SOE has been sold, anyone see this?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by HappyStuffin, Feb 2, 2015.

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  1. HappyStuffin

  2. TerminalT6

    It's in the news on the launcher.

    I do hope this means good news, but I know nothing about Columbus Nova. So I'm scared. I need someone to ease the pain with statistical data and citations.
  3. user101

    (Not a chance.)

    Looks Like SOE is being dumped by Sony or soon to be dumped. There goes Smeds retirement. Layoffs will be next.

    Packing up SOE and move it to NY... WOW snow & more snow....! No SOE in the name means sony is selling them.
    He who has the name is the boss...! That is not SOE in this case. Money starvation causes lots of concessions.
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  4. Jalek

    It all depends on how this capital company does business and why they bought it. They could've bought it for the individual IP titles to sell off, bought it expecting a growing annual return, or bought it with plans to invest and build, recognizing the years of anemic funding stunting its growth. The latter is the least likely, but there are firms that do it if they see a promising upside.
    Remember when SOE was a busy enough studio to have a magazine and weekly podcasts in the years soon after Sony buying it?
  5. Crowne


    I vaguely remember talk that Sony was thinking of spinning off SOE a while back? Something about SOE being one of the more profitable assets in Sony's portfolio and being held back by the larger firm? Would have to go digging to confirm that though.

    Hope some of the folks in charge at Columbus Nova are gamers and appreciate great games. Also hope they think part of monetizing a product is ensuring quality control at every level.

    Either way, here's raising a chocolate milk to this being a positive development for the devs.
  6. Konstantinn

    Name one game company that sold and did well afterwards?

    If it takes extensive research or generally long to think about it, then it doesn't happen often. If at all. Because I'm completely drawing a blank here.
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  7. pnkdth

    Read the article. This is not SOE doing layoffs. This is something that happens when the company itself decides to shed some skin, in this contest though, being acquired might be a very very good thing, indeed, it often is a very good thing. The scenario might be as simple as Sony no longer being particularly interested in making games, and prefer to make hardware solutions. It would, for example, be very strange for Columbus Nova to acquire SOE and dump it. That's like buying a car and immediately, and purposefully, crashing it into a wall and then try and sell it again.

    I swear, most people these days just read the headline and fills the rest of article in with whatever they think the headline is talking about.
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  8. DG-MOD-17

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