SOE I waited 5 months to buy VS MAX weapons: Then you ninja nerf it after 24 hours!

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Sogui, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. acksbox

    People are ******** about no longer being able to exploit a bug.

    It should have been damn obvious from the get go that the Cosmos was more accurate than it was advertised to be, more accurate than it was supposed to be, and unintentionally better than intended. Eventually this was going to be fixed, and now it has.

    I'm in absolute agreement that SOE has not dealt with the issues in an ideal fashion, and should allow those who made purchases on de facto rather than de jure statistics to roll them back, but the idea that the Cosmos should be silently rebroken back to it's previous buggy and unbalanced state is absurd.
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  2. Xocolatl

    Good enough. I'll gladly take that.
  3. Mcponington

    no that is not why people are pissed. People bought the cosmos because it was the best for 6 months, what were they supposed to do buy a blueshift and go by the description and hope it would be fixed at sometime?

    Any person who is really serious about playing VS max now will have bought 4 weapons for it and this is before the max update has been released. This screams of SOE money grubbing, nothing else.
  4. Rodek

    I forgot the Cosmos was the most imbalanced MAX AI weapon. I swear, I remember seeing nerf threads for it everyday on the forums. Oh wait...
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  5. Van Dax

    We asked soe over and over if they were working as intending before the patch, they continued to say yes. how is that a bug?
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  6. Mcponington

    Blueshift right arm is on sale, seriously I swear they are just ******* with us now.
  7. Gary

    Best part is people buying Max weapons the same month maxes are getting overhauled... Do people not take care with what they purchase?
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  8. Van Dax

    yeah but I bought them "Too long ago to be refunded" which is>3 weeks apparently
  9. TheStink

    You could say waited 5 months for my Blues to get fixed, but even before the fix I had no trouble using the Blueshift. I just got on with it as I wasn't going to use certs or SC on another set of AI guns for my Max and found Blues did the job just fine the last 5 months.
  10. acksbox

    I completely agree that buying the Cosmos was perfectly reasonable before the patch. However, rather than reintroducing a bug, I think a vastly more sensible fix is to refund the SC or certs used to purchase the weapons, remove the weapons, and allow the player to repurchase whatever.

    The SOE representatives who made such statements were wrong.

    When you have an in game description and stat block that say something completely different from easily demonstrable in-game-reality, things obviously are not working as intended, unless the intent is to confuse and deceive.
  11. Gary

    They will never issue a refund after a weapon balance change... Even if you bought it the day before. Agreed that this is fine and understood it :)
  12. Tungsten

    Its disheartening to see people who got hit by the nerf turn around and give SOE money on the new cosmos.
  13. Tungsten

    new cosmos=blueshift for clarification.
  14. Mcponington

    Yeah you can't blaim people who just want a working weapon. It's sad because SOE probably looks at their statistics and are like we can totally **** over a weapon and people will buy whatever is the best next. I am a free to play player from now on so they have at least lost my money.
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  15. Ganjis

    I bought them, but I had stocked up on SC on the double weekend and have some left still. I will give them some grace, but am considering cancelling subscription and will not buy more SC any time soon.
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  16. Crysander

    I bought two of the Cosmos not long after launch. Before purchasing any weapon I read the in game tooltips, and then consult online for public opinion. I wanted the most accurate weapon for my MAX as the NC MAXs were too good up close and anything not accurate wasn't worth using. I read that in fact the in game figures are wrong - the Comos is the most accurate even though the Blueshift is stated as being the most accurate.

    Now how was I to know that the Cosmos stats were bugged and the Blueshift description was correct and it wasn't the other way around? So now I have 2 weapons that don't suit my play style and that I hate to use. I cannot get them swapped (I messaged customer support and asked) and do not have the funds or inclination to buy ANOTHER set of AI weapons for the MAX just to fix a problem caused by SOE themselves.

    With the MAX update I was looking forward to purchasing some of the new weapons and other things but now can't as I will first have to save up and buy a new set of AI weapons. But then why should I bother? If this is the case, how will I know for sure that in the future SOE won't turn around and completely change the way a weapon has worked for five months? Why should I risk spending any more real money on these things? Why should I re-subscribe?

    It taints the use of the MAX class for me and prevents me wanting to play it because it makes me feel like a rube. I know it comes of as whiny and petulant and I hate to sound that way, but I have little choice. Disillusioned SOE, and it's a shame.
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  17. SolRG

    I would kind of diagree, hitting anything with the quasar is nearly impossible inside 8 meters. If i empty a clip at a guy literally just standing there and miss with 45/50 of the shots, something is wrong.

    The vs weapons are balanced for us, but are pretty terrible compared to the other factions max weapons. We have nothig that can match nc maxes close quaters and tr maxes have crazy good accuracy mid range and two of them can melt a vs max inside 2 seconds.
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  18. Vadimir

    In fairness TR AI guns also have trouble hitting things up close because of how convergence works for a MAX. So you can't really say that's just a VS problem. But I do agree that it's wrong and needs to be fixed.

    Please don't exaggerate. The quickest a TR MAX can kill a VS MAX using AI weapons is ~4 seconds. The quickest a VS MAX using AI weapons can kill a TR MAX is also ~4 seconds. The TR's increased DPS works out at a TTK difference of literally a fraction of a second. It's really not noticeable but what is noticeable is the VS's increased accuracy. It might not come into play much against rival MAX's but it sure does against infantry.

    As for the NC MAX, yes they are the king of CQC but then that's their thing. They pay for that by being significantly weaker in mid range than the VS & TR MAX. However with that said, Higby did admit some time back that giving the NC MAX drastically different AI weapons was a mistake and at some point in the future they would be giving all MAX's more AI weapons so that all MAX's have competitive close, mid and long range options.
  19. ghnurbles

    I bought Blueshifts at launch and waited 5 months for them to be fixed to match their description. Feels good, but it shouldn't have taken remotely this long.