So ZOE Getting nerfed because OP? Then nerf Scats and Fractures.

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  1. Slaidd

    AFTER it's release? They were whining for a nerf BEFORE it was even released.
  2. Slaidd

    Sorry, but lockdown + fracs IS OP.
  3. MilitiaMan

    Again, if you stand still.

    Bursters/Cosmos/Comet + ZOE IS OP also...
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  4. Slaidd

    It's not about standing still. You can be mobile, you can be moving all over the place, if you're anywhere in the firing arc of a locked down frac max, you're going to die.
  5. LonelyTerran

    Ravens would need decreased infantry damage as well then.
  6. Kidz

    Feel lucky, Vortex is not even effective against idiots that stand still.
  7. Dis

  8. llPendragon

    They are shotguns. S-H-O-T-G-U-N-S!!!
    Why the he|| is this so hard for people to understand?!?!
  9. ih8Darian

    LOL, and your point is? 60 IS NOT 75. You are so wrong that you tried to cover up not knowing the real ammo size (you didn't even talk about extended mags when you were making the post anyways) that you posted videos THAT DOESN'T SHOW THAT BLUESHIFTS HAVE 75 AMMO.
  10. Seranov

    You keep talking, but I'm not seeing any proof for these silly claims.

    A Lockdown Fracture Max has to find these mythical places to put himself in where he can rain death on unsuspecting (read: bad) infantry that, for whatever reason, have no ability to shoot back at him, flank him, or do anything besides charge headfirst into his guns. Which, in large enough numbers, would actually work. Fractures only have about 10 rounds in the magazine, iirc, and it takes 4 out of the 20 rounds a double Fracture Max has to deal with a single infantryman. After 5 dead infantrymen (assuming he hasn't missed any of his shots, which will certainly happen in the chaos of battle) he has to reload, which leaves him completely vulnerable to rockets, AV/conc/flash grenades, small arms fire and all of the other assorted methods for killing a Max.

    So, no.
  11. treeHamster

    We've been saying this for a month now, since Fractures and Ravens were released. They're both stupidly effective against infantry (Fracture more than Ravens but still) and both need to lose the AoE crap.
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  12. Fenrisk

    Then Comets need big fat nerfs since they have a time to kill against infantry of 0.00 while fractures have 0.75+
    Comets have much higher damage per second then fractures
    Comets kill tanks faster then fractures
    Comets have no bullet drop

    By the way. Rate of fire, Mag size and reload time are just stats to control damage per second. none of them stats matter in any way shape or form. All that matters is damage per second and time to kill and Comets beat fractures in both them areas.

    Fractures and Ravens are in line with Comets. Anyone saying otherwise is throwing their toys out the pram in a bitter rage over their over powered ZOE getting a ADAD nerf that isn't even a nerf to 99% of that ability. The Vanu throwing a rage party over this change are making themselves look bad.

    Did TR rage and cry for nerfs of the other factions over the mercy damage nerf? Nope.

    The fact is Lock Down and NC shield are both highly situational to the point its useless in 90% of fights. ZOE is great for Offensive AND defence in 90% of battles as they can use it to dodge rockets, C4, Nades and get into cover to avoid fire while using the damage boost to kill infantry faster. Much faster if you use comets as you only need 2 hits. How the hell is ZOE balanced when you consider all of that and the fact max's were balanced on being slow?
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  13. SolidSnake

    Sure, but they'd need increased bullet speed or more AV damage if that's the case. It's a hell of a lot easier to hit tanks with Fracture rounds, specially if you have lockdown deployed than it is with Ravens. Yes, you can guide Ravens a bit, but their slow bullet speed makes it so you can't compensate quickly enough for vehicle movement.
  14. Roarboar

    Agreed, give all NC max shotguns 50 % more range but reduce their damage by 75 % to make them balanced. The damage they currently do is just hilarious, when I say to cut the damage by 75 % im being generous really.
  15. loleator


    Using av weapons against tanks + lockdown
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  16. EclipsedTerror

    Fracture do almost nothing for AoE damage...
  17. Kon

    Pretty Much this, you cant nerf the Scats to be on PAR with other maxes in CQC because they willl be utterly useless @ anything over 5m well they pretty much are atm but still, ive said this since beta Scats are unable to be balanced, they should just remove them from the game and rework NC to have weapons like the other factions on their max

    wouldn't even have to change the models and even if they did all they would have to do is bring the barrels closer to each other . give them LMG style firing like other maxes would be easier to balance and then no faction has instagib OHK max. everyone should be happy
  18. Artoriusaurus Rex

    Oh, gee, I dunno, maybe because it increases your weapon speed? You have the fastest tank and fastest ESF in the game. On that tank and on the MAX, you can also sacrifice movement speed to shift speed into your weapons themselves.

    So yeah, speed is a TR trait.

    The mobility is the VS faction trait. And being a faction trait, the VS MAX is not disqualified. Especially when exchange is increased frailty.

    Oh, but the gain is greater than the loss in most situations? Yeah. That's what an ability is supposed to do when used correctly. Wow.

    Power includes toughness. Hence Vanguard shield. Nobody in the NC complains about the Vanguard shield.

    Ever seen a group of NC MAXes making a shield wall while others fire from behind them? If that is not power, my friend, I don't know what is.

    That's what the NC's all about, we don't have the speedy vehicles, or the floating tank (which, by the way, I opposed nerfing, because mobility is the VS trait), or the mobile MAX, or the tank that can fire a volley every 1.5 seconds.

    But, in exchange, our faction vehicles have a wind-up punch that while a bit more difficult to pull off, will hit the other factions like a freight train when we make it connect. And those vehicles' abilities allow us to pull off that knock-out punch.

    The Vanguard shield, to outlast the other factions and land those power-shots.

    The Aegis shield, to close the distance on a MAX that is unmatched in close quarters, as well as provide lasting power for the team.

    Even the Reaver, with its superior afterburners, allows us to close the distance and make those shots with the Vortek and the M-30 Mustang, which hit extremely hard, but have less effective range.


    Let me expand on the asymmetrical balance I mentioned:

    The TR is about using speed to gain a superior position with which to then dig in and unload massive firepower.

    The VS is about outmanuevering the enemy to make their offensive power count for nothing.

    The NC is about being so damn tough as to shrug off enemy firepower, then get up in their face and just destroy them.
  19. zib1911

    So we can sacrifice our advantage over other classes to lock down and lose all of our benefits? you think this is fine that it synergizes well? Your snippy little post makes it sound like its all working as intended, we give up our faction bonus to use our special abilities, and don't tell me that rate of fire is a TR thing because that just isn't true.

    Personally I can give a **** about ZOE, I just don't like the way that all of you arguing about ZOE are just gaffing off the fact that the TR is the only faction that has to give up its racial for its ES vehicles, except the mossie.

    VS- mobility, ES tank and MAX have the best, their abilities increase their faction trait.

    NC- Armor, ES tank has the most armor, and MAX's can use a shield, as well as the their tank.

    TR- Rate of fire and speed. They get rate of fire that is not the fastest of all 3 factions, and they get lockdown, so for us to be able to use our Faction ability we give up our faction trait. Please tell me if you think thats ok with out your little smart *** comments trying to blow it off as not a big deal. Our faction trait is ******* stupid because we lose it to use our faction ability.
  20. Qaz

    You keep saying this, but it's been pointed out to you specifically that there are massive differences in average kills per hour. The stats indicate that fractures get around 17.5 per hour while comets get around 10.5. Check for verification.

    I've also explained to you why this is the case, yet you're still spouting the same crap. Comets aren't even close to the AI power of fractures and they won't ever be. Asking for ZOE nerfs is ok, just don't be a hypocrite about your own damn equipment.