SOE, why are you doing this Domination event ?

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  1. Styxwash

    Since anyone can have multiple characters of any faction on any server, events like this are kinda silly.

    It's funny how they want us to stick to one empire and fight for it, when they made the actual rules so lax in the first place.

    Events like these will never truly succeed with such a flawed basis for it.
  2. Kid Gloves

    There is method to their madness.

    I can guarantee you 100% that SOE are fully aware of the playerbase's feelings on the event. They -know-.

    They're also probably not super-keen about taking the hit to player numbers, either - but this is the absolute opportune time to do this exercise because of a whole bunch of reasons.

    What WDS does is provides the first step to properly dealing with both the population issues and the perceived lack of metagame. The problem is WDS in its current implementation is not the solution. The dev's know its not the solution, we know its not the solution.

    So why do it, you ask?

    Because it provides the foundation to build the right solution from. They can't afford to jump the gun on this one or they're going to end up in stickier mud than they are already.

    For now, just play the game. If you don't like the WDS, ignore it. Play as you've always played. It's not like TRs population has changed in any meaningful way; they're still overpopulated on the servers they're overpopulated on.

    And while you're at it, create a TR alt on your primary account on a server you don't care about and play that character for 120 seconds each week. Log in at warpgate, stream one song over voice chat and log out. Congratulations, you are now eligable for the boost reward which can be applied to any character on your account, regardless of faction! :)

    I play Vanu, and I am quite enjoying my boost reward for winning the first week of WDS. It stacks with my under-pop bonus.
  3. Goretzu

    To be honest I think there's a simpler explanation.

    PC PS2 is bacially Beta for PS4 PS2.

    I think that is 100% what they are aimed at now.