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  1. Cpt. Brimmer [SOGA]

    Due to a leadership change and subsequent renaming SOG(A) is now now as SOCA.


    SOCA, Special Operations Command Australia, is an easy going, but none the less coordinated PS2 outfit. At present we have roughly 170 members, the majority of who will vouch for the excellent leadership and team play that is offered by SOCA in both PS2 and our tactical realism ARMA II unit. Our reputation is excellent on Briggs and we are by far one of the most effective in game outfits, in terms of ability to deal with NC and VS with coordinated assaults and effective tactics. NCO's and Officers in SOCA will do their utmost to ensure you feel welcome as will most of the lads. Ability to follow orders is a must and if you act like a ****wit, you will be treated as one and promptly removed from the outfit. Rank is assigned to played who join, and while we try not to take things to serious, (seriously, within a day you will feel at home with the lads in the outfit) when the situation arises we will pull rank in situations when we work in platoon sized ops, ie senior officers and NCO's take Section and Platoon command. Look for SOCA squads in game and have a chat with us to see if you like the way we work.

    We also conduct training and Ops on the weekends. Battalion wide meetings are conducted once a month to ensure SOCA remains on the right path and address any issues that arise. To any other TR outfits, please inbox me if you are keen to organise some joint ops or training sessions, or hop on to TS and speak to some of the lads.

    We recently removed almost all of our inactive members and as a result the SOCA rankings have soared to no.2 on the Briggs server for 92 members and above.

    In game contacts:



    Maj. Brimmer
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  2. RightMeow

    Is SOGA the goon outfit?
  3. Clutchbot

  4. Thundermuffin

    This is a really good group, i highly encourage other decent players to join!!!! FOR THE REPUBLIC!
  5. Thundermuffin

    Is this the largest Australian TR group? i haven't seen any bigger ones... I reckon you guys should set a weekly meeting time, it is so much fun playing with really large numbers that are well co-odinated!
  6. Maj. Dignam [SOG(A)]


    Over 418 members and still recruiting mate

    Maj. Dignam
    Battalion Headquarters SOG(A)
  7. sirinon

    There is no official way to check but with 418+ Members we are definately in the top three Outifts.

    As for Weekly meetings we have OP's nights where we put our best foot forward with a properly organized combined arms force including a proper chain of command and strategy.

    Aside from that there are always people on our TS or ingame running a SOG(A) Squad.

    Lt. Sirinon
    Infantry Platoon Commander SOG(A)
  8. Mr Draken

    Not the biggest by far, but they are up there with being active.
  9. hammyhamm

    No, the Briggs goon outfits is HUNK on TR. There is a VS one too but I can't remember the name.
  10. Hammerklau

    Bumping because when ever theres a good fight with TR, it's normally full of these guys.
  11. NovaAustralis

    Yeah, you guys provide a challenge for us at times! ;-)
  12. sirinon

    Thanks for the Feedback, Outfit vs outfit combat is our specialty ;)
  13. Grimzz

    Quick question..
    Usually i see SOGA guys running around on Brigss as TR
    but today the SOGA is NC?
    i have been fighting with SOGA tag NC on defending the crown..
    or is it another outfit with same tag?
  14. Hammerklau

    If SOGA has gone NC, i understand why... lol, GAUSS SAW might aswel be a battlerifle with an auto mode.. and it's default.. 5 shot melee range kill *Sigh*.
  15. Afifikas

    Yea. Saw some SOGA tagged players as NC in HVAR Tech yesterday. Was confused and held off pumping the rebel scum full of TR lead, only to get myself shot in the head another NC guy. What gives?
  16. LameFox

    Dunno how often they check this thread, but I heard in (TR) command that the NC thing is different. I think you may as well go ahead and shoot them, whoever they are.
  17. Ziras

    They are not SOG(A), nor are they condoned by us. Here is a Quote from one of our Planetside 2 leaders.
    "G'day all SOG(A) members,
    On sunday 3rd Feb. 2013, players on Planetside 2 have created a SOG(A) Outfit named S0GA (the "o" is a 0 (Zero) ) From what I have been told by members in our legit outfit is that they are speed hacking aim-bot and you name it! all members I urge you to please screen shot and / or screen record the S0GA members."

    To put it simply, if they're NC, shoot them in the face, they are not affiliated with official SOG(A), if you see some fishy stuff makes sure you get the evidence and report it immediately.

  18. NovaAustralis

    Cheers Ziras.

    I was about to warn you [SOGA] blokes that there were NC players trolling and griefing on Briggs(AU) with your tag.
    Didn't think you guys would stoop to that level and glad to see you don't condone it.

    We shoot [S0GA] NC players on sight, due to their TK risk and the fact that they trolled our outfit photo op.

    Sorry they are trying to give you guys a bad name.
  19. Cpt. Brimmer [SOGA]

    Much appreciated fellas, there are some seriously bored and sad people out there but hopefully if word spreads, the public will know we are not affiliated with these muppets. Also Hammer and Nova if you guys are in outfits ( I know you are Hammer) and want to do a 1v1 outfit battle or 2v2 on a continent with low pop, inbox me and it can be arranged or jump on our ts. :)

    WO1. Brimmer

    Regimental Sergeant Major

  20. Bitterchill

    Had a great time fighting outfit on outfit with SOCA last night at Indar Comm Array. Huge battle that went on for more than 30 minutes while they threw endless sunderers, galaxies, mosquitos and liberators at us. Very impressed with how coordinated and well executed the attack was. It pushed us to our limit to hold the base and if it hadn't been such good defensive territory we probably would have fallen.

    Good stuff SOCA look forward to bumping into you more often!

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