SOE is no more.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Captain Kid, Feb 2, 2015.

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  1. Captain Kid

  2. HadesR

    " Investment Management Firm " ... $$$$$$$$$ is the king ..... Incoming title closures and monetization pushes ...
  3. SirStressALot

    If i would have employers like SOE under me. I had to suspend everyone too and sell this part of the firm. Sometimes i think they just dont want to fix something and just dont wanna work or ignoring hard. Imagine if every one on the world would work like them?
  4. Xind

    It could really go either way. I'm hoping that they'll not decide to go straight into P2W mechanics...hell I'd be okay with a return to a subscription based model if it meant the game would be dynamically improved.
  5. Captain Kid

    I hope they hire back some talent from the SWG and Planetside 1 days. Both those games had strokes of genius (for example the inventory system in PS1) Planetside 2 is missing.
  6. Crator

  7. Valok

    I still remember the day LOTRO (Turbine) got acquired by Warner Bros.. Then we skip fowards some months and now LOTRO has become a massive f2p pile of manure.

    I was actively taking part in the alert that was happening on Emerald, right now though I completely lost the urge to play.
  8. I play by many names

    Hopefully this gets rid of all the SOE miss-management and we can get some real progress, finished revamps and a game that doesn't run like garbage. Chances are it continues its downward spiral tho :(
  9. Captain Kid

    I better enter the code for a 1000Sc card I still have and buy some camo or weapon.
  10. FateJH

    Prepare for harsh rebranding.
  11. Xind

    Maybe they'll require the developers to use the official game forums? If they do just that one thing I'm behind them.
  12. HadesR

    Coming Soon for your Phones and Tablets :

    Planetside: Auraxium Mobile Wars

  13. CNR4806

    Well, why not? The only real "Sony" thing about SOE was the name anyway.

    The sole question is whether we're in for a big dive in quality or the same crap we've been already getting. Or if a miracle will happen and quality will rise.
  14. TheBlindFreak

    I'm not optimistic about this. It's clear their new management will prioritize profits. Whether that means picking away the game until it's just a cash slot machine or actually increasing the game's quality so people will actually want to spend money, I can't tell.

    Then again, I've had more than enough good times in this game. I feel like I could drop it and find some thing new to play if this game goes to ****.
  15. DG-MOD-02

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