[Suggestion] SOE, can you PLEASE start using your OWN forums?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BiggggBRIM, Sep 2, 2014.

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  1. UberBonisseur

    RadarX is a community manager.

    His job is to appease the crowd on forumside and pretend to care so it doesn't implode. He's like the only remaining SOE employee posting on these boards. The Reddit/Forumside post ratio has gone through the roof.

    Anyone still pretending that this forum has any value whatsoever is deluded
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  2. BiggggBRIM

    Not because of me, but from the overwhelming response on the forums asking the dev's to start posting information on here. And accusing me of having a big ego is ironic coming from someone whose profile page describes themselves as "Nothing but a being of malice and misery" and "I'm a mean, vindictive, arrogant know-it-all. Be warned".
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  3. Boomotang

    I'm going to make a wild leap here and assume that you understand how to go to a website other than https://forums.station.sony.com/ps2/...

    You don't need any additional software or hardware to go to reddit or their twitter accounts. You don't even have to signup and make any new logins. Get over yourself.

    I'm sure that SOE employees can legally say a lot more on accounts that aren't officially affiliated with SOE too.
  4. Shanther

    You're adorable cupcake. I'm sure you take everything people say seriously.
    Any posts anywhere are a courtesy, people would be well advised to learn and understand that fact. Just because these are the offical forums doesn't mean they are required to actually post and respond here. To bring up a point again, this forum is horribly toxic and reddit provides a vastly better platform for interaction because of how reddit works.
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  5. BiggggBRIM

    The moment you resort to name calling is the moment you cease to have an argument. Please try to have a civil discussion with the rest of us.
  6. MajiinBuu

    There is an official Planetside 2 forums?! :eek:
  7. UberBonisseur

    Reddit is a **********
    Content dies within 24h on reddit
    Formatting is on reddit dates from the 20th century
    Reddit is a **********

    Look how 90% of the discussions on the forum front page are balance discussion. There's no "balance" thread. Carbine Balance, Aircraft Balance, MBT balance, you name it. STICKY THREADS. The forum flood could be drastically reduced with 20 minutes of efficient moderation per day

    In the end, I don't give a ****, because I gave into reddit anyway. But just looking at the massive irony when SOE devs complain about the new Reddit layout makes me want to laugh. Or cry.
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  8. Shanther

    It is funny you bring up the fact Reddit is a **********. I suggest you look at these forums, they are vastly worse. I don't know about you but formatting is super easy for me , then again I use RES. The only content that really dies with in 24 hours is contenet that has run its course. Unlike here where things get nerco'd all the time.

    These sorts of thread end up on Reddit as well, sometimes they result in decent discussion sometimes they do not. There was a thread posted yesterday about the Lancer being OP, it went no where because there was no evidence provided and there was little to no discussion.

    The massive irony your claim was actually 100% sarcasm and done as a joke. They were poking fun at the fact people do the same thing to them.
  9. UberBonisseur

    It does really suck though. They want a Planetside-themed discussion board ?

    Here it is.
  10. Shanther

  11. Ronin Oni

    Most studios are leaving behind the relic known as "official forums"

    They have them, to allow for players to talk to EACH OTHER and for the devs to post MAJOR updates (like major patch update notes, etc)

    But devs on the whole, across the industry, are flocking to twitter and reddit.

    Don't like it?

    To bad, it's not your decision.
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  12. Ronin Oni

    Can I like this 100 times please?

    These forums are just a place for players to have heated discussions that go on for weeks, and then get necrod back up 4 months later.
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  13. Ronin Oni

    Except there's a LOT of response from SOE...

    just not HERE.

    This isn't the place for it. This is the place to talk with OTHER PLAYERS for long, painful 17 page threads going back and forth how Air is OP, no AA is, no Tanks spamming spawn rooms is, etc etc et al.

    Want to talk to Devs?

    Use Reddit or Twitter.

    It's not a complicated thing here.

    They STILL DO READ THE FORUMS... they just don't talk much here. Everytime they do the thread devolves into chos anyways.

    D_Carey has started doing some Q&A on the forums though, incredibly recent even!

    Yet, of course, there's NO interaction here AT ALL right?

    I swear every day these forums make me feel more and more like abandoning this place for good.
  14. Allin

    Do you see the irony of it, considering the thread subject, you are telling me how to post, when you bash my opinion about devs presence on the forums? So, let me reposn in your own words.
    So, you tell me to do something for you, while telling me I can't ask someone else the same? Comedy Gold here...

    I'm going to take a wild leap here and assme there is a food you don't like, like liver or kidneys or Haggis, you know what I mean. Why don't you eat it? I guess you know how to put food in your mouth? What would be the answer to that? Do you go to restaurants with food you don't like, because it happens to be the closest one?

    You are acting like fanboy kids, blind to any arguemnt and only posting "don't like it, leave", or "too bad ;("
    You are acting like minors.

    Next time in your life, when you will think something is not as you prefere, just bend over and accept. This is your mentality, not all people are like that. Ignore everything you think is of value, becasue someone says so.

    And who the **** are you to tell me what to think, if your only argument is "because I say so"?
    Honestly why do I even care, arguing with people raised in belief that obedience is golden.
  15. Shanther

    The funny thing is quoting me like that actually requires more work then quoting me so I am notified of the quote. You are willing to do that extra work but you are too lazy to go to reddit. Cool. News flash their is more then one place of communication these days,

    You entire argument for Devs' to post here is "because I say so."

    Hey guess what, there are new Red Dot scopes coming ;)
  16. Allin

    As is yours. See my point now? Your opinion does not have any value, as does mine - both are equally meaningless. Thing is, I act because I see it as beneficial to have developers active on their flagship, you are against it, becasue you just deny that. You would lose nothing if it were my way. You could still use YOUR favourite media.

    You are against it, just to be against it.

    That's my point.

    It's ok you prefere different way of quoting. I used mine from the time when HTML was considered black magic, so I kinda got a habit. You can use yours, I have nothing against it. Do you see how it works, people talking other way than "no, do that my way"? Nobody is asking for abandoning reddit and twiter.
  17. Shanther

    And you lose nothing by going to reddit to find info. See how that works.

    I'm super excited for the updated red dot scopes.
  18. Allin

    Well I would have to be rude to a rude response, so I let it be, and as I said, no point preaching colours to the blind.
  19. Shanther

    I'm going to love the new aligned and small red dots. Also the Valk is getting some buffs this week. Oh the wonders of Reddit.
  20. Allin

    I will have those things avaiable the same time you will. Oh the wonders of same game client.
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