SOE would like us to bear with them while they grow and make changes.

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  1. Reaper

    I love how the devs NEVER post on the forums, i know they look but it would be nice to get a freaking response to the big issues here
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  2. Montecripto

    I do wish they would allow us to re-cert, at least once a major patch would be nice.
  3. Believer

    I would like to see full recertification, and am willing to wait as much as 30 days to do it each time. I would pay for this.
  4. CobraBoss

    Everyone wants it , now lets see if they really listen like they imply they do.
  5. Kalmageddon

    Recently, with the addition of horns, vehicles got a fourth equipment slot. Said slot appears on every vehicle, not only on the sunderer. Convinced it was some kind of rank-dependent benefit and not knowing about the ****** coding I unlocked some additional armor for my Magrider, only to find that I still could only use 3 slots and thus my cert purchase was useless at the moment.

    Short version: yes I do want to be able to re-cert. Expecially in a game that basically doesn't explain anything.
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  6. oOCKYOo

    Anyone with a red name is an SOE employee. Also, would you prefer them sitting around here all day chit chatting to us or working, fixing everything they read people find wrong with the game?

    They have people that keep us up to date on things, but a little more frequently would be nice even if its just to tell us what they'll spend this week on and what they expect to fix / implement
  7. Kalmageddon

    We don't need a developer to post in these forums, just someone with the competence and knowledge to answer for them. You know, like in every other game forum.
    Oh wait, we do have such individuals here, it's just that they turn up only to close threads.
  8. I Keel You!

    IMO having these two options, will keep both the company and the consumer happy:

    1) A free re-cert every x weeks
    2) y Station Cash if you want it now.

    ...maybe a function will relate the two variables to determine the re-cert price?

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  9. JohnSnowman

    I think this should happen only for things that are totaly removed from the game or changed drasticaly. For example if they suddenly decide that the magburner is overpowered and replace it with something else then people who spent certs on that should obviously get it back.

    Otherwise you should NEVER be able to recert. Having to specialize your character/account is half the fun of the game. Thats the whole point of the cert system. Stop saying its about making money. If the game was subscription based and there was no real money shop the game would still have the same cert system.

    If you could recert then people could simply have the best kit of everything instantly. That is not fun for anyone.
  10. Zotamedu

    Mainly because they've made so many large changes to how some guns work so it's not the same thing you got in the first place. If you buy something and it ends up not suiting your playing style, fine, you live with it. If you buy something only to have it nerfed into something completely else, well then you didn't get what you paid for.

    I'm all for sticking with the choices you made but you shouldn't be stuck with expensive choices someone else made for you.
  11. Germanius_GER

    I like the Idea! +1
  12. ExarRazor

    i agree

    i put a bunch of certs into my lib, and they've been essentially wasted. i would LOVE to get those all back and put it into something i can actually use.

    i cant fly the thing, i can only gun it, but i cant find a decent enough pilot to fly my lib around while i blow **** up on a regular basis
  13. Arcanum

    They should definitely add recerting to the game,
    They also should make it SC-only so the free to players don't start feeling like they're special.
    Was PS1 like that?
  14. Reaper

    Utter garbage not one dev even cared to post on here
  15. Sebastien

    Nice necro
  16. Torok

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  17. FateJH

    Actually I neither care nor do I want it; but, that's neither here nor there.

    If we're doing re-certifications, then we need the other side of the coin as well - there's a cert ceiling, the maximum number of certs a character can ever earn and distribute, that the player will hit eventually, which leads to people no longer earning certs eventually. That means, eventually, a new validation system, since BR is effectively useless as a measure of character growth and K/D causes frustration amongst players. Ten-thousand, the current passive gain ceiling, simply for argument's sake.

    And I still don't understand this whole re-cert thing at a very basic level, not without the cert point ceiling. You can eventually cert into everything under the current system. As long as you have access to something after purchase, be it a weapon or a vehicle or a Suit Slot, you'll never have wasted that cert unless you never used it. The situation becomes especially problematic when you consider that for some weapons and utilities have also earned certs that were spent on other things; I'd like to question why you feel those shouldn't also be redacted if the utility itself is being forfeited.

    You probably set yourself up for disappointment in that regard.

    At least he used an existing on-topic thread rather than make a brand fresh new one.
  18. JonboyX

    iirc though you could unlearn something at the top of the tree and get refunded for everything under it. You could for example de-cert standard assault (I think it was) which meant you got back MA, SA, AV etc. too. So a like for like here would [maybe] be to uncert "Sunderer" and get everything for your sunderer back, including gun scopes, reload timers, armour, chassis etc. etc. but obviously not the guns themselves or any trim you've bought.

    I don't think you can let people cash guns back in for certs though at present value: sounds highly exploitable to me in that you could buy a load of guns and then convert them to certs... should you so wish.
  19. soeguud

    SOE would never take this idea anywhere. Because it's SOE. Unless you're talking about pay XXXX SC to recert then in which case they will. SOE's not one for charity. Or giving a damn.
  20. Sossen