Soft Point Ammunition Worth It?

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by cQuickInstincts, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. cQuickInstincts

    I've got another 100 cert points, and I'm still trying to figure out what to upgrade next. I'm leaning towards Soft Point Ammunition, so I thought I'd ask here to find out if it's worth it or not. My weapon is the LC2 Lynx with the 3.4x DMO scope. I also have the first rank of claymores. Are there any other upgrades that I would be better off getting first? Thanks.
  2. Azimaith

    It slows your bullets and increases drop pretty considerably. I use it on my Gauss Compact S and it works fine.

    I haven't noticed huge difference in damage.
  3. SinerAthin

    I'd also like to know this.
  4. Ipecac

    According to the usual site, soft point ammo increases the distance at which you do max damage by 5 meters (10m -> 15m) but slows your bullets and decreases your minimum damage by a full damage tier. I consider the benefit minor and the penalty severe, so I don't use it myself.
  5. cQuickInstincts

    That is a pretty heavy penalty. What other certs would I be better off getting?
  6. Prosecutor

    I gave it exessive testing on 4 NC Guns and its not worth it. You gain almost nothing and you lose alot of bullet speed wich makes it alot harder to hit moving targets at 25-30 Meters.
  7. Udnknome

    Sorry Ipecac, I don't trust that site as it doesn't really translate into actual gameplay.

    I use the soft-point on my GD-7F and it appears to take maybe 1 less shot to down someone at close range (10m or so). After that point however the damage goes down, but it's not all together useless. It's great for securing a capture point, or mowing down people in bio labs.

    I play NC and I don't really notice the 1 extra shot other than my ability to survive in close quarters combat has went up slightly. The extra fraction of a second is significant when you only have about 2-3 seconds of per encounter. It also didn't require me to change tactics as much as high velocity ammo.
  8. Ipecac

    Oh, it's absolutely possible the site is wrong. However, feelings derived from gameplay are very poor ways to determine game mechanics. If you feel like you do better with it then by all means use it, but until we sit down and try it in game and see how it actually works it will be hard to say whether it's actually more effective objectively. I can think of a few ways to check its effects on damage and falloff; projectile speed is more inconvenient to measure specifically but the exact value of that doesn't really matter all that much. I'll check it out when I get the chance and I encourage you to do the same.
  9. Udnknome


    Sorry, I wasn't trying to direct the comment at you specifically. That web site has been around since beta and it still hasn't really been accurate in terms of how it relates to game mechanics. For example, that web site says NC have the highest damage per bullet and most recoil. What it doesn't say is that damage over time when actually burst firing a weapon rather than full auto makes the TR and NC rather balanced. My bash was at the website and not you personally.

    I listed the specifics of what I have tested personally. If I actually went into the detail you described, most readers response would have been OMG, TL;DR. Besides, the OP wasn't really asking for that anyhow. All he wanted to know is what it does for you.
  10. Ipecac

    Oh, I'm sorry. Yeah, I agree with you broadly. The site is what it is: just a spreadsheet with numbers, with no way to account for practical use or personal ability/preferences. I think it's pretty valuable as a basis to work from when talking about and testing the game mechanics, but I wouldn't try to pick weapons or anything based purely on its list of numbers.

    I thought you were disagreeing specifically with the explanation of how soft point ammo works (and honestly, I haven't checked myself so I'm taking someone else's word for it). I definitely encourage everyone to try out as many weapons and attachments as possible just because so many things come down to feel and playstyle; I tried soft point ammo on my T1S and didn't feel much difference, so the explanation of its effects convinced me to take it back out. If you or the OP try it and like it, hell, if it even sounds cool just to have four full slots of weapon upgrades, go with it.

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