[Suggestion] SOE should hire me to name their guns

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ned, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Ned

    "Bolt precision pro"
    "TRAP M1"

    Seriously you guys need me, these names are just a big no no

    For my resume I have come up with some better names

    "The Sniper Shotgun that NC players joked about because they thought it would never happen"
    "Dakka sniper 2000"

    Much better, and they took me mere minutes to come up with.
  2. mooman1080

    Honestly I hope the name of the NC sniper isn't a place holder.
  3. Ned

    Its not, Clegg came up with those names a while ago. Something about the Precision Pro being like a sporting rifle, despite the fact that its a gigantic matter destroying railgun.
  4. MajiinBuu

    "Pewpew Easymode I-Win Gun"
  5. AdmiralArcher

    so this is a "name the new guns" thread?


    TRAP M1
    sounds like "ITS A TARP" i mean come on, at least name it the TARP M1 make it somewhat funny instead of calling it a vulgar version of saying transvstite

    Presicion Pro
    come on now, since when have the NC ever been percise? this should be the Cobalt 300 or the RG-106 (as in Railgun 106)

    this isnt bad, but the shade from halo never had a charge mechanic, so i would recommend the Flux Rifle, it just sounds cooler and would go a long way to explain these funky physics that SOE seems to think exist.......plasma would never work in atmopshere surely they realize this
  6. z1967

    My ideas.
    SSR-16 "Woodpecker" for the TR (Squad Support Rifle model 16)
    MX-4 "Rhino" for the NC (Matter/Metal Accelerator Model 4)
    VER-2 "Beamer mk.2" (Volatile Energy Rifle model 2)

    Just some random ones. I would make the NS semi-auto the precision proc because that is how the NS roll.