SOE, why are you doing this Domination event ?

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  1. Chipay

    I was actually talking all servers combined, TR has an average of 36% population during primetime on every sever, NC has an average of 33% on every server and VS a decent 31% during during prime time on every server.

    The difference during night time is pretty equal though, as in, no one plays during night time.
  2. Hatamoto

    Thats because they just go ahead and do anything before asking for feedback, on anything ... Its like the event isnt even for the players, its just something that looks good on paper when presented to the big bosses.
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  3. WycliffSlim

    Waterson World Pop:
    Sun, September 15, 10:50 P.M Eastern Standard
    TR: 39%
    NC: 33%
    VS: 27%

    This is the worst I've seen it for awhile considering that it was around primetime. But, typically the TR have at least a 3-5% overall population advantage and VS are lucky to get above 30% world pop.

    Lately it seem like TR win the vast majority of Alerts, NC win most of the rest and every once in awhile VS will manage to get a victory at some obscure hour of the night.
  4. Delnar_Ersike

    SOE wants to keep people excited about PlanetSide 2, simple as that. It's no secret that PlanetSide 2 population has been on a slow decline (e.g. 6 months ago, you'd frequently get around 20,000 players globally during primetime, nowadays you're lucky to find 15,000 players playing at the same time), and with the upcoming patches focusing more on optimization and less on new content, the devs have decided that this would be the best way to keep players interested in the game.

    The fact that they put so little thought into the scoring system is a different matter entirely, since the current one 1) doesn't give bonuses to underpopulated factions, and 2) lets players create alts for servers in different timezones and just ghostcap when most of the server's population is sleeping/busy.
  5. RHINO_Mk.II

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  6. SikVvVidiT

    Best way to keep us is make those of us that play on underpopulated empires even more frustrated.. Great logic! If your SOE.

    This is just more proof most of these guys barely even play this game....

    No worries though, you have 1.5 months before those 15k players are down to 8k. Then it won't matter what silly stuff you bring in, most us of won't care or even be here.
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  7. biterwylie

    Bah NC and VS can fight each other in a fair fight then TR can come in and ruin it with Striker and Vulcan spam.
  8. Kyouki

    This would be true if the average VS/NC on Waterson didn't hate us so much. They would rather give up everything to see TR lose. Instead of fighting Vanu and NC the TR end up fighting the VC or Vanu Conglomerate. With 40% pop we would end up fighting 60% pop and lose. Most VC apparently don't know basic math or that the world pop is inconsistent. Yesterday some NC in yell were going on about TR being the highest pop while NC held the pop advantage and were still jumping us when we help 20% on the continent and about 20% of the continent pop.
  9. WycliffSlim

    Lies and slander! I know of no such occasion when the NC and VS have worked together to beat the TR. I know of MANY occasions where leadership or one outfit was saying don't shoot the NC, etc etc but it never held true. I can actually remember MANY times where we were about to WG the TR and then the NC came in and started fighting us too and then the TR would take advantage of that and push us back out.

    Tl;Dr NC and VS have never, to my knowledge, actually teamed up on the TR. Maybe we've both had a common goal of WG'ing the TR in mind and thanks to lattice we had no reason to fight each other much, but that's not teaming up.
  10. Hatamoto

    they barely even read the threads they post in
  11. Serafine

    TR will ghostcap the **** out of Esamir and Amerish on Ceres. Even if NC or VS wins on Indar it will make no difference because then TR will have 50+% pop on both other continents. All in all the idea is stupid and shows that there is an immense lack of experience on how the servers actually look like.
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  12. KenDelta

    Trust me this VC thing wont work out , the bigwigs(outfits) might try to do it but the puddies(random peps) will screw it over.
  13. LordMondando

    They are however a lot easier to do.

    I feel fairly ambivalent to be honest. Might make people focus on alerts a little less, not going to be making a massive impact on how DL play.

    We are in it for the hookers and the cocaine regardless of reward. 4 lief.

    It might even get the whinener elements of the U.S community to shut up long enough to get optimization done as well. So... Meh.
  14. KenDelta

    If no one played during night time we would'nt see lock-removals and contient locks , during these hours players from other timezones would login and play in a less large-scale based game , believe it or not I logged in once on Waterson during Nighttime-NA and TR had 70% pop and triple lock and every territory in all 3 maps were TR.
  15. Chipay

    i'm looking at global stats though, the biggest difference is during day time
  16. Selerox

    This wouldn't have worried me until recently, as Cobalt was one of the more balanced servers in terms of population.

    However, recently the TR population has jumped massively and VS is dropping below 30% on a fairly regular basis, with the NC also behind TR pretty much all the time as well.

    I'm also worried that this is a grand "bread and circuses" idea to try to distract people from some of the more pressing issues the game has right now...
  17. Ubad00d

    I logged in to upvote and agree with this.
  18. Mikenuge

    SOE are incapable of solving a simple problem like 4th factioning that has been plaguing the game since alerts were introduced.

    And they do this ?

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  19. JudgeDeath

    What can one expect when you simply pack the best in every category to one faction.
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  20. Regpuppy

    You forget how TR had the server pop to cap out two other continents and that's partially why your pop went from 35%+ to 20% on indar. To which NC tried for the alert and were hopelessly outpopped on all continents while TR was able to comfortably regain large swathes of indar