SOE, before you overbuff/nerf everything

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Caserion, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Caserion

    ...Let us think very clearly. We don't have to overdo it...again.

    First the NC MAX

    -the riot shield needs something more that enables it to do more than just stand there and get hit. Why not enable one arm that can still fire. On this way the NC MAX gets his shield while not being invincible. It will stay slow, which causes it to be easier to evade and the shield can be depleted.

    How can you use it?

    -attacking a heavy assault with a rocket launcher
    -confront a tank directly
    -staying safe from attacks from the air while still being enabled to use one burster.

    It wouldn't be OP because the shield can be depleted and you're easily flankable. Together with reduced effectiveness trough speed and one gun less.

    *on a side not, make the shield longer, this will enable other people to stand behind your shield too! Very handy to cover your medics and your wounded*

    -the weapon which i will call ''phoenixes on a MAX'' is fine for it's damage, but please make it less effective against infantry. Right now killing infantry with them is way too effective and about people complaining about it's damage and effectiveness, don't listen to them, it's fine

    the TR MAX


    Oh boy, here we go. I think it should stay as it is, now before you attack me NC and VS brutes, let me explain why. Just as the NC MAX you cannot move, making you an easy target. Even more important, you cannot look behind you. If you get flanked from behind you're toast. (though, increase the time to un-lockdown). Sure, dual bursters with the deploy is effective, but also easy to take care of: fly past the AA MAX or flank it. It's that easy. Also remember, this is lockdown 4, just think about how much certs you have to spend to get rank 4 lockdown...

    VS MAX

    -lancer pistols (starfire)

    Only one problem with these things: accuracy. Mkae it have pin-point accuracy. It's the lancers strength so why remove it. Pretty sure everyone can agree with that change.


    Needs to deal more damage and be enabled to actually hit something. I'm sure those are just some tweak things so not so afraid of that staying for long.

    One thing that would be nice however is more AOE damage, a in:

    -targets hit by the flames will receive 50 damage a second for 5 seconds
    -areas that got burned by the flamethrowers deal damage if you stand on them, these burning patches stay for 7 seconds and deal 25 damage a second

    *those numbers still need some tweaking of course*

    Got suggestions yourself, thought my thinking process was too biased towards one faction, please let me know.
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  2. Hosp

    You know...this is a test server forum.
  3. Caserion

    aren't these weapons on test then?
  4. Hosp

    Part of testing is over/under doing stuff. Telling them not to means it's not being fully tested.
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  5. Caserion

    I'm just warning them to not make the weapons too effective/weak when they actually launch by showing them what little changes they should make
  6. Hosp

    Or what?
  7. Caserion

    or things might get unbalanced? I'm just giving them some fair advice of what they should change. If they take my advice, great. If they don't take it, fine, it's their game.

    I'm not sitting here like: ''SOE, do this or i'll quit the game''. i'm just hoping to make it better so it's enjoyable for all and we aren't going to fix any problems if we do not discuss them.

    I'm sorry if the title was a little misleading or disrespectfull, which it was not meant to do.
  8. Hosp

    There ya go. Carry on.
  9. sLoP0101

    Another part of testing is feedback. I thought it was a very sensible set of suggestions. Although I am unable to play in test, I hope lockdown isnt nerfed too much. As you said, there is quite an easy counter for it. And NC mos def need a bigger shield.
  10. Hosp

    Feedback =/= telling people how to do their job. Particularly before they do anything.
  11. sLoP0101

    Feedback = suggestions based on observation.

    Seems like he was doing just that.
  12. Caserion

    where did i ever say they should do their job differently? I simply said what i thought worked and what had to change and asked them to be carefull nerfing/buffing certain things, if i would tell them how to do their i would be complaining about their job, not their products. Also, in the end, SOE isn't perfect just like you and me, thus why can't i critisize it?
  13. Hosp

    "I'm sorry if the title was a little misleading or disrespectfull, which it was not meant to do."

    You caught yourself there after i pried it out of you.

    You don't, or maybe don't care to, realize i wasn't on him about his suggestions. But his approach. To many people losing their minds about what's on the test server. There's more than enough people losing it in the general section.

    [not directed toward anyone]Overall, settle down, be polite, and give your 2 cents as much as you want. But don't lose it, sound like an entitled 12 y/o, and whine whine whine because in the end, it's still just a test.
  14. sLoP0101

    I suppose his approach didn't bother me. So i was surprised at your comment.
  15. Caserion

    i did apologize, but not because i gave my opinion about things that i thought should be changed, but because i felt sorry that you felt like i was meaning something different than what i meant.

    I really don't see what is so hurtfull about my approach, i didn't feel like SOE owed me something nor did i express that. I was just simply reffering to earlier changes where certain nerfed abilities got nerfed way too much, else these mistakes would continue to occur.

    Now let's please end this discussion, we get it. I approached (according to you) as someone that feels entitled to these changes, as if i was their superior, but in the end i was just showing and explaining my opinion about the current state of the weapons in the test server and that is why i made this discussion...

    Not to talk about what you felt while you were reading what i wrote.
  16. EvilNinjadude

    I like these suggestions. We'd put them in the suggestions thread, but since this is more relevant to the test server, this is an excellent place to put it. Also agree that Flamethrowers need to be quite different from Scattercannons in as many ways as possible, making fiery flames of fire cover the floor sounds like on way to do it.

    Hosp, if people want to give feedback and are asked to give feedback you let them give feedback. I'd be fine with someone telling me "Try X weapon! It's good!" I wouldn't shout at them for telling me what to do, I'd take the suggestion on board. I hope SOE will do the same.
  17. Eclipson

    I'm not sure about the being able to shoot while using a riot sheild. This wouldn't be bad on the VS or TR as a single cycler isn't that good. Not until you get two, but a single shotgun is still effective. You could just waltz into a room with your sheild up and take out everyone. Honestly though, they are taking this Max update waaaaaaaaaaay to far. Max suits are going to be insane. I'm so glad they pushed this thing back.
  18. Revanmug

    It actually would be the opposite. With the shield up, you can't run. If a MAX can't run, he will easily be outrun and outmaneuver which is devastating for a shotgun user. That is not the case for a medium range weapon aka cycler where you can simply stay safe at distance which will also make sure nobody can flank him.

    Seriously, Riot shield is completly useless right now. It is small, slow to bring up, weak, Guns aren't realoding while it is up and it doesn't help you move forward since people are still alive and murdering you and your friend up front or on the side.

    Charge give me a close gap to finish up people, either escaping or simply staying a range giving them little chance of escape. It also can be use as a way to save your live if you jump in the fray and leave after unloading your scatters.

    Taking riot over charge is stupid. Ask 2-3 engineers to repair you if you want to tank damage while also having both gun free to possibly murder those opponents.
  19. Caserion

    aren't MAXes supposed to be insane though? I mean, they cost 100 infantry resources and all you have to do to kill them is keep running through the MAX. something is wrong when one guy can take out a MAX...
  20. Caserion

    True, i'm hoping it will play out differently when you can actually use it in the Test server. From what it looks like it's pretty weak, but it doesn't have to be that way in the actual way.

    Still wondering if the MAX shield can actually be made useful, even with buffs...