[Suggestion] SOE: For the love of God, do something about redeployside

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  1. Ceiu

    Title. *******. Do. It.

    I just wasted an hour jumping from continent to continent, battle to battle hoping to find some semblance of a decent fight. But, NOPE. Nothing but 96+ vs 48-96 which dwindles to 96+ to 12-24 when the 48-96 side redeploys elsewhere to do the same to some other battle. And then the cycle repeats ad nauseum.

    It's not strategic. It's not immersive. It's not "gud." It's ******* bland, weak, simple-minded, ez-button ********.

    And, before anyone can say it: I'm well aware every faction does it, because every faction has try-hards who are more interested in being WINnAR that they don't want to play the goddamn game; so farms = fun to them.
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  2. AFK1

    Removing facility alerts killed the game. Territory alerts can start decent fights, but almost never a decent campaign; the losing side of the battle will eventually just concede the lattice links where they're losing, and go somewhere else. Three-way battles are non existent. No one really bothers to commit to an attack. All of these problems are made worse by having pumpkin alerts in place of some kind of actual objective

    With facility alerts, people had to actually commit to attacks in order to win; rather than just respawn somewhere else
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  3. I play by many names

    It is really hard to find good fights some times. That is a really bad sign for a PvP only game like Planetside. The first and foremost objective of the game mechanics should be to do everything possible to create good fights and sadly the poorly done systems the game has does not create many of them. The shallow mechanics create a situation where you are punished for trying to defend outnumbered with spawn camping and generally worse stats. Since the clan and territory systems are extremely shallow, stats are the only real persistence that the game offers to many (arguably most) people. The spawning system has sucked the entire existence of Planetside, granted its much worse in PS2 than the original (which at least penalized you for repeated deaths with longer respawns). There is no incentive for clan v clan. There is no incentive to move to where your empire would actually want you. All the incentive is to go steamroll an already hopeless opponent.

    I hate logging on and only having 96+ fights for options, especially places that are no skill choke point spam fest such as biolabs. As a long range oriented player I get nothing from those fights with the current server issues of massive long range warping, rendering issues and animation issues. Sony got it completely backwards when they made static centralized spawn locations and a dynamic render distance. They should have used a dynamic spawning system (eliminated spawn camping and rooms altogether) and a static render distance. The extremely awful and poorly done dynamic render distance has been awful since beta, yet its still here.... causing the same problems it always has.
  4. WorldOfForms

    Redeployside has killed fights between bases. It also causes good fights to dissipate into nothing. You can have an intense fight and then you capture a base and then nobody is at the next base.

    This was never a problem in PS1. You could have a rolling, raging fight that went all the way across a continent. But in PS2 everybody hops all over the map, killing fights left and right.
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  5. I play by many names

    And turning what were good fights into 96+ spam fest out of nowhere.
  6. Metallic123

    its a higby trusted companion. Hey guys dropping 100 players on a hex makes us good

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  7. Kubin

    And I was wondering why are there territory alerts only... What was the reason behind facility alerts removal?
  8. IberianHusky

    Redeployside is literally everything that is wrong with PS2.

    While I don't believe it should be removed entirely, I do believe it should be nerfed to oblivion. Just put a cap on how many players can spawn in a hex at one time based on the faction percantages in the area. Say, if a faction has more than 10-15% overpop in a hex, they can no longer spawn there. This applies to both spawn rooms and sundies. If a platoon wishes to Gal Drop, then they should feel free to, but when they die, there's a chance they won't be able to spawn back there. They'll have to start over again at the WG or spawn at an adjacent base.

    Also, the HART system should make a return, since it makes a nice alternative to the terrible Instant Action system and tedious redeploy hopping.
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  9. Angry Scientist

    Fix them how? People always demand it be 'fixed', but good solutions are awful thin on the ground.

    It exists to facilitate the game. So few people understand this. Do you think people would allow for every five minutes out of twenty to be boring, long drives? Or if they decide that a lane isn't working well, to just go to warpgate and drive there? Or fly, of which many cannot or will not do?

    The modern game is steamlined. This means finding the fight and giving it to the player. That is what the FPS is. Fast action. It is in contrast to a slower paced game, such as a RPG, MMO, or strategy game. Planetside is a hybrid of FPS and Battlefield games. It tends towards the arena shooters on the infantry side, and Battlefield on the vehicle side. Most of it is geared towards the faster paced action. AKA what the gamer wants.

    Removing the ability to redeploy would kill much interest. Ghostcapper taking bases? No one will deal with it. Zergs stay in the lane. There won't be diversion, flanking, or changing tactics. All good fights die in biolabs and select superfarm bases. Congrats, you've just ruined the game because no one is going to put down their fun for the minutes it takes to switch elsewhere. And that's assuming that fight just doesn't die and waste even more time.

    Yes. It sucks nuts when two platoons materialize out of nowhere and wreck you. Yes, it sucks that you can't ghostcap without a squad showing up to defend (lol). No, 'logistics' is basically never a thing in any videogame and isn't going to make Planetside better. Yes, it actually does take some thought to leverage where you put forces to redelopy secure a base. There's only so much water in the cup.

    We should be focusing on handing tools to players to fortify a position, attacking or defending, to prepare to spear a sudden surge of players. If the enemy wants to ignore the base until there's only 30 seconds left, the rest should have been able to be devoted to digging in. If there's a reason not to ignore the enemy, then people won't. Right now a max crash will do just fine.
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  10. Rovertoo

    It's also about fast fair action. Getting an otherwise fun fight squished by 45 extra guys isn't so great. The hope is to change the way redeploying works so as to increase the strategic depth while also keeping good fights intact. Reinforcements are only a problem when they all instantly deploy to the fight, Gal drops at least are something that can be countered.
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  11. MajiinBuu

    I don't know what kind of toxins you're injecting into your brain, because there are always good fight when I play.

    What is fair about capturing a base with no opposition? If nobody can spawn, nobody can defend. I rarely see platoons redeploying to small battles, I honestly don't know what you guys are talking about o_O
    If you don't like the fight, move to another one. And since you're against deploying, you should to go to the next battle by foot or by vehicle.
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  12. Degenatron

    Ok, so wait, your idea is to trap players in fights they don't want to be in?

    The REAL answer is to give players a better incentive to stay and fight. Sorry, XP will simply NEVER be enough to keep players playing in a fight in which they are outnumbered. What good is an XP bonus if you get killed so fast you don't get any XP?

    Until THE PLAYERS become ok with the idea of the under-popped side getting a real, tangible, USEFUL benefit that actually helps them fight back against the over-popped side, then things will never change. It's going to have to be a benefit which scales well, and is very noticeable to BOTH sides. An example would be:

    "For every additional player the over-popped side has, they gain one second to their minimum respawn timer."

    So, if you are over-popping 24 v 12, then your respawns are +12 seconds longer.

    Of course players will hate this. I totally expect it, because it would do EXACTLY what it is supposed to: Give the under-popped side a fighting chance. I'd like to hear if people have any better ideas.
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  13. Rovertoo

    This is a very very good idea! Makes getting kills much more valuable and gives more importance to getting many kills in a short time period.
  14. Psycho13

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  15. KnightCole

    Has Esamir unlocked yet? Last week it was like 3 straight days of Amerish/Hossin......

    There is no such thing as good fights in this game anymore, it is only 96+ and all that.....buggy, laggy...******** lol.....

    The rest are random infiltrators derping about......this game is insanely boring now, unless you just get drunk off your *** and like to mindlessly press W into 100 guns.........
  16. Gorganov

    I would not expect any changes to the flow until after the ps4 version launches. Until then look at it this way. You may not capture the base, but you are helping by forcing them to move troops from one front to another.

    On another note: I think we should bring back the ability to spawn on ALL deployed friendly sundies. I feel like we didn't have enough time to test it out.
  17. InoxGecko

    Nah man, getting back into the meat grinder is already slow as Nanites.
  18. BobSanders123

    Nice idea! It would teach people to be a little more conservative when engaging in a fire fight, and prevent clusters of troops becoming zergs.
    Now in a 96 to 12 scenario that is an 84 second respawn timer. Which is arguably too long, although it could be implemented to allow him to redploy to an underpopped base instantly, thus balancing the map.
  19. Dieter Perras

    idk wtf you're going on about, I found nothing but good fights today...even the zerg I wound up fighting at one point saw me team hold out fairly well and was genuinely fun to fight against.
  20. Dieter Perras

    You are aware they have problems with player retention right?
    And that we do in fact have new players join the game that don't know what they're doing right?
    And times where you will die very very fast from an unexpected angle right?


    I said it before will say it again, they add anything like this and I'd leave the game, seeing as how I love this game and have kept playing it despite numerous FPS issues I'd say that a large portion of the playerbase probably would to.