SOE cant download Game in, windows 8 64 on new gaming laptop help please.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Critas Storm, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. Critas Storm


    cant download Game in, windows 8 64 on new gaming laptop help please.

    Just got new Work and Travel gaming laptop, been trying for 2 hours to download game for at work and travel, have old gaming laptop at home and new custom rig I built at home.

    Anyway Laptop has windows 8 64, and cant download game.

    Help please.

  2. Critas Storm

    Help please,

    This is really annoying 4 soe all access accounts for last 10 years before that were all eq 1, cant install this on new travel laptop cause of windows 8 64 please help?
  3. eyez

    Can you tell us what is wrong? i cant click on the link? or your cant get the installer? or where is the problem?

    Have you looked at the firewall settings or Antivirus?
  4. TSR-Jesse S Customer Service

    Could you elaborate a little more? Are you having problems downloading the file from our web-site, or are you having issues with installing the file once it's downloaded? Do you run into any error messages - if so, what do they say?
  5. TheEvilBlight

    If you can download the PS2 files on a different machine, you can copy them over to your present machine and try executing LaunchPad.

    Specs on gaming laptop? Is it simply not downloading? Is the installer not executing? Does it require administrator access? Have you tried compatibility mode troubleshooting?

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