SOE would like us to bear with them while they grow and make changes.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Slamhound, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Slamhound

    In planetside 1 you could re-cert...regularly.

    Now that you have made all these changes, wouldn't it be fair to let your playerbase re-cert? Just once?
    (and maybe after every time you make major changes)

    I know a lot of people feel that have made large investments in things that have had their yield suddenly taken away. It would really make us happy and feel like you care about how your changes affect us.

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  2. omega4

    But then how would SOE make the money, money, money?
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  3. L1ttlebear

  4. Zapon

    Re-cert- that's a good idea- matter of fact- that was one of the GOOD things from MAG

    (then they made it so there was a cap on how many re-cert points you could get, and all my thousands went to naught. doggone Sony)
  5. TartarusMkII

  6. Xizwhoa

    Put the cert cap to 3500 then, and make it subscription based.
  7. Nehlis

    make it so it's some kind of consumable you buy with SC that reverts all your certs.
  8. Slamhound

    Certs aren't $ based. Yea, you can get them faster with a subscription, but that's not required. Certs are the equivelent of jumping into a glowing box with your head, and getting a coin or a mushroom out of it. It's the reward you get for time spent in the game. The basic human need that video games have to meet.

    What sucks is when you have already spent all that time earning what you've got, and then it gets change into something not worth it. Makes it feel like the time you spent playing the game has been not worth it.
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  9. Slamhound

    I'm not even talking about adding something to the game they can generate more money with. I mean, yea, do that. If people want to spend money on that to be able to change certs on a regularly basis, fine. BUT, I'm saying, if they are going to change things, nerf things, what have you, then they should give you the option to reinvest your time. One time. At that point.

    It's only fair.
  10. Birdrock

    In PS1 (release), there were a limited number of cert points as well. Additionally, you could unlearn a cert only once every 24 hours. I'm all for it, but held to the same standard. Bought a gun and 5 mods for it? 1 day for each mod, and a 6th for the gun. SC purchases convert to certs at present value.
  11. o_oNmKo_o

    I also agree with the OP. We should be able to re-cert.

  12. TheGroggyOne

    I'm for it, but I wouldn't uncert weapons, due to fact these are cash purchases as well.
  13. ent|ty

    How about demand that you can re-cert whenever you want, since you paid for those certs. Anything less will be unacceptable, and you will no longer give them your business.

    Stop letting corps and developers tell you what you will get, rather you tell them what you want, and get it. It has to be a fair for both parties for a deal to be made. Stop letting them dictate to you what you will get that is always in their favour. You are the buyer, tell them what you will buy. Stop feeling guilty for asking for fair prices and abilities.

    It is fair to be allowed to re-cert and respec as you see fit, especially after purchasing an item. I know I won't be investing any money in the game if it means I don't have choice, especially after making a mistake purchasing a weapon or otherwise.
  14. Elbryan

    I'm pretty sure they are working on some kind of re-cert funktion alongside a lot of other stuff.
  15. evilduck

    how about choices and consequences?
    what about sticking with your choices?

    it isnt that its hard to come to certs in any way, 100 certs are 5 hours of casual gameplay, most entry prizes are way below 100 certs. i really dont see the matter.

    its only a perciefed "problem" for min maxers and fotm hoppers... omg changes!!! in an mmo!!! never heard of!!! how dare they!!! im not viable anymore, lets reroll... :rolleyes:

    as a reminder: if something is so good that everyone and his mother hops on, chances are its too good to be true and will be nerfed hard. it was your conscious decission to invest the certs, so stick with it. in the long run it doesnt matter anyway
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  16. OctavianAX5

    I agree with the idea of re-certing after a large patch. It's what pretty much all MMOs do with talent points after a big patch. Of course they would have to not refund people cert points for weapons they paid for but I would bet you this is already in the works.

    As for a daily re-cert: just have it cost more and more inf, mech, and aerospace points each time you do it. Then after X period of time have the cost of re-certing drop again (you know, the usual WoW approach).
  17. Xasapis

    Actually all cash purchases have cert equivalents, so if you want to revert all certs into a pool including the cash purchases, you can do it with ease.
  18. Xasapis

    If they ever allow re-certing, it'll be with SC. Nothing as easy to get while being afk in a continent as resources.
  19. OctavianAX5

    This is true. I was just hoping to not pay anymore money for that.
  20. NovaAustralis

    bump and agreed.

    When I was about a BR10 noob I dropped around 100 certs into multiple skills on the same slot, not realising I could only use 1 at a time in my loadout and should specialise.
    So my HA now has around 100 certs wasted on him.

    You should be able to reclaim certs at 75%, from a skill.
    (Even a 50% hit would be fine by me.)
    For example: I'd rather have 50-75 certs put to good use on another skill, than see 100 certs going to waste on a skill I don't use.

    Get on it PS2 Dev Team, we know you can do it!