SOE lied to us in the patch notes!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by BrianJ2, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. BrianJ2

    They said we would keep all infantry stuff we had until they were depleted. I LOST IT ALL :mad::mad::(

    Now i've been filling my stuff for NOTHING yesterday :mad::mad::(

    All my C4, Grenades, more grenades, and more grenades, are all gone and i've been wasting ~1 hour of time yesterday for NOTHING.
  2. ShortRovnd


    "Consumable stack sizes have been reduced to the max possible carrying capacity. Players who have more than the new stack size will still have all the consumables they purchased previously, but will be unable to see that amount and will eventually use enough to get down to the new limit."
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  3. BrianJ2

    I still had to pay Nanites, so this is still incorrect.
  4. Naceo

    Works for me. I still have my stockpile o nades even though it doesn't show it.
  5. Loken

    Jeez. are you really crying in your soup about this?