SOE, great game...but please consider the following.

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  1. Gorganov


    Can't you take suggestions from the higher ranking strategic outfits that you represent on Friday Night Ops? You can't listen to every single thing the forums have to say. Some of the issues are obvious imbalances that you could spot if you had representatives from GOOD LEADER BASED OUTFITS. People that truly understand how the game works.

    I feel like a big problem is the fact that leaders don't have enough tools.


    Being able to see more clearly how leaders of various outfits rally there troops and control the flow of battle would allow you to better grasp what needs to be fixed!! You added alerts and that is a step in the right direction.



    I don't care what the forum noobs say. The lattice (or should I say, RUSH LANES) is going TOO far. I would suggest that instead of the very narrow, lane based, and simple minded lattice system. You could try something like this...


    Allows fewer options than the HEX while still creating massive battles.

    I fear that the lattice will destroy the game unless more options are given.

    --------WORK NEEDS TO END IMMEDIATELY!!!!!-----

    I really hope you all at SOE can understand my concern and focus on the real issue here...
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  2. Gorganov

    I feel like it is important to mention this...

    New players tend to find this game very confusing at first. There needs to be tools to help them understand everything about the bases. First time in a Bio Lab? Clearly mark the SCU gen and other important objectives with a text box or dialog. Honestly, I had no idea about the importance of generators when I started...

    Suggest them to find an outfit --- more outfit finding options.

    Clearly mark territories that can spawn Tanks/Aircraft directly on the map.

    Really making the game easier to understand rather than dumbing down the experience would go a long way.
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  3. Gorganov

    About Leadership Options.

    I really feel like platoon/squad leaders need more tools to be added. Here's a few suggestions:

    • Group up and Ready Check. Something that catches your attention to streamline organized attacks.
    • Platoon Lead can mark objectives for each squad. Or mark where the squad leader can put a way point.
    • Command Objectives. Allow Platoon Leaders to work with other platoons by showing if they need help or they are doing fine with indicators.
    • Specified requests - ex: Requesting Armor group up at point x to attack point y in z amount of time.
    • Drawing on the map would be amazing as well.
    • and finally, Leadership should grant certs. Maybe even Leadership Certs which allow you to call in UAVs or whatever.
    Knowing who, what, where, when, and why are Important to battle flow and tactics/strategy
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  4. SharpLight

    Agree, you can't have a game where 2000 players fight over a continent and make accessible to FreeToPlay hoppers who want to login and get a similar experience to what they saw on the YouTube trailer. People will stay with this game for the long-term only if it has depth.
  5. Gorganov

    At least someone gets it. The people that enjoyed this game at launch stayed. Focus on polishing what you have instead of completely changing the game every patch. Unnecessary changes that do nothing but piss people off. Why not just...improve what you already have?