SOE Fix your Debris physics

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  1. Nasher

    I'm sure the debris used to be better in the beta, but it was nerfed due to "lag" on crap PCs :/

    Falling debris killing people needs to stay though. It adds some un-predictability (and sometimes comical moments) to the game :)

    The vehicle mechanics themselves need an overhaul though. They shouldn't despawn after a set time, it should be done by distance (e.g if you go 1000m from the vehicle it despawns). Flipped vehicles shouldn't randomly explode either, this is really annoying. Especially on the flash which instantly explodes if you roll it down a hill, even if it would land on it's wheels. It makes the physics model feel inferior to PS1's.
  2. Loui5D

    Scythes > Gal according to this games physics.
  3. Halon

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  4. void666

    I was flying my scythe. Got a mossy up my ***. Before being killed i bailed (i was a LA). Made it to the ground suffering small damage. Oh ****, look, it's a prowler. Prowler kills me. On death screen "prowler kill" pops up. Wat? So i assumed my burning scythe killed the prowler and avenged me! Best game ever.
  5. ShadowyN

    At the very least, let debris-death count as suicide and not death-by-enemy.
    Nothing's worse than losing my vanguard after a doomed lightning suicide-rams me, dies and then gets awarded a cheap double-kill for having their debris instantly destroy my 2/2 vanguard.
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