8. Alexus

    Hi I'd like to join here. (can't be sure to see you guys often but nonetheless not inactive!)

    Hello I'm AlexustheTRmenace(in-game)

    I am an experienced player and have just started anew in Briggs (due to ping problems in Cobalt)
    I have observed the problems in this world and i am fully aware of the need for more organized groups.
    I am an experienced pilot specializing in ground-to-air assaults.
    I am best a lone wolf or at least best at 2-4 squad assaults. Send me out to infiltrate enemy bases beforehand and i will assure you they will be f***** pissed at me XD.
    I am a medic. Specializing in support, assault and rambo.
    I am 12 y/o
    I do not exactly have a stable....Working mic but still good in using in-game chat.
    I have red camo on everything I own.
    I trust my officers and especially myself.
    I have annihilated every single opponent in my way.

    Here are my stats:

    BR: 16 Staff Sergeant (in-game Exterminator)
    KDR: 0.80
    S/M(Score per minute) 158.4
    Kills: 191
    Deaths: 239
    Main weapon: NS-11A (Kills: 143)
    Most used vehicles: Mosquito, Prowler

    Thank you. And I wish you luck on the field. :) (lol)
  9. Cpt. Brimmer [SOGA]

    SOCA enjoying a full r etar d sesh on Saturday, absolutely romping air around the Xenotech region until a suspiciously OP lib smashed us.

  10. Cpt. Brimmer [SOGA]

    Cheers to ButcherBiird for the recording and sweet editing.
  11. WeaverMSI

  12. RaZz0R

    Cpt. Brimmer, is an Honorable leader for SOGA.

    He has my full respect!

    peace out.
  13. RaZz0R

  14. WeaverMSI

  15. Rougey

    Broken record much?

    At any rate, congratz :)
  16. WeaverMSI

    Please note that the two posts describe two different achievements.

    The first is SOCA's position in the Briggs rankings.

    The second is SOCA's position in the world rankings.

    Many thanks.
  17. Rougey

    Ah, Reading comprehension FTW then...

    Still, gratz on the rank - welcome to the bragging rights club. :)
  18. Damingo

    My fellow TROLs and I often go head to head with these guys. I can vouch for them being a absolute A grade outfit. Just a really good bunch of guys and very good gamers to boot. If your TR and you are wanting to game with the best look no further. See you on the battlefield you Imperial sunburns.:p VANU FTW!!!!
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  19. WideFrustum

    Thanks for the shout-out Damingo. It's always a stand-up fight when we go up against you TROLs.
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  20. Damingo

    cheers brother
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