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  1. Rasp

    As a player on Briggs I enjoy this game immensely and have wasted away days of my life leading troops into battle and having an amazing time in the process. However Briggs server does have some issues one being a lack of players on Esamir and Amerish.

    Recently people have been unable to get into Indar which has helped with this issue but in the process it has also fractured the player base. When outfits in my faction move from Indar to either Esamir or Amerish to chase enemy platoons on the occasion that they show up they often find the enemy force to be inadequate and easily demoralize them sending them back to Indar. This isn't fun for anyone and with the added problem of Indar now being full only some players are able to get back in causing the platoon to fracture and ruining the night for members left to run around an empty Esamir or Amerish or be forced to wait for a spot to become available in Indar for an unknown period of time. As much as I would love to stick it out and wait for another enemy platoon to arrive this often doesn't happen causing players to leave the platoon since they hate to ghost cap and just want to fight.

    The recent server merges have had a positive effect on other servers but aren't the answer for Briggs as this would force Aussie players to play on US servers or US players to play on Briggs. Continent locking was the one thing Briggs players were hoping would fix this problem but it has now been set to unscheduled.

    I have spoken to lots of people about the possibility of having Indar free days which everyone so far has liked. This would push the whole player base into either Amerish or Esamir and hopefully show people how great these continents are to fight on.

    Being mainly Australian we are used to having slower internet, paying more for anything to do with computers and generally getting second best treatment to the US but with Planetside we love this game just as much as everyone and want our experience of epic battles to be just as good as everyone else's.

    SOE what I would like to know is what are your plans to improve our Planetside experience on Briggs?
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  2. Serval

    I would settle for them nuking Indar out of existence, I've played on it almost exclusively since launch because the alternative was ghost capping on continents with <100 people on them.
  3. Rogue01au

  4. Mcponington

    Without a metagame the game is just a cert farm. so everyone plays on Indar because it is the only place to have a decent fight. I think they need to have a rotating lockout where one continent is unavailable all the time. This will show the average player what they may of been missing out by not fighting on other continents and will push all the ghost cappers onto the second continent that is available so at least there are some better smaller scale fights.
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  5. Pixelshader

    To be completely honest I'm so sick of Indar I've stopped logging in. I've played out what happens on Indar countless times and it has just felt like the same thing over and over for a long time now. Can't wait for Hossin.
  6. Best AssassinAU

    Indar free days sounds awesome!!
  7. 9Fingers

    I think having a rotating continent lock leaving 2 open at a time for Briggs would be great.
  8. Chiss

    Sounds like a plan. Hope someone works out, as i'm returning to Australia in August! I'm going to miss super full EU servers :(
  9. RaZz0R

    thats not such a bad idea. Altho dont forget ps2aus does do events on Briggs every weekend creating fights on Amerish and Esamir ; )
  10. Xarx

    This. I was starting to feel that way at the end of beta and was pleasantly surprised when I found the fight was mostly on Esamir at launch and didn't mind that it drifted back to Indar at first.

    Hossin would be a short term fix, as people would still all flock to 1 continent to fight. I still think making the continent bonuses meaningful and worthwhile to hold will actually fix a lot of the problems
  11. Josh Developer

    The REPS system's (new name Alerts) is on the way and should give players a reason to play across all the continents.
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  12. Fenrix

    how does this REPS alert thing work?
    on Briggs its not so much a "reason" to play on other continents, everyone goes to indar because thats where everyone else is... kind of vicious circle type thing.

    I doubt anything short of a significant experience boost would get people off indar on Briggs tbh. im talking 50%+
    if its less than 20% its not going to make anyone move.

    Interestingly ive seen individual continents restarted so I doubt locking one manually would be a difficult thing for the devs to do without even changing any code.
    just lock indar for a couple of days :D

    what is a major problem that ive come across is Instant action on Briggs invariably sends you to indar. iv'e only been sent to amerish with instant action once. and that was when a bunch of outfits were there to have a war.
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  13. Torok

    yes yes yes yes!
  14. Rasp

    I have tried to find more information on this but haven't been able to. Are you able to give us a basic overview of what is to be expected?
  15. Rogue01au

    Hi PixelShader! Loved the duels we had :)

    Would love some more info on this REPS too, Josh!