[Suggestion] SOE, do an LA mini-update

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Kulantan, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. Kulantan

    At the moment the LA is not a class with a bright shining future. With the LA update unscheduled and constant campaigning from tankers who believe that the "spawn MBT" button should be renamed "I WIN" LAs don't have much to look forward to. Even if the LA update was rescheduled for next month this is what we have to look forward to:
    • We’ll investigate the possible additions of new tools, new abilities, and new suit options
    • We want to add the ability for the Light Assault class to dual wield weapons
    Vagueness and an ability that will either be OP and then nerfed into the ground or will always be pretty bad. Instead I suggest that SOE changes some numbers. Changing numbers isn't comparatively that much work and is has a pretty large impact on game play. For example, buffing the Adrenaline Pump so that it is actually competitive with nano-weave and ASC. Something like 20-25% rather than the anemic 10% it is currently. Buffing the jump jets, or at least undoing the recent 30% undocumented* nerf. Hell, the Icarus jets are just changing numbers rather than new effects or mechanics.
    SOE, don't wait until you can do a complete LA rework. I'd prefer some smaller changes now rather than large ones in the distant future.
    *Note this is bad and whoever didn't document it should feel bad.
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  2. Frenk

    I would like to write something more clever than "YES WE NEED THIS" but... YES WE NEED THIS!
  3. Kronic

    Yes. Small/easy things like moving adrenaline pump to it's own passive ability slot and the addition of Icarus jets as you said. The warping issue should be fixed with the new movement code they adding in to combat ADAD spam. If SOE ever do decide to do a small update we can't expect too much. No new tools or anything but throw us a bone at least SOE.
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  4. Paqu

    I'd be happy if they would take back the "bug fix" from GU13 which nerfed the movement speed (totally uncalled nerf) and broke drifters.

    I think it was supposed to fix the jump pad exploit which I wouldn't mind since its pretty rediculous, but funny thing is that it still works..
  5. Hosp

    As far as new tools go (for the current non-existent utility slot), it's been discussed quite often. But many people tend to dislike anything with direct affects on an enemy (due to C-4). So I've (as well as others) suggested, and many have approved of, sensor disruptors/motion sensors that can be deployed. I won't go into specifics here about how they'd work (I have written that up in another thread a while ago), but a nice useful solo and team device that doesn't directly blow up an enemy or make LAs go Super Saiyan.

    Duel wielding...Pistols aside...No.

    I'd also like to add the category of existing mechanic improvements/fixes.

    To this I'd add, make Adrenal Pump 3 ranks, and make each each do, 6, 11, 15% Run speed increase (Not strafe)
    Fix Jet Fuel meter to be more in sync with actual flight results. (could be lag/server issues. Not sure)

    The above aside, I think LA is in pretty good shape already. One of the greatest boons to its use would be increasing server performance and optimizing game performance IMO.
  6. Ganjis

    A simple wish of mine would be to open up scout and/or battle rifles to LA.
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  7. asdfPanda

    Ya know what would help out the light assault?
    Two primaries.
    Ya'll heard me right. Heavy assault is praised for it's versatility, in that in can deal with many types of threats at once. Why not follow the same theory and apply it to the light assault? Also, like ppl above me mentioned, adrenaline pump should be an activated ability, similar to heavy assault shield, medic nano regen, and infiltrator cloak.
  8. Iridar51

    Our primaries are all close-medium range anyway
  9. Ghostloadout

    My idea is adding new levels to C4 so that eventually this occurs...

    100 Certs 1 C4 - 200 Certs 2 C4 - 400 Certs 3 C4 - 500 Certs 4 C4 (Ready for the awesome part?)
    1000 Certs 4 C4 +The ability to add C4 as a tool slot item that can be resupplied at ammo packs for no res cost. (still can be used as utility.)

    This can be used on any class that has access to C4 in lieu of a tool slot, but would be a straight upgrade to LA.
    I.E. Engies with infinite C4 from ammo packs, but no repair tool, imagine the trolling and more hilariously, accidental trolling.
    This would also solve the problem of not being able to take med kits and C4 by putting them into different slots entirely, while also dealing with the "C4 spam" tankers are talking about by making it more expensive to fully cert.

    Another idea is adding back the spawn beacon to LAs only, while also still allowing it to squad leaders, The advantage to using it on LA is the ability to reduce the cooldown even more so with certs. So at max level with a LA, you'll have a 60sec cooldown on your spawn beacon, making them extremely threatening to leave alive. This will even more solidify the LA's logistical role. If nothing else this is the thing I want most.

    As a couple other buffs/changes I'd like to see. Obviously buffs for adrenaline pump, smoke changes like removing spotting inside the smoke and instant detonation on impact, additionally de-nerfing the JumpJets back up to a 10 Second capacity and our momentum. Another buff to ASC would be appreciated as well, I.E. after 5 seconds of not taking damage, shields recharge instantly.

    Personally I don't like the idea of having two primaries just because we're a LIGHT assault for a reason, but maybe that's just me. Can't say I wouldn't enjoy running around with an Razor GD-23 and a LA39 Bruiser though. :p
    To touch very briefly on motion detectors and sensors, that's more of the infiltrator's thing and could outsource their role, while LAs are pure combat classes from most perspectives and technicalities with a playstyle that can support scouting/spotting.

    I want an "F" ability, but I'll wait to repost that in the "Roadmap of broken dreams."

    Also to you tankers, keep on sitting still, you give me delicious certs.
  10. LibertyRevolution

    I want resist shield on my LA.
    We are an assault class, why do we not have shields?
    Heavies are heavy as they carry rocket launchers and LMG..
    Why not make it so both assault classes have overshields?

    Also would like to see Light Assaults get Assault Riffles, it seems to me LA should be the ones with ARs..
    Medics should get carbines like engineers, they are support class..
  11. Iridar51

    I agree. I used to think giving ARs to LA would make us imbalanced, but current jetpack is just sad. After firefall I feel like my LA handles like bag of potatoes.

    EDIT: Sadly, this will never happen, because ****storm will rise if people will be deprived of their ARs bought with real money.
  12. Ganjis

    Free would be terrible. However, I see no good reason not to allow specialisation to allow you to restock C4, grenades and heal kits from ammo packs as LA from your stock. It could go in a selection of abilities such as a decent version of adrenaline pump that would make up for lack of tool.

    I also think that C4 should be consumed when it is detonated, not when it is thrown since it vanishes if you respawn. Alternatively, such evaporating C4 should be refunded to your stock. I think this is fair considering the upcoming nerf preventing you from ever soloing an MBT.
  13. Ripshaft

    LA are fine, there is no class in this game at any special disadvantage, you do not understand game mechanics, the devs removed icarus jumpjets due to problematic gameplay, in part due to mechanical problems. Bugs by their nature are not documented, you will not see them in patch notes.
  14. Batisat

    Personally I think the LA class is in a weird spot, it's the only class that can bypass terrain but doesn't do anything special other then that.
  15. Iridar51

    What upcoming nerf? The one that was cancelled many days ago?
  16. hammyhamm

    Highly mobile C4 platform who can abuse terrain to outwit hostiles. Awesome class.
  17. Regpuppy

    Well, while that one never fell through. They -do- plan on getting rid of infantry inventory and making infantry consumables purchase on use (meaning you can only carry the 1-2 you have on you) That 100 per brick is going to seem a lot more painful when that happens, since we'll be down to one resource pool for everything. I'm not too bothered by it, I don't care for explosive spam in general.

    Regardless, I'd rather have more "neat" abilities than rely entirely on exploiting verticality with C4 as our big bad ability.

    Some things I'd like to see, and this may be the same or similar to what was said before but these have always been on my wishlist.
    - Second primary weapon. Would merely be what the LA already has access to, nothing special. Basically a twist on the HA perk
    - Naturally more agile and fall damage resistant. LA should have a seperate passive cert line for movement speed that can be upgraded to a max of +40% increase.
    --Should also naturally be able to halve the impact from falling over other classes.
    - Access to scout rifles and the battle rifle.

    Not even asking for assault rifle. These things would make me happy enough. But if the devs could throw in anything more team oriented, that would be fantastic as well.
  18. Iridar51

    The 'resource' system needs a major overhaul, until they do that, it's too soon to talk about anything resource-related.

    I see people request lowering fall damage for LAs, and I don't understand that at all. LA is the only class that can't fall. That's like wearing an assault full helmet while driving a tank with active armor and 100mm passive armor. If that armor is pierced the helmet won't protected you from SABOT or directed cumulative explosion hot as hell streams of melted metal.
    Why would we want another weapon? I assume, you have in mind long-range carbine and shotgun/SMG combo, but that won't solve any of our problems.
    I agree on movement speed cert line, people have suggested adrenaline pump made a separate cert tree for a long time. Would suit us just fine.
    And we really do must have assault rifles. It's a joke, really, that Light Assault and Heavy Assault don't have access to Assault Rifles, but puny medics do, who should have carbines only in the first place. Would suit them more, because carbine has an advantage of the faster equip time, seeing how they constantly switch between heal gun and primary.
  19. Ghostloadout

    Actually, a slightly bulky addition to my previous post.
    Speaking about class specializations, If everyone wants ARs so much, two primaries, and I with many others of my outfit want free C4 why not allow us to chose between them?

    So I think eventually these would work similarly to Planetside 1 certifications.
    Obviously they would be very expensive, somewhere in the range of 10k CP (intentionally high cost to emphasize specialization/ keep people from whining "OP plz nerf")
    These would would still allow the standard class to be effective.

    So ideally you could put 10k CP into any class/vehicle you like to do certain things like these...
    I'll do LA first, if you think it's a good idea I'll post the other classes on suggestions.
    • LA - AI/AV Variants
      • 10k CP - Adds an extra primary weapon slot in the tool slot with decreased ammo cap. (Can use Carbines, ARs, Shotguns, and SMGs) *Adds 4 additional attachment slots for all weapons, possibly OP*
      • 10k CP - Allows 4 C4/Remote Explosives to be equipped in tool slot and can be resupplied for free at ammo packs. (Can only equip SMGs) *Adds 4 additional suit slots as another benefit, possibly OP*
      • Additional Notes
        • The extra suit slots would be an "attachment" on the tool.
        • Each variant would look slightly different from the standard, without effecting cosmetic items. (Just to make sure tankers know you're a threat.)
        • The extra weapon slots allow more than one attachment from a slot I.E.
          • Equipping two optics allows variable zooms by pressing "select fire" while ADS.
          • UBGL/UBSL/UBSG If equipped, allow you to switch ammo types by pressing "select fire" while equipped.
        • Both variants can for 1k CP, remove the Res cost of their specialist grenades and resupply them at ammo packs. (Flashbangs for AI, Smokes for AV)
        • Medical Kits and Restoration Kits become free and resuppliable for LA with 1k certs into a new level 5
        • Once the 2nd variant is unlocked all other classes can use the 4 free C4, but with no Suit Mod benefits.
          • This excludes INF and MAX and replaces the tool slot when equipped for viable classes.
          • To get your free C4 on all classes requires roughly 12k CP (Totally worth it.)
        • The 2nd option is expensive to fully cert, given that you can equip nearly every suit mod in the game.
    Any other ideas/edits on this?
  20. Iridar51

    worst idea ever.
    Currently, planetside is almost pick up and play, after couple weeks of adjusting to the game, learning the ropes and getting basic certs for main class. But what you're suggesting is mindless farm of CP for months to be on top of the game. Kinda like in WoW, there is no game until highest level. Only there it takes one-three weeks to start playing competetive depending on luck with random. But 10k CP? Really? Talk about lineage 2.