So, will TR be seeing any actual updates?

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  1. Stargazer86

    I mean, don't get me wrong, the updated Lynx and MCG are nice, and a new weapon is always neat, even if it isn't quite what we wanted, but... these don't really seem like a 'faction update' to me. Is there more stuff coming down the line? Maybe some tweaking of our horrible horizontal recoil? Or adjusting our long reload times? Reworking gun accuracy? Giving us 20 bullets instead of 10 to compensate for any of these? You know, actual broad changes that effect how we play? Anything? If you want to work in incremental steps, that's fine too. We don't need a ton of alterations dumped on us all at once, but a little something would be nice.

    Or maybe you could address some of the long-standing problems TR have had? Lockdown being the worst MAX ability, the Striker having been nerfed into uselessness, the Vulcan/Maurader being bleh... that sort of stuff? And the new sounds are neat, but how about sprucing up our mediocre weapon designs? Giving them a bit more flare and making them look unique instead of carbon copies of each other?

    As it stands, I don't know, this update doesn't feel like much of an update to me. The other factions are getting new carbines too, which is fine, but that pretty much narrows TR content down to 2 weapon revamps, new audio, and a Prowler nerf.
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  2. Aesir

    You know what, I'm starting to believe that the April Update is a giant, way to late Aprils Fools ... especially for NC, since all we get are nerfs with the only exception of that new Carbine, which is practically a Mercenary, it adds nothing to our Arsenal and the buff to the C85 Modified ... which still nobody will use.

    They even nerf our Viper Lightning, of which we use more than anybody else!

    You think only the TR have a bad update? I would argue it's a universally bad update for all three factions!
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  3. NoctD

    I'm just waiting to see the full release notes and list of nerfs incoming. At least we can all batten down the hatches and adjust as needed for the next few months till they decide to do yet another balance patch/nerf. Which I suspect we might see towards Oct/Nov.

    Want it done and over already.
  4. Ronin Oni

    VS are also getting hit hard. The Saron nerf is going to kill our Mags. An AV Maggie will be nearly useless against Inf.

    We use Viper's a lot too for that matter.... only TR didn't really use them because... dbl barrel prowler :p

    They really really really seem to want us equipping AI secondaries on our MBT's. I'm just waiting for the Halberd nerf to no longer OHK non-flak infantry (Flak can save them already anyways) and remove 90% of it's already meager splash.
  5. Blarg20011

    Yep, seems like they want vehicles to specialize as much as possible, while still letting nearly every infantry class be a jack of all trades.
  6. Aesir

    Post PU02 Stats say that the NC pull over 20% more Lightning than either the TR or VS, which are actually very even. Of those Lightnings we also have a significantly greater usage of the Viper and HE. Mainly because the Vanguard is bad as an AI platform. NC pulls the lowest amounts of AP and HEAT Lightnings ...

    TR pull more MBTs than either the NC or VS, by roughly what they pull less Lightnings. Also, less than 10% of those Prowlers use gunners ... which is why the Vanguard Halberd has slightly more kills than the Prowler Halberd ... despite the NC actually heavily using Enforcers ... VS uses half that amount of Halberds than everybody else.

    The stats actually really tell that the NC pull Vanguards as AV platforms and Lightnings as AI platforms and our AI platform get's nerfed ... the Viper nerf is more of an NC nerf than anything they do to the Vanguard ...

    I did say it's a universally bad patch for everybody ...
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  7. Maljas23

    I don't think the April update is completely on the test server yet. We still don't have the much talked about Striker revamp yet so..
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  8. Aesir

    Or were even able to setup AV Mana Turrets, because there is no ACE Tool on the Engineer for some odd reason ... which hasn't exactly been explained to us.

    My concern is that the Tank changes seem to be final enough that they actually turn them into patch notes ... meaning they will go live in that form, no matter what we say.
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  9. OldMaster80

    To be 100% honest they're not nerfing the Viper: they're restoring the inital values of this weapon. It had been buffed during PU02 on 17th December without any reason. No had ever asked to buff the Viper but devs did it anyway, if you read the PU02 patch notes thread at a certain point some players asked devs why they were buffing the Viper, as it was already pretty effective.
    Then they suddenly saw the light and decided to go back to previous setup.
  10. Aesir

    They are not restoring the old valaues, they are significantly nerfing it below those. You are however right that nobody asked for the AV buff with PU02 ...

    The old stats of the Viper for about a year game time was 475 direct and 550 indirect damage. Than came PU02 were they did the following ...

    And now they are nuking the entire thing with this ...

    Showing that SOE has no idea on what to do with Tanks ... time and time again ...
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  11. OldMaster80

    Well yeah I think They Sometimes play with numbers just too see what happens without knowing the effect.
  12. Stargazer86

    It just feels like they have no direction. They adjust stuff no one asked them to, give us stuff no one asked for, and then appear to ignore what we actually want. I understand that you can't always give the players everything they clamor for, but you still need some sort of coherent focus as to what you produce.
  13. Aesir

    Not to go to off topic with the Viper subject ...

    Don't get the stats I posted to wrong, they probably are restoring the 475 effective AV damage with the nerf down to 345(can't say for sure, dunno the exact modifier) but they can't compensate back to OHK by adjusting it's splash again ...

    There are two options SOE should have taken, either turn it into an AV weapon(thus only nerfing splash) or into an AI weapon(thus taking the modifier off the weapon and nerf splash radius even more, maybe add a Saron Style cone to it)

    But both AV and AI nerf at the same time just cripples the weapon entirely ...
  14. Goretzu

    Remember the patch that supposedly "buffed" the NC (PU2) basically only very mildy buffed the GD-7F and AC-X11, almost nothing else was actually buffed (and many things were nerfed as well), it was TR/VS overperforming weapons that were reduced, not NC underperforming weapons that were buffed.

    I think anyone expecting this patch to return the 2013 TR "Reign of Terror" is probably being rather hopeful, the Devs seem to be being pretty careful with balance.
  15. Tommyp2006

    For as much as they were talking up this big "balance update" I was expecting it to be bigger.
  16. Pikachu

    No change to striker is very surprising. Maybe they dont know what to do with it. Nobody liked the idea anyway of just another omni-lock-on ML that cant dumbfire.
  17. DevDevBooday

    TR are mostly disappointed because we have alot of broken gear that isnt being properly addressed.

    Vulcan is STILL broken
    Nothing has been even attempted at the Marauder yet (still broken)
    Lockdown (decreasing lockdown time, doesnt change the fact that its still useless, devs havent listened)
    MCG (instead of buffing or changing the MCG from just being a sucky LMG with spin up they just added a sidegrade. a sidegrade to suck is STILL suck, devs havent listened)
    Lynx change (yaaaaaaay one thing they got right)

    Enforcer and Saron nerf....
    Everyone, including NC and VS wanted a Prowler Vulcan buff, it wasnt even a viable weapon.
    So what does SOE do? Slightly decreases its cone by about 1/8th and then nerfs the other AV secondaries.
    I HAVE NEVER SEEN A SINGLE HUMAN who asked for a Saron and Enforcer nerf rather than a proper Vulcan buff.
    Where did SOE get this from?

    TR are disappointed because we are aware we are the suck faction atm.
    And we were hysterically happy that we would get changes that would make our ES stuff an actual alternative to superior NS gear.
    But alas.

    To NC.
    Your new carbine doesnt fill a niche because your carbine selection is already full.
    You have 143 damage weapons, 167 and even 200 damage guns.
    Also 200 damage guns are the NC trait, not 167.
    The main reason they brought in the new carbine is because TR only had six 143 damage guns and none of anything else.
    So no they dont really fill any niches, your niches are already filled.
    The Enforcer clip nerf is probably the least costly. Put it this way, it got nerfed, you survived without any real changes. Its clip goes from 10 to 8 reason being no doubt is you could 1 clip any MBT in tandem with maingun. probably still can even now.
    Shield nerf: It went from 8 to 6, which sucks sure but 6 seconds added to your TTK is still going to win you any 1v1 fight. Plus it has the added benefit of starting its recharge 2 seconds earlier than before. Alot of the time the shield cracked at around 6 seconds anyway. Its going to be impossible to crack it now we only have 6 seconds total.

    To VS.
    Saron: I honestly dont see the problem with this, yeah it sucks but it is an AV weapon, not AI, plus its splash does damage within 1 meter so spamming will actually work better now. I think it was done to stop you sniping infiltrators etc. Everyone knows that Saron HRB is the great everything gun. It wont change much. The change 'killing the gun' is a bit ludicrous. When its damaged is halved and it recieves a 95% range nerf, then you might have a case (like with the Vulcan) and even we cant get an actual buff for it.

    As for Viper, I think the changes were needed, no one really pulled anything else and it literally was better in EVERY way to HEAT rounds and HE rounds. range might be harsh we have yet to see but it was needed.

    We rabble, we argue, we put forward ideas and time and time again, SOE still consistently 'miss' and hit us all with nonsense that no one saw coming (apart from viper)
  18. Levtech

    You do realize this is not Terranside2. There are other factions (also NS) and game mechanics to worry about right now and you should be thankful that your faction even got some love. I would really like a lot of NC stuff to be changed but I've learned to live with it.