SOE Fix your Debris physics

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  1. Alarox

    The current physics are broken. They don't add to the enjoyment of the game, they only make people frustrated. They make absolutely no sense from a realism standpoint either. What are the problems in particular?

    1.) Debris inexplicably gains massive amounts of momentum.

    2.) Debris causes massive amounts of damage to vehicles upon contact, even when the debris is stationary.

    Is it a massive issue by itself? No, but it is the icing on the cake that is the multitude of cheesy ways to lose your vehicle, which turn one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played into one of the most frustrating.


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    You haven't heard? Its a feature! God like galaxy debris making lightnings fly in the air is one of the things that makes planetside 2 PS2. Flash runs into sunderer? The sunderer will go flying.

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  3. Klypto

    **** Debris.
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    I like debris it gets me random kills when my scythe gets blown up.
  5. Elrobochanco

    Some basic things I think would make vehicle death more fun/less infuriating:

    - Flipped vehicles shouldn't take damage on their own, they could be cover and will likely die quickly anyways. If anything their rate of self damage should be like 1/1000th of what it is now (if there is some issue that says they need to be removed)

    - Strong vehicles (MBT, Gal, Sunderer, Libs, Harasser, Lightning) should keep their single big husk on death, and if possible remain even longer, but have incredibly high friction, they shouldn't go anywhere after hitting the ground.

    If they hit the ground, they should stop and make a bit of cover temporarily, but if they land on another "Strong" vehicle, they should dust into nanites. I guess you could make a hierarchy here so a gal corpse would crush a harasser, but on the flip a harasser boosting through the exploding wreck of a gal would be pretty metal.

    - ESF/Flash should not have debris at all, they should have maybe a slightly meatier explosion where the parts split and then explode again, and then nothing but nanites.
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  6. dasichri

    Flash OP, plz nerf
  7. z1967

    I hate debris. Kills all the people trying to repair my sunderer and gets me weapon lock.
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    Sometimes the physics can be awesome in this game.

    For example, when the game first launched you could drive flashes up into the warpgate spawn area. From the spawn you could get up to the second level and drive a flash into the gap in between the 2 sections covering the lower area. If you did this just right the flash would get stuck in the middle and appear floating. Something about this floating state caused the flash to glitch out and basically once you gave it gas it wouldn't stop building momentum and after rocking back and forth for a while you could dislodge it and it would get grip and fling you out like a ******* bullet. I had some videos of it but never got around to uploading them... However, I do have a screenshot of my all-time record distance throw. 184,124 meters.
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  9. SiosDashcR

    Sorry, I disagree.


    Although they should replicate APB:Reloaded's a bit more (imo).


    I know you said debris... But I want these vehicle physics anyways.
  10. Fenrisk

    Can TR get a debris launcher in replacement for the striker?

    My current tactic of parking a galaxy on enemy sunderers and MBT's is rather resource heavy and doesn't always cause the desired effect.
  11. Canaris

    OH HELL NO, debris in the game is awesome.

    SOE don't touch it
  12. volth

    Fix all physics in this game. Vehicle's don't have any physics at all.
    Feels like the vehicles floating over the terrain.
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  13. Kirppu1

    Well dropping debris is a real threat, but a stationary isn't. It is clear that PhysX(Middeware of planetside) is not implemented properly
  14. TomoB

    Well how about drop-pod physics then, seems like 30% of the time they get bounced back to the sky when they hit the ground. Last time I learned how Neil Armstrong must have felt when he was flying to the moon, watching ground and bases disappear in the distance...
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  15. KnightCole

    LOL, I jumped out of my Lightning like lastnight after a sundy blew up near me... I was expecting a BOOM.....suicide or something. Shockingly enough, my tank only got mildly hurt...
  16. Zar

    I like the cover part of this then you kinda went all cod on us with the dukes of hazard through a galaxy >.>. don't get me wrong I love me some 80s action movies but I think thats where they should stay.
  17. Scr1nRusher

    GIVE US WRECKAGE, and destroyed vehicles. (Cover for other tanks and infantry)

    Not Michael bay explosions that then have debris that disappear after a while.
  18. Obstruction

    actually all collisions need to be standardized. sometimes you touch something and bonk off of it to do hilarious/ridiculous 1080 spins, and sometimes you bump a wrinkle in terrain or barely touch some extra sensitive hitbox region and explode instantly from 100%.

    i'm not even asking for less collision damage here. just consistent effects so that we can develop habits to avoid the instant death scenario. it's just embarrassing to fight off gank squads and dogfight god-tier ESFs, only to end a 45 minute run insta-gibbed by the ammo pad.
  19. Bindlestiff

    I don't get why they can't just stay flipped and NOT take damage. If people want to stay in them flipped, it is no different to people staying in a non flipped vehicle.

    People who actually want to play the game will just get out of a flipped vehicle, or attempt to flip it back using another vehicle. If they dont do it in time, the vehicle will just despawn as normal.

    I just don't understand the logic of the current implementation.
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  20. aRottenKomquat

    Happens to me ALL THE TIME!

    I also think debris needs to be nerfed a bit. I hate when my Galaxy gets destroyed, the debris falls 400m to the ground and somehow kills 15 friendly infantry and then I'm nearly weapons-locked for something that was clearly not my fault.