SOE, why are you doing this Domination event ?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NightmareP69, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. NightmareP69

    Do you honestly think the NC or VS have a fair chance to fight off the inevitable 40-50% population TR zerg horde that's gonna be on every day when this starts ?
    You should not do these kinds of events untill you manage to find a way to at least make the pops somewhat balanced.
    I'll be rooting for all you NC and VS players, as long as we barneys or your smurfs win I'll be happy, TR just don't deserve this victory specialy since they were crowned as the victors in the last event just because they won a popularity contest in a facebook voting poll yet had the lowest amount of points in the event world wide.
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  2. phreec

    To help the cause, please delete your Miller character. :eek::rolleyes:
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  3. LT_Latency

    The just need better rewards for fighting the good fight against over whelming odds
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  4. KenDelta

    Well as you see this event is global , for all servers , it's true that Waterson , Mattherson and -Insert NC infested server here- would most likely OWN their servers I can imagine a TR world-lock on Waterson.

    But this would give these factions a chance in other somewhat "Balanced" servers such as Connery and -insert balanced server-
  5. KenDelta

    Probably a +100% xp bonus during the event
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  6. Mastachief

    Gotta say with the reported mass pop imbalances across all servers, it seems really idiotic to run this stupid event.

    EVENTS are not a substitute for good gameplay mechanics (meta)
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  7. PhilDun

    I haven't seen anyone excited by this event.
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  8. LowTechKiller

    Well, with the end of frequent Alerts, I'm looking forward to the event...any event.
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  9. Locke

    There are no NC "infested" servers. Looking at global population TR has an advantage on every single server at the moment as far as I can see.

    Honestly I think the worst mistake they are making here is making the results global rather than local to each server. It seems pretty clear to me that the chances are that 1 week in the really heavily unbalanced servers like Matherson & Miller will have already decided the overall outcome for everyone. When people see say TR are so far ahead globally they will just stop trying to win locally as it will make no difference. If it was local then at least the result would be in the hands of that servers players rather than being out of their control. They clearly didn't learn their lesson from that last events fiasco where VS won the actual ingame battles overall but TR were declared the winner due to some facebook poll or something.

    As to the "why" they are doing this event it's an attempt to keep us entertained and distract us from the lack of content while they work on optimisation for the game (which is fair enough imo).
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  10. Xale

    SOE have repeatedly said they do not want to punish the overpopulated empire. They'd rather punish the underpopulated ones.
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  11. Chipay

    you say that, TR holds 36% of the total world population, NC 33% and VS 31% It's not enough to claim TR as a winner, but they'll have the highest chance of winning this thing
  12. kungflu

    Not in Connery. VS has this server 24/7.
  13. SocratesEverywhere

    I think balancing shouldn't be so hard. Make it so any new player who creates a toon for an underpopulated faction on a server gets 1k free certs on that toon. Any Battle Rank 50+ player who switches from overpopulated to underpopulated fraction gets 5k certs.
  14. Drsexxytime

    Huh? There are no NCs on Mattherson. VS will dominate it if they decide to stop playing their TR alts for the competition, as they have superior population, err strategy and skill there.

    I'm shocked that SOE is doing an event like that. Only on Connery do I see "mostly balanced" pops happening.
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  15. FocusLight

    TR don't *deserve* to win, partially because TR won the UESD event? Would that be due to or despite the VS preemptively capping the continent in questions and leaving platoon-loads of guys in the TR WG to hog numbers?

    The former contest have NOTHING to do with if TR deserve to win or not. If you are interested in winning at all feel free to organize your fellows and resist the TR, and struggle to win on fair terms. I know for sure that on Ceres TR usually hold their breath before Alerts to see what it is, then drop everything they are doing to run off and take part in them. You can chalk this up to whatever you want but I know that I can rely on a number of outfits on Ceres TR to give a damn, and at least give it a good try. Even if we don't win, there should be a good fight, thus a challenge and plenty entertainment to be had, regardless of outcome.

    Alternatively, you can crawl up in a corner and cry yourself to sleep while the Terrans boot-march to glory with no-one bothering to resist us.

    In that case, it will be the most boring and underwhelming event ever, for everyone.

    So... fight us, maybe?
  16. IronWarrior

    I'm looking forward to this.

    Going to be awesome on Miller. TR for the win.
  17. Regpuppy

    It's simple. They're running this event so that if enough people care, they can join the zerg of the faction that wins the first week and proceed to get their free decal and boosts!

    Sounds legit.

    Unless a lot of people from the underpop factions on a lot of servers come out of the wordworks for this, which is doubtful, it'll go to the faction with the inherent population advantage unless a lot of outfits man up and gang up on them.
  18. KenDelta

    If we're talking about Waterson then TR simply wins , primetime might have 36%-31%-33% but overall timings TR is far superior with numbers and outfits ,and 3% can count for A LOT.
  19. Kaktwox

    They want to reward the players who play the overpopulated factions more because giving them free certs for the alerts isn't enough.
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  20. TheShrapnelKing

    So my faction can get its nosed rubbed in how much it sucks some more.