[Suggestion] SOE need to hire an architect, an engineer and a military advisor.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Daedrick, Dec 10, 2012.

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  1. Daedrick

    Do it, and do it now.

    Buildings are complete mess.

    The fatest way to go DOWN to the garage in a tower is to go UP from the spawn room then into a teleporter, how ******** is that?

    The garage in that very same tower is meant to kill friendly infantry, with a infantry computer that require the individuals to cross a very dangerous area where a tank can apear out of nowhere and exit said garage at full speed without any kind of control.

    Shack like spawn rooms with only 2 exit point. Enough said... Actually no, if you think about it the real core of a base, the backbone of it is not the meaningless point A through C but the actually spawn room. How come the most important building in a base is the smallest and least defended? When you think about it, you really own a base when the spawn room is controlled, meaning, camped.

    Every base should have ACU generators, that would solve a lot of problems.

    When you create a building you have to think about others things than the actual gameplay mechanic. Why is there, what purpose would that building serve if that world existed in reality. What are these computers what do they do? Where do soldiers eat, sleep, **** or wash themselves. Where is the storage building? Huge fuel tank, but nothing use fuel. Why would we use anything other than teleporter if that technologie actually existed. Why would anyone use a ''jump pad'', that thing is so unsafe its not even funny. Why not put shield in every door step? What power these shields, even those of the spawn building? What power the spawn tube? What power the teleporter?

    NOTHING MAKE SENSE! How the **** do you want people to be immersed in a world of so many illogicality?

    Most of the problem in this game come from the terrible map design. Would people actually be that annoyed by tanks or ESF if base offered concrete defense against them? I doubt it.
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  2. Nonesuch

    You can't go down fast because the stairs are designed to slow and bottleneck attackers who can't use the teleporter.

    And I really don't think anyone cares about buildings having toilets and bedrooms, in the future you don't poop and nanites do it for you.
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  3. VoidMagic

    naw, they just need to ignore the forums
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  4. failbot

    I know right? I'm thinking of quitting the game because I can't sleep, piss, eat, form a family or build a house in this one.
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  5. Daedrick

    Pile of **** like you guys need to get off the forum if you have nothing interresting to contribute.
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  6. Daedrick

    You do down fast if you know that is the fastest way to get down. THAT EXEMPLE was made to expose how badly designed the building are, if they were well designed the most instinctive way of going down would be the fastest unlike the counter intuitive aberation we have right now.
  7. Rellenar

    I love the SCU shield generator room in the bio labs. It has a generator, okay. Then it has some nondescript dark drum-type things - I guess maybe those contain fuel for the generator? Then there are shelves of cabbages and some things that look like body scanners. My best guess is that the cabbages are somehow turned by the things that look like body scanners into biofuel, which then goes into the drums and from there is fed to the generator.

    I agree with you, but I think drop pods, Light Assaults and Liberators in particular work against having defensible structures a bit. Look at tech plants - people can drop onto the top effort-free and take it from the defenders and then turn the turrets against them.

    I would love to see bases that made more sense.
  8. Jourmand1r

    While the OPs post is pretty stupid, I agree that the bases appear to be built by people who have no idea how military bases should look.
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  9. Hosp

    I think their sarcasm is their way of telling you that you're over thinking it and to look around for the many comments devs have made about potential base redesigns. (granted all those comments were essentially a "we're looking into it").

    Wait a bit.
  10. pmagnum

    I think an elliptical design would be better, it would be simple and add more areas of interest for fighting. Combined with an underground facility, the defenders can get to the battlements safely, and use teleporters to take them right into the main ground level-area.


    The shields in front of the vehicle pads are inside the main structure, not exposed to the courtyard. This will prevent vehicles from playing peek-a-boo. The palisade in front of the main gates also act to prevent peek-a-boo, the idea being that once you spawn a vehicle you are committed to exposing it during an assault.

    The generators are protected and kept back from the main entrances, but are vulnerable to LA's bypassing the walls. I figured 2 generators would be a better balance than 3, or even just one as the case is on most bases.

    The central building is covered, perhaps with a entrances on the roof for direct access into the lift area. It also houses the main lift, which is quite large and allows the attacker dominance over the lower access once the ground level of the facility is captured.

    Then the fight proceeds underground, where large containers are littered and stacked across multiple storage zones. The area would feel like fighting through multiple bulkheads in the belly of a freighter. The capture points and SCU being in offshoot rooms easily accessed once the storage unit it is adjacent to is secured.

    just some ideas. I imagine the defender's spawn points receding as they lose the generators.
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  11. Ripshaft

    So, an architect, a engineer and a military advisor walk into SOE.....
  12. Daedrick

    Ok, Im stupid, but you agree with everything I said. I wonder who is really stupid... DERP DERP DERP.
  13. Tharrak

    Yes the bases feel like set pieces in the theater, only they allowed you on the stage! They could be more immersive for sure.

  14. Jourmand1r

    I didn't say you were stupid. I said your post was stupid.

    This game isn't a military simulator, so there wont be all the in depth things you asked for like storage buildings, fuel tanks, and housing.

    I just stated that I'm not a fan of cut and paste base design. Its lazy and unfit for a game with an awesome backstory like PS2.
  15. RoninZee

    Pmagnum, that base looks and sounds exciting as heck :)

    Also, im hoping that they bring back the base resource of Nanites and NTU level stuff :)
  16. Krizzen

    The most offensive thing to me is the spawn layout and teleporter layout in Bio Labs. The entire outcome of large battles is decided at two small doorways every stinking time (with the exception of amp stations, which seem to see too little action).
  17. yukipo

    Since when have FPS maps ever been logical? If it works, it works, save your fridge logic for later.

    I'd rather have SOE hire an aerospace engineer, really.
  18. Panifrazzle

    SIMSIDE 2!
  19. Daedrick

    Ahahah, thing is, it doesn't work, its a mess.
  20. pmagnum

    I don't remember much of PS1, I just think the bases could benefit from more of a team fortress style mentality when it comes to capture and defend.
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