SOE ? Where is Accelerated PhysX

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Hashlak, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. Hashlak

  2. Inexorable92

    You could at least answer Sony, a lot of threads have been made about it, and we still don't know if it's for the next update or if you just need a few days to make it work

    i was mostly looking for that feature in the update, and it looks like you don't even care about PhysX
  3. Tytos

    They already gave an official answer this friday in the friday night ops, they have people working on physx and there is nothing more they can say about it at this time.
  4. schwarzklang

    No one except the mods who just knwo the close button are readomg in the forums.
  5. Lord Robert

    Probably have a few other things that they think might be a bit more important right now
  6. VSDerp

    They said their still testing it .They also said it's in a good state atm but they wanna test a little more i guess.
  7. Windchaser

    Let's not add anymore half ***** bugged features to this game.
  8. Inexorable92

    you can active it or not
  9. crissHill

    Maybe the accelerated PHYSX wasnt ready?

    Why are you crying for a totally non-gamebreaking feature missing from the patch notes? It's coming. be patient.

    There's far more important issues right now. Go cry about magriders or something.
  10. Windchaser

  11. Inexorable92

    it's not like we're waiting it for months
  12. Drsexxytime

    My question is that I remember it being active in Beta right? Were the bugs with it, I don't remember (even though I was in there).
  13. Inexorable92

    a lot of people had crashes with it, so they just removed it from the game, even for those who didn't had any problem
  14. FateJH

    It's just going to be a bunch of particle effects and minor animation tweaks based on what I saw in a video about PS2 PhysX. I can live without that if they can get the game itself working smoothly in exchange.
  15. crissHill

    Have to say I really don't get why people want the GPU PHYSX. PHYSX acceleration has been available since like 2004 (First under the name AGEIA PHYSX) and they've been useless since then.
  16. Phaze

    I'd like the effects... but this has to be one of the least important things to worry about.