SOE, why are you doing this Domination event ?

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  1. RIctavius

    We in the Terran Armed Forces are quite concerned ourselves, we do not like to engage with mercenaries i.e. forth faction column, please note from the Republican Shock Guard we respect your concern. Have knowledge that with us your fights will be against dedicated players, also note the recent ad campaigns has resulted in new recruits we may have gain a majority due to that.

    Yours Sincerly


    Field Marshal
  2. BloodMonarch

    If after the first week TR have a big lead, the simple answer is for both NC and VS to fight TR only!! ....across all servers. They wont have a lead for very long!!
  3. DuckSauce

    They're just adding a points system to regular game play... I'll be surprised if anything changes.
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  4. Czuuk

    What exactly counts as participation? How long do I have to run my TR alt on Waterson to win the rewards?
  5. Sovereign533

    Every time I read about this 'event' I get depressed. And it's starting tomorrow.
    We're having enough members who are demotivated by the alerts.

    I can't see how this is anything positive. And I actually wish they put some sort of "Dominating Victory" in it so it's over faster.
    I logout when alerts starts, now I just don't have to play for a week? =s
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  6. Awote

    It`s all about money for SOE since Sony Company in general is in a really bad state like never before.
  7. Kyouki

    At the time NC had the highest server pop as well by about a 3% gap. Sorry I forgot that every % counts to you. NC simply stayed on Indar while TR leaders wanted the continent bonuses instead of a fun fight. I don't get it since the 10% seems so small it might as well be something else. I missed the says when 2 continents always had action.
  8. PutteFnask

    They must do something since the constant overpop faction starts to get bored, why not even further reward them for logging in on the overpop side. Plus we already got a ton of builtin mechanics to limit the underpop factions.

    The reward is kinda silly as it further cements the players choice of faction.
  9. vilehydra

    Quick question. What servers are overpopped to which factions (I'm talking about a nigh-consistent 5% or greater lead)

    Because what could theoretically end up happening is this
    Faction dominated servers balance each other out
    The few remaining relatively balanced servers become the focal point of the entire contest which would lead to a lot of negative and positive consequences.
  10. Earthman

    I hope they re-hire some of the game staff they laid off, or at least pick up some temps, for the duration of the event. There is absolutely no possibility that the script kiddies won't be out in force for this event, cheating left and right.
  11. ZephyrBurst

    Why are they doing it? Oh I don't know, maybe because it might be fun. Maybe it won't change anything, but damn, **** and have some fun with it... for once!
    This playerbase is horrible. Let's all complain about a free event that doesn't really have much impact on a free game other than possibly adding a bit more fun.
  12. Cindercase

    People are just concerned that this might turn into a "Overpopulation Appreciation event" Which I can see why. Congrats you have 30% more players than both other factions so you get 3 day xp boost and a decal.
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  13. Liewec123

    i think on ceres we should have some global agreement that VS and NC just join forces to screw over the zerglings.
  14. Thuggernauttt

    pretty simple

    either you thug it or chug it

    sounds like cindercase chugs it
  15. Lazaruz

    Why are they doing the World Domination series pre-season?
    They are doing it because it'll keep us busy, while they work on optimization for the next 5 weeks.
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  16. Hatamoto

    Dropping elephants from the sky at random could also be called "keeping us busy" ... question is, how fun will we really have?
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  17. The1337Hunter

    I can't tell if you're trolling or new.

    Cross faction tactics, almost as bad as 4th factioners.
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  18. Tragachinos

    TR didn't win UESD, they won the popularity poll because of some popular youtubers playing TR ;P
    As for alerts during prime time: well, after some time you realize that there is absolutely no point in participating in alerts during primetime on Ceres, especially in 'capture the continent' ones. As soon as an alert starts you see people from your friend list suddenly go offline and TR server population rising up to 50% sometimes.
    So after weeks and weeks of fighting the TR horde that sometimes outnumbers you up to 3 to 1, you end up not giving a damn about an alert. Don't get me wrong, it's not a problem with TR per se. They just happen to have a bigger chance of winning an alert nowadays (due to the WG position and slight overpopulation), so all the "but mom, I want to win!" kids usually relog to their TR char as soon as alert starts. To be fair, same thing is happening with the NC, when we have a better chance of winning an alert.

    TL;DR: >>>So... fight us, maybe?
    No point in fighting an overpopped faction.
  19. Tragachinos

    All the servers except one are overpopped by TR. TR is winning WDS on all servers, except two. So no way that it would 'balance each other out'
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  20. Goretzu

    That's actually a stone cold example of terrible game design in action, producing something so badly implimented that players want it to just be over.

    I dunno why they haven't addressed this. :(