SOE Punishing High Pay, but Non Members

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jachim, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. Leftconsin

    SOE even wants to nerf logging in. THAT is how badly they want to nerf every single thing in this game.
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  2. The Rogue Wolf

    I'm not at all happy with it. If you want to incentivize membership, incentivize membership, don't disincentivize being F2P. You're probably going to discourage more new players than you're going to get membership purchases.

    I think a better idea would've been to include a short-term, low-level membership with any Depot purchase. Let people see the benefits for a bit, a "free taste", while they're having fun playing with that new thing they just bought.
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  3. IamnotAmazing

    If people are complaining about 12 certs you're doing something wrong
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  4. TraatAdmiral

    We'll have to see what it does to the future, but what it's done in the present is annoy most of the game population with no obvious benefit.
  5. TraatAdmiral

    I've been a player for nearly two years, and have no reason to expect that I won't be around for two more. Two years worth of passive cert gain is 8760 certs. The people who aren't annoyed are the people who have paid money and so haven't had that taken away.
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    after the new resource system the game is broken, the new alerts are superboring...and major outfits on cobalt are leaving ....
    nice job!

    keep on!! :)
  7. IamnotAmazing

    Well if you want to keep playing the game for two more years they need money to support the game. 12 certs is 24 kills, that doesn't take long to make up.
  8. Popper100

    ... did everyone just ignore the fact that cert gain as a whole has gone up about 80% with just this patch? Let alone all the new ribbons in the last couple of months it has almost doubled since when I started. In April.
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  9. TraatAdmiral

    Not if you're a BR100 getting 350 XP/Min, no. Most of us aren't in your boat. Just because it doesn't matter to you doesn't make it less of a big deal to the rest of us.
  10. z1967

    They must REALLY like their hats.
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  11. NC_agent00kevin

    I dont know how many times Im going to have to repeat this, but


    You can get them at just about any grocery, department, or convenience store all over the world. Its not an 'only in America' thing. Even third world countries have them. Its kinda been around for a decade. There is literally no excuse other than not wanting to sub. If you have cash for SC, you have cash for a Prepaid CC. There is zero risk of your actual CC info being compromised. You load what you intend to spend on it, thats it.

    I just dont get why people keep making excuses. There is none. They work.

  12. Archiadus

    If you want players to keep playing the game you have to give them a reason to log-in every day (those 12 certs) even when bored of it.

    I've logged in just to get those 12 certs on days when I didn't really feel like playing to see an alert active, which in turn gave me some motivation to play on that day.

    I'm sure others had similar experiences and I'm fairly certain that a player that actually plays the game is more likely to end up spending some cash than players that don't even have a reason to log-in anymore on those days.
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  13. IamnotAmazing

    So you're not gonna play because you dont' get 12 certs when you log in?
  14. TraatAdmiral

    I'm baffled as to how you pulled that out of the post you quoted. I'll say, again, that just because you don't care about losing certs doesn't mean that others don't. If this had happened when you were a new player and certs still mattered to you, wouldn't you have been upset?
  15. ajma

    Sometimes it seems SOE is actively trying to kill this game.
  16. ZephyrBurst

    My god yes. Though I remember really liking those 12 certs way back in the day, certs were also slower back then, with ribbons and all the other things the game now offers, certs come quick, those 12 are nothing.

    Get over it people, stop flipping a **** over every little thing.
  17. DFDelta

    12 certs can be a lot for a new player still trying to find what he wants to do.

    84 certs/week are enough to get many of the cert lines to rank 3, which on some is more then enough to make most of them somewhat competitive.
    Sure 12 is low for those of us who can go 150 certs/hous with a little effort, but for a newbie who spends a hour or two each day it can be somewhat up to half his cert income.
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  18. Tuco

  19. Bumbil

    What TraatAdmiral will say with that is, that players that didn't really play anymore at least logging in once per day. And sometimes these players see a new patch or that something is going on and stuff. And this motivate them to stay and play sometimes.

    Without the passive certs, they have no reason to, at least, logging in once per day anymore. So the chance, that these players will forget this game is higher.

    When you get something for free everyday, you will try to keep that in your mind. In this case, they will try to keep Planetside 2 in their minds.

    So i agree, this is counterproductive. Increase the member bonus instead.
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  20. RadarX

    This change has been discussed internally for a long time and was not made in a vacuum. We certainly don't expect this to tip someone over to buying membership, but it certainly adds value to it.
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