Soft Point vs. High Velocity?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Lohk, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Lohk

    I'm trying to decide which of these ammo types to get for the CARV. Does anyone have any insight on the two? Seen the difference between using the different types of ammo?
  2. Quor

    The SP's will noticeably reduce your bullet velocity at range. You'll have a lot more drop and notice you need to lead targets further ahead than you do normally. But you'll hit harder in close range combat, so if that's your thing then cert away.

    The HV ammo makes a big difference for long range combat; your bullets fly faster, requiring less of a lead, and have almost no drop at medium range, and very little drop even at ranges approaching 250m. You get slightly more kick per shot however, so a compensator is suggested if you can get one, or else just learn to deal with it and practice burst firing.
  3. Zaik

    If you poke around some of the threads complaining about NC weapons in the general forums there's a link that regularly gets spammed.

    If you check it out, it explains the damage bonus of Soft point ammo. Seems to be something like -5% damage in close, +15.5% damage in mid, and -15% at long range. Also yeah, the shots move much slower.

    High Velocity ammo increases your recoil and accomplishes nothing other than making you re-learn how far to lead your shots, I'd say it's a great way to waste 100 certs.
  4. Kalzakov

    i have noticed with High Velocity Rounds do get to the target faster. so not worthless
  5. Zwan

    soft point reduces CQC damage? haven't heard that yet
  6. MartianDiscoFish

    High velocity definitely,
    More damage at range and faster bullet speed for a little bit more recoil, worth the trade off 100%
  7. framperton

    Does the Soft Point bullet type only provide that bonus after the target's shields are depleted, or is it a constant bonus overall?

    because way back in beta there were a variety of ammo types (anti shield, armor piercing) that were good at dealing with shielded and armored targets respectively. Does Soft Point ammo keep this trait?

    As in, it does slightly less shield damage, but once those are out, it really slams against core health?
  8. Zaik

    Anti Shield and Anti Armor ammo never actually got released. I dunno if they couldn't finish it or just decided it was completely pointless to add in. Soft point is an entirely different kind and has nothing to do with them.

    Unless there was some stealth patch in the last 24 hours that changed it, no. It's never caused anything to do more damage, it's just increases bullet speed and recoil.
  9. Caspartine

    Well it's said in the description:

    High velocity ammunition has a faster travel time and is more effective at long range. Vertical recoil is slightly higher in comparison to standard ammunition.

    Still, can anyone confirm "usefulness" of HVA? Kinda worried about wasting 100 certs.
  10. strychzilla

    You have a higher chance of killing people running for cover when using HV. I wouldn't say it's worthless but it has its uses. That's what the loadout slots are for. If you're just starting to push a base, go HV, once you break through and you're more medium range you can use soft and be more effective.
  11. RedOak

    I tested High velocity ammo on my TMG-50 with forward grip and compensator. HVA increases verticle recoil by around 1/6 but I do notice leading targets has reduced making long shots easier. If you have the spare certs, go for it.
  12. Lohk

    I certed into HVA on my CARV-S.

    So far I've noticed getting more hits and kills since you don't deal with bullet drop at medium to long-ish ranges. If you're use to the bullet drop and are not having issues hitting targets then HVA would be rather pointless to get. For people like me who are new to the bullet drop mechanic, it's fantastic.
  13. Caspartine

    I have exactly the same setup. Decided to go for the HV yesterday, long distance shots, especially on running targets, are much easier now. Also, if you want some ESF to bugger off, HV makes it much easier to hit these even on longer distances.
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  14. Zwan

    ummm, so yeah, it doesn't say it does more damage... says more effective, which it is at long range, because it's faster, not because it does more damage. just more effective at long range than standard ammo
  15. framperton

    Well that wasn't exactly what I was asking. What I was asking is if they kept the properties from when those ammo types were in. So, are they still balanced in regards to those different ammo types, as in they only do more damage against unshielded enemies, or is it just a constant +15% damage increase overall?
  16. SixVoltSamurai

    Eh, HVA is better all around, however if you know you're going to be doing a LOT of CQC in an area, SPA will be better for you for that situation.
  17. Kyutaru

    He misquoted. It's a +5% damage bonus in CQC. The damage bonus is larger in mid-range combat.
    It's not because it's faster, it's because of damage falloff. More effective means the bullets retain their potency at long distance, just as soft point ammo retains its potency at shorter distances. The ammo itself doesn't provide a damage boost, it just prevents your damage from dropping due to range. Weapons have an ideal range for their bullets based on the velocity and type of the ammunition being used.
  18. Maxi'sProteinPowder

    Simple - if your going to be CQC type of player and run around shooting alot i'd definantly get the soft points
    - If you want range and the type of guy to sit back and pluck enemies from a distance then yes High velocity is the go.
    They both have there advantages it all depends your type of fighting "i for one have soft point as i love getting into the action and not camping from far! Soft points have helped taking down targets much quicker!
  19. Mwilo81

    im so confused which one i like better i love the CQC but love to pick off ppls from far away too ill just have to unlock both
  20. Maxi'sProteinPowder

    I know it sucks but you have to fiddle around and get a happy medium, and then you will be unstoppable for both close and far! good luck buddy im sure you will work it out :)

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