[Suggestion] SOE, we want custom scopes.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Dramma Lamma, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Dramma Lamma

    The title pretty much says it all.

    I highly doubt I am the only one that wants this feature, and I know I am not going to wind up the only one using it if we get it.
    The suggestion is simple, allow us to pick and create custom scopes for an additional cert cost, maybe in the 100-150 range for cert purchase price.

    Allow us to pick what housing, shape of the scope both external and internal. Add in some NS designs to give other players the chance to use things that other factions have. Like triangle scopes if a NC player wants it, or square if a TR wants the NC style scope.
    Allow the user to pick what level of magnification they would like on their scope. and what cross-hair style they would like as well.

    Fellow Infiltrators, please show your support for this idea. I can assure you will eventually wind up getting and using one if we do get this feature.
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  2. Astraka

    I would really enjoy having a 6x & 12x scope in an 8x housing - it's easily my favorite out of the bunch.
  3. FlameGankin

    I'd enjoy a lot of customization of the scope like, dot spaced, dot color, dot size, etc etc. Its annoying when my cross-hairs blend in with backgrounds in lower light, shadows, and similar color stuff.
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  4. Hoki

    I want off-angle sights.

    Would be a fair accessory instead of having a foregrip, which is useless to us, we could put some off angle ironsights on our rifles, and toggle to use them with B.
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  5. Dramma Lamma

    Another great suggestion.

    Chop chop SOE, get on this stuff for the infiltrator revamp.
  6. Cymoril

    I would like an option to change my crosshairs colors during different times of day/night or farther range for IR/NV scopes and various cert levels to see infils or have a chance to see them with a scope check vs their stealth level.
  7. Dramma Lamma

    Great point.

    SOE please let us pick the color of the cross-hairs as well.

    Thanks for the support and ideas everyone, keep it up and maybe we'll actually get it.
  8. Hoki

    I could see customizable optics being a huge money earner too.

    I like the VS 1x reflex so much I almost consider it an infantry imbalance.
  9. McDonaldsMaster

    I would like a x4 on my RAMS XD
  10. AnuErebus

    Yes, I would like to see a range of scope styles for each magnification. I spend 95% of my time in this game looking through scopes (The other 5% being vehicles). Being able to customize what I see to fit my tastes would quite simply, be awesome. I'm not just talking infiltrators either. I mean every class and every scope type.

    I'd like to see a few things.

    Various model styles to select from. They don't all need to be unique to each magnification either. A 6x scope could share model options with a 12x.
    Various types of crosshairs (Red dot (Of varying sizes), mil dot, chevrons, german reticule etc... There are lots of scope types.)
    Options to colorize our crosshairs. Similar to the empire color options. If I want my crosshairs to be purple I should be able to make it so.
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  11. SGTWOLF68

    Amazing idea. Come on SOE we the people want this.
  12. Wobberjockey

    Not OP
    would add a fair amount of utility and flexibility to the class...

    SOE will never do it.:(

    (for my part i want a properly scaled draganov style range finder... i have never been able to properly grasp (or understand the internet tutorials for ) using mildots for range estimation)
  13. tenzenator

    **** yea, give me 2 times zoom scope x6 and x12, but you know they dont give a **** about us
  14. HeyApple666

  15. Celliosh

    See if this makes sense for you.
  16. Wobberjockey

    it does. much appreciated.

    now if we only just knew where our scopes were zeroed.