[Guide] So you've just joined Emerald NC...

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  1. Wheat-Os

    Big mistake. But wait, don't delete your character just yet, you can still find some gold buried among the dirt. As a low-ranking NC, you'll be taking some of the worst abuse the community has to offer. Even your own superiors will view you as garbage due for the landfill, and will certainly treat you that way. I'm here to list all my mistakes, so you won't have to suffer as I did.

    1. Pick your name carefully.

    I simply typed in the first name of someone I knew, then the last name of someone else. It was all joking, until I accidentally hit Enter. I didn't want to delete my character, and I couldn't afford to change it, so I'm stuck with it. Believe it or not, this is the thing you'll get harassed the least about.

    2. Ignore your superiors unless being given instruction

    I'm not advocating insubordination, quite the opposite in fact. However, don't try to impress Wisdomcubes and the like, they will never see you as anything more than a tool to be used and thrown away. Take it from me, I used to follow his orders like a butler, only to find myself the only one there, and then receive an earful of abuse. That being said, don't be a baby about it. Don't try to defend yourself, don't talk back, take it through gritted teeth and continue on, he'll shut up eventually.

    More to come
  2. BlueSkies

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  3. Wheat-Os

    One more thing....

    Ignore the other two factions, they are actively trying to get you to rage quit. The TR in particular seem to get way into the politics of the faction, so in edition to taunting you about how much better they're doing, they'll consistently be mocking you for your faction choice.

    Some things the TR have called me:
    • Hillbilly
    • Conservative
    • KKK
    • Redneck
    • Corporate scum
    • Whiny Teenager
    • White Trash
    • Racist
    • Homophobe
    • **** (Go figure)
    • All other more common insults (Scrub, noob, n00b, etc)
    Again, ignore them, and whatever you do, don't taunt back. Don't let it get to you either, they probably don't actually think you are any of these, and it may just be mudslinging. Remember; they're only like this because they're anonymous.
  4. TheMish

    I've seen sooooooooooooo much worse from the VS here.

    Some of them need to be sent to Antarctica, or Siberia.

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  5. Thpthpthp

    It's okay OP, we've all been hurt before. Just get it all out, even big soldiers cry sometimes.
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  6. PurpleOtter

    ...pick up that can citizen!
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  7. TheShrapnelKing

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  8. Wheat-Os

    I think I made a horrible mistake
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  9. TheShrapnelKing

    With this thread or your faction choice?
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  10. Veph

    I find being called that stuff rather amusing, but it's always just spandex stuff for us Vanu. Call me something original!
    Regardless we'll shove that enlightenment right up your rear if you don't choose the path of wisdom.

    Yes, I think so too. You can't explain how to common sense.
  11. Vango

    In the mean time the smart guys are all riding the purple unicorn on Miller.
  12. IvanCGray

    Here's a better hint for new players; Wisdoncube is no one's superior. Mute and block him, and you'll have a more enjoyable game experience.
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  13. Krayus_Korianis

    Communist = For the people...

    Isn't NC for the people's freedom? That would make the NC Communist.
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  14. TheShrapnelKing

    Communist = total equality, in your case enforced by that bastard Waterson.

    Since people won't be equal left on their own, it has to be enforced by a totalitarian regime. There's no freedom there.
  15. Ballto21

    I wish i could talk in big purple letters....
  16. Ballto21

    There is only freedom in giant plasma disco parties.
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  17. TheMish

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  18. TheShrapnelKing

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  19. IvanCGray

    Terrans are fascists, not communists.
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  20. Veph

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