[Vehicle] SOE- please make HEAT cannons usefull again!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Mystogan, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. Mystogan

    Remove HE!

    HEAT cannons, the cannons I loved the most, best balanced tank weapons in game. Cannon that would not failed me if my skills where high enough- please bring them back! I beg you!

    I am so tired of running only AP cannons on my Vanguard and Magrider. I miss HEAT, which now is weakest and totally useless cannon, not worth putting even one cert into it. Now as fast as you can- just grab AP or HE, both straight upgrades to HEAT.

    I dont care if you remove HE. Do it! Do it now! I understand that HE is the problem, was the problem, and will be the problem. HE deserved a nerf- please just remove them or rework them to some other sort of cannons.

    But why you had to break best balanced cannon HEAT, that nobody complained about? Nerfing OP weapon by making good balanced weapon useless is not the answer!

    SOE- bring back old HEAT. Having to run 24h AP just not to **** myself is boring!!! But I am not idiot to bring broken cannon to battle on my tank....

    And why again you punished new players? Why they have to start now not with balanced but worst cannon, that is just straight downgrade. Orion, SAW, Mustang, Carv, TRAC-5, Barrage etc- those are all well balanced START weapons that have SIDEGREADES. Imagine if Orion, CARV etc. were jut worse then all other weapons to unlock with certs? How new players would compete? Now is same with "reworked" HEAT.

    But HEAT cannon now is downgrade that you want to replace as fast as Certs or SC allows you.

    Please, remove this damn HE back for detroying HEAT. Consider it please. HEAT was fine, didn't deserve that. :(((( Remove HE, remove HE, remove HE. It's done only bad to game, HEAT changes to add to long list...

    I am sick of AP.... but my HEAT has now no place by my side...sorry my dear... I didn't do it to you.
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  2. Pootisman

    I agree, HEAT got nerfed too much (it received 2 big nerfs in the last months). SOE probably wants players to spend SC on the other tank cannos.
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  3. WorldOfForms

    Is HE even worth it now? Seems like with the splash damage nerf, might as well go AP all the time and just try to land direct hits against infantry.
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  4. Alarox

    HEAT is basically a worse AP that occasionally lets you splash someone to death when they're already damaged.

    The purpose of HEAT just seems to be a new player weapon that isn't as punishing for missing infantry.

    HE is a weapon that exists for a small number of people who just want to farm, and justifies hatred for tanks and the power of infantry AV.
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  5. WorldOfForms

    So then HE is actually effective at farming now? Didn't the recent changes revert the reload speed nerf, but then also nerf the splash damage?
  6. vanu123

    Buff HE, HEAT, and tanks in general.
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  7. Alarox

    HE sucks except in the one situation it is good: when you have the high ground ~200m away and can shoot at exposed infantry.

    Ex: Attacking West Highlands Checkpoint from the south.
  8. Shadowomega

    Well they could adjust HEAT/HE to do more damage versus lighter vehicles, AP do less damage versus lighter vehicles and lose their AP flag against light armor. Reasoning behind this is AP aka SABOT rounds tend to blow clean though light/thinly armored vehicles.
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  9. I play by many names

    Make all tank guns require minimum of a head shot to OHK infantry. No more cheesy AOE splash OHKs please. AP should do less damage to lightly armored vehicles. HE should do the most to lightly armored vehicles. Heat should just be average in all.
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  10. CMDante

    Yes please, HEAT is a frickin' joke.
  11. MorteDeAmgelis

    AP =/= Sabot Rounds.

    AP is just a shell designed to Penetrate Armour

    There's APHE which is an AP Round designed to go through Armour and Explode inside the tank (Different from HEAT), as such is not a Sabot round as Sabots are not in anyway explosive.

    You also have APCBC (AP Capped Balistic Cap), APCR (AP Composite Rigid), APCNR (AP Comp Non-Rigid),

    What you're speaking of is an APDS (AP - Discarding Sabot) or APFSDS (AP - Fin Stabilised Discarding Sabot) which is a type of AP round by not exclusively.

    If anything I would say the current AP round act more like APHE Rounds more then Sabot rounds considering that they do have splash damage which you wouldn't get with a Sabot Round.

    ./ Offtopic.

    Haven't used HEAT since I fell in love with AP. Only started using HE to aux it for the Directives.
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  12. MrJengles

    That could be an excellent way of giving the weapons enough tradeoffs to warrant three tiers and make them all desirable. AP being the best to fight every vehicle type makes it hard to balance the others without massive amounts of infantry farming.

    Worth trying, anyway. [Just remove the AP splash so it makes sense.]
  13. Pelojian

    Remove the heavy armor damage from furies and you have a deal. since you know fury is an AI grenade launcher that should damage light but not heavy armor.
  14. SerasVic

    Actually HEAT is working okish on the Vanguard (because HE is garbage)

    But on lightning / prowler it's just awfull
  15. ronjahn

    People all out demanded and supported the changes to tank cannons that made the HEAT useless.

    SOE ruined the most balanced aspect of the game to appease a bunch of people who just wanted tanks nerfed for the sake of nerfing tanks.

    MBT cannons used to be extremely balanced and each of them had their uses, well except Vanguard HE, that cannon has always been garbage, but received its nerfs nonetheless. It's funny to me that the weakest and crappiest tank weapon, HE, was seen as the evil weapon that needed to be changed. HE was only ever viable on Prowlers, but instead of rebalancing that, they actually made the HE more useful then HEAT on all three platforms.

    Still waiting on those infantry AV nerfs we were promised when they nerfed all the MBT cannons..........
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  16. Arsonix

    Actually I remember seeing a screenshot that someone took of a tank shell in mid air and it was clearly a sabot round with just NS on the side of it.

    IMO buff HE but slow the RoF and give HEAT a coaxial MG like a T9 Carv that bridges its poor performance against soft targets.
  17. MajiinBuu

    When were these weapons nerfed?
  18. SerasVic

    during summer
  19. Cavadus

    I tried a HE Lightning last night for the first time in eight months and was absolutely shocked at how horrible it was. Pretty much no reason to use it at this point. I have an easier time killing infantry with the AP turret.

    They should just delete HE, buff HEAT, and give all tanks a coaxial Kobalt.

    Or replace HE with a canister shot which acts like a shotgun for anti-infantry purposes.
  20. Gammit

    Agreed. Both HE and HEAT were over-nerfed and are useless now.