SOE spits on color blind players again.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ghoest, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Ghoest

    Since tech beta we have been asking for the ability to change to color of squad triangles so they wont be confuused with enemy triangle - even just the option to make squad mates blue like other friendlies - REALLY SIMPLE

    Then about a month ago you say you will finally do it in the Jan 30 patch.

    Then today - surprise SOE moved it back 2 more months.
    All the other changes are happening except for the really simple one that is crucial to colorblind players.

    This is just callous disregard for 4-8% of your potential players. Many of us cant effectively play in squads at all because of this.

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  2. StoneyTony

    Ya SOE are bunch of asshats
  3. Ghoest

    I wont personally resort to profanity.

    But this is really really low on their part.
  4. Dixa

    a substantial amount of males are red, green or colorblind to both. thankfully i'm not one of them.

    however no game company is required to cater to this disability. very few games do in fact. so it got pushed back? it's still coming.

    this didn't require two unique threads from the same original poster, either. that's just whining.
  5. Pemtaphalon

    Really???? Oh man this sucks...I know it doesn't effect many people but myself I have been diagnosed as red/green deficient, so it really effects me, hell being NC my Hud in vehicles is orange, man, this just screws me up completely
  6. Dubious

    wow orange hud, what a bummer..
  7. GamerOS

    The fact they put back this change is a grievious insult, inheard of, this kind of thing is just horrible. /sarcasm.

    Seriously, I'm color blind in the Red.Green spectrum myself but comparing this to being Spat on?
    That's a very big stretch.
  8. Phaze

  9. Dubious

    Youre doing it all wrong
    It will get fixed faster if you say youre a colorblind pilot cause SoE only cares about pilots..
  10. Pemtaphalon

    It's not that I'm whining, it's just I was really looking forward to this change, I need it, and to have it pushed back is worse for me then any buff or nerf or game change, I know that sounds silly, but yeah, this isn't good news for me
  11. Pemtaphalon

    Aha! I shall try, ahem, OMG!! I'm a pilot and I got rocket spam because of this update, also anti air stuff and umm, the Vanu are under powered please buff and eeer...gee I'm not so good at this...well, I tried

    (pure sarcasm before I incur any wrath, no problems with rockets and vanu etc)
  12. Ozrik

    That's very disappointing. It was main reason i was looking forward to patch
  13. that_darn_lurker

    Spits on color blind people....seriously? That's a bit over the top. Calm down there, drink a beer. Take a deep breath. Its not like they are defecating on color blink people....or are they!?!?!?!
  14. Pemtaphalon

    Lol, I'll have to agree here, its not that extreme, I imagine it will take alot of work to implement such a diverse range of colour options for each different hud piece, better they do it right and take longer then get it rushed out with fewer options.

    again though I know how the disappointment feels
  15. FigM

    I think proper colorblind support should be handled by DirectX/OpenGL or at least major graphics card manufacturers, not game developers. Solution has to be generic and universal
  16. Ghoest

    I didnt saying anything about dedication. And I stand by my original wording.

    You really dont understand just how much some of us color blind players were looking forward to this one small change.
  17. Ghoest

    No that doesnt work.
    That messes up the regular colors in the game. We dont want to end up playing with purple trees or pink skies etc.

    Its the interface elements that matter most and can be easily changed by devs if they care at all..
  18. Pemtaphalon

    You have to understand how colour blindness works it's not a simple thing like instead of seeing blue we see yellow or something, , at least not for the deficient ones among us, for e red is a hard colour to destinguish unless it is red on black, and a very vivid red too, the current red for enemies very closely resembles the green for squadmates, and sometimes even the purple of charlie squad or whatever, and if you can't distinguish if you are looking at a red dot or a green dot in a fast paced fps where getting the first shot off means life or death, having to panic because you can't tell results in a bad situation either way (death or TK)

    Not trying to have a go, just trying to hlp you understand our concerns