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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by FleurDisLee, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. FleurDisLee

    i dont think my game is updated,is there any way to force update this thing? i already tried update and validate files it didnt work,but i can log into my game but i dont see my characters when i try create new character it just crashes
  2. Hegenov

    It is not because your game is not up to date. It is issue with your account. Write in game a ticket letting them know, that you have a problem with your account. It might be deleted. Last update involved purge of unused characters. They might accidentally delete your characters.

    TIP for a future:
    If you making a thread, its title should suggest what do you have problem with. Names such "i need help" , or "SOE help me" don't tell anything about your thread exept that you have some sort of problem (witch is obvious considering you writing it in this category).
    SOE treats account issue quite seriously, and most of them are resolved pretty fast. But if you name your issue "SOE help me", no one might bother to check it out.
  3. S7rudL

    If you have not bought anything or have not logged in for the past 4 months or so then your characters probably got wiped. I wonder if they even wipe those that have bought something.

    Lmao, I partially disagree.
    That is not what the topic's from the past say when the delete button was bugged, where they could not/would not want to restore accounts that even had bought items on it. Only the SC could be restored.

    Some people will not always have the luxury to access the in-game account on a regular basis for at least a half of year or so.

    They need to provide more detail on when the wipes occur, which accounts fall in to that category and include that in the user agreement, TOS,..