So ZOE Getting nerfed because OP? Then nerf Scats and Fractures.

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  1. Shockwave44

    Fixed it for you.

    NC Aegis Shield

    - Disadvantages:
    • Inability to use weapons
    • Shield doesn't cover the entire front
    • Slower movement
    - Advantages:
    • Receives no frontal damage 10,000hp shield
    • No delay during activation and deactivation Takes half a second to raise the shield
    • Can reload and guide rockets with the shield up
    TR Lockdown mode:

    - Disadvantages:
    • Can't move Can't walk
    • Reduced field of fire 180 degree turning radius
    • Delay during activation and deactivation 2 second delay for activation and deactivation
    - Advantages:
    • Increased damage output No increase in damage (You don't even know your own MAX)
    • Increased RoF
    • Increased reload speed
    • Increased projectile speed
    VS ZOE module:

    - Disadvantages:
    • Receives more damage Takes 20% more damage
    • Glows bright pink
    • Engineer can't keep up
    - Advantages:
    • Increased movement speed 2kph faster
    • Increased damage output One less bullet to kill when fully certed into
    • Increased RoF No RoF increase
    • No delay during activation and deactivation
  2. zib1911

    The only emotion I feel is anger for trying to talk to someone who just doesn't seem to get the point, you talk circles to feel smart but your just pointless. I am done talking to morons.
  3. Artoriusaurus Rex deny that your vehicles, including your MAX, all have one or more of the following either by default or via their TR ability:

    Superior movement speed, superior firing speed, superior projectile speed, and/or superior reload speed?


    I'm not BSing you. I don't see what the point in that would be. I saw it happen. If you don't believe me, that's not my problem. Oh, and if you're going to quote me, use my exact words.

    But I also don't see what the problem is if our MAX ability is defensive instead of offensive, because it definitely fits the flavor of the NC. And what's wrong with it being a little harder to use?

    The ability is there, like I mentioned before, to close the distance where those scattercannons aren't effective. That's how the NC works. Our vehicle/MAX abilities let us close the distance to deliver the knock-out punch.

    And if you're walking into 5 HAs with rockets and C4 by yourself, well, can you really say you expected the shield to let you beat them all?
  4. Hands Down

    If you wish to have an argument then provide one. You are talking about bias while, quite obviously, being biased yourself. Got it?
  5. Jrv

    Nah, see...I wrote out an incredibly long post, and you responded in a short post basically saying "no u." You've legitimately contributed nothing to this conversation other than stating that you disagree and claiming that I'm bias without any sort of examples or evidence or anything. You haven't countered any points I've made, you're just being contrarian for the sake of being contrarian. Empty blabbering like that isn't worth a proper response.
  6. Rhapsody


    ZOE is getting 'nerfed' because they cant fix their easily broken hit-box detection. Its not even really getting 'nerfed' as you STILL have your forward and backward walking speed kept the same You can STILL flip it on and off at will with no cooldown or activation/deactivation time. All their doing is removing some of the 'side-to-side' strafing bonus. Again, because they cant fix their easily broken client-side-hitbox.

    A 'real' and 'needed' nerf to the ZOE is one that:

    1. Gives it a cooldown so its not a on/off light switch
    2. Give it a 'charge' like the HA's shield, Medic's AOE heal, and LA's jump-pack.

    One or both of these are the REAL nerf that is needed.

    As for the Fracture.. All it needs is the Damage it does to Infantry cut down by 1/2. Currently its to good against BOTH AI and AV.
  7. Rhapsody

    Fixed your Fix.... :p

    Damage output is not purely damage per bullet, but Damage per bullet + rate of fire (and a more 'exact' one would be ( (ROF + Damage) - Reload Time ) ). So an Increase in ROF DOES increase damage output. As any weapon that fires at 500rpm, doing 100 damage per bullet will have a LOWER overall Damage Output then one that fires at 700rpm doing the same 100 damage per bullet. And the faster reload speed also adds to the total damage output as your have a lower 'no-damage' time during reloads.
  8. TeknoBug

    It did exist, if you wouldn't be saying that if you were a part of the PTS focus test phases a few weeks ago, devs toned down the strafe speed but it's still pretty fast for ADAD'ers. The delay between direciton change is needed.
    My reaction to your comment:
  9. TeknoBug

  10. Shockwave44

    Assuming you land every shot or hit anyone at all and you know what happens when you assume...
  11. Shockwave44

    They toned it down because they were just too fast, had nothing to do with warping. They could run almost as fast as a stock lightning.

    Oh and btw, you still have no proof.
  12. Rhapsody

    All statistics when dealing with 'possible' damage outputs are generally based off a 'perfect situation'. Show me a single weapons manufacturer that states "Our weapon has a total damage output of 500rpm. Assuming you can aim well enough to land every shot on your target and can keep the barrel from melting from heat long enough to fire those 500 rounds at one time."
  13. Hands Down


    First, I choose on a purpose how much time I wish to waste on creatures like you. Meaning, I have no intention to comment every single word you type.

    Second, the fact that you wrote "incredibly long post" does not make it into a good argument by default - whatever your mind may fancy at times.

    Third, by your signature, you proudly show the world that you play and support NC - and there is nothing wrong there. However, your character being NC and you saying "Scatmaxes aren't OP, anyone who says so is blinded by faction bias." is a joke of a statement at best. I happily pointed that out.

    Finally, I have no intention to continue entertaining you. Obviously, you are free to believe what you will. Enjoy.
  14. Jrv

    Well that's two pointless posts in a row from you. Believe me, the feeling is mutual.
  15. Jonesing25

    Lol, Hell yeah ZOE max is getting the nerf bat. The only reason VS still use infantry (on Matherson at least) is to take points. ZOE is like a NC hack max with a speed hack.

    I will enjoy the tears from the Nerf.
  16. EnviousCipher

    Scatmaxes aren't OP

    <- TR
  17. BarxBaron

    Same for the falcon.

    Hell same for both NC/VS new Enforcer and Saron ATs. Close up power near the vulcan, ranged power nearly the same if you don't hold down the button, and 1 shot inf power of a tank gun. But that's for another thread.