So who else got banned for the stealth lib glitch?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by sagolsun, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. Blothgar

    I just got a little fired up there, I don't want you or me to sue anyone :)

    I agree with your last statement, one gets the feeling of you being "guilty, untill proved otherwise - and we won't look at any proof". A classical example of circle arguementation.

  2. SniperFodder

    Maybe Sony just is but hurt that a user is better at QAing their game than they are :p
  3. Eyeklops

    LOL, yea, remove ALL it's weapons. I remember a different dev team that released a cloaking aircraft with a single front mounted machine gun, even that had to be removed because of abuse.
  4. sagolsun

    What are you referring to? Any specific game in mind?
  5. Serpent808

    You may think it's cool, but on the opposite end, it's annoying to see a liberator disappear while you are shooting at it. I've had the displeasure of seeing one disappear infront of me while in a double-burster, MAX suit. In addition, I have even seen a light assault (NC) jump off a wraith, and disappeared while the wraith-flash enabled cloak. There was no silhouette traces of either the flash-wraith or the NC light assault around, fleeing from me in my Magrider with the supernova VPC with thermo scopes.

    I don't think you should be rewarded for having an unfair advantage over everybody else. The ban placed on you was just. On the other hand, if it wasn't intentional, then a chance would be given, but from reading your starting post, I think it was intentional.

    Currently, I've noticed a lot of liberators, especially NC ones, stealth flying over areas and bombarding columns with no sound. Roughly 150 to 300 meters up--you couldn't even hear them, and I am using a $1000 dollar audiophile headset with a 600ohm inducer/op-amp. I couldn't even hear them until I had zepher shells dropped on my head while cloaked.
  6. Psikez

    I love all the self-righteous folks in this thread.
  7. Psikez

    Did you read any of the rest of the discussion?

    Or do you just make knee-jerk statements about how you wasted $900 on some headphones?
  8. CaNsA


    Are SOE still ******** because you are better at their job than they are?

    We miss you, and your robostyle voice, dude :(
  9. sagolsun

    That's the thing with corporations and systems. They aren't mad, they aren't spiteful - there was a case of a GM with personal issues banning people he didn't like at SOE, more than one, I kid you not - but that was a case of poor recruitment and little oversight.

    SOE doesn't refuse to unban me out of spite, but out of poor policy. The "war on cheating" SOE is doing is going with the brute-force carpet bombing approach, and it does have it's casualties. People getting banned for various benign utilities, but SOE considers those losses acceptable.

    If they can't do it smart, they do it hard. At this point the only person who can unban me is the old man Smed himself.
  10. Gary

    Using any third party program that is not outlined as being acceptable (steam overlay, Teamspeak overlay) is against the terms and agreements. Even if you use one that does not interfere with the game if it is not specifically said as being safe you use you risk the possibility of a ban.

    You used a program that directly interacts with the game and its files whilst the game is running,,, Next time you or anyone else considering to use a program should write up a ticket on the matter first to see if it is clear.

    On top of that you even admitted to using a glitch/exploit on the live servers against enemies... you can easily record a glitch like that in the warpgate and get a few friends or outfit members to help. I would strongly advise anyone who finds a glitch and plan on recreating it do so in the VR room from now on :p

    So you have two offences against you, 1 of which is quite a serious one which can be used maliciously the (the same reason they do not allow SweetFX, IT can be used maliciously even if 99% of players use it for good) second deliberately exploiting to get an advantage over other players.
  11. sagolsun

    Correct, I'm not arguing SOE broke their own rules. They can ban anyone and everyone, shut down PS2 or ban players at random. The phrase "at SOE's sole discretion" is plastered all over those legalese documents.

    Using 3rd party programs does indeed confuse the anti-cheat system and they have to be whitelisted. No hard feelings there, I'm happy to see SOE is actively fighting against cheating. It's better to have a lot of false positives that you eventually reverse or whitelist than a lot of false negatives slipping past.

    Next time I don't plan on using one, lesson learned and all. But whether there'll be a next time is up to SOE.

    I was very open about this. Test bug, get data, submit report. I did the minimum reasonable amount of testing and didn't use it beyond that point. It wasn't very disruptive either - a single lib run. I don't know of anyone else who got banned for that. When figuring out the zone crash bug I also had to ruin a few people's day, at the very least the guy who was helping me test it, if you could call it that.

    I didn't exploit to get an advantage over other players, I exploited to gather data to report a bug. Like I always did. Same with the 3rd party program - data gathering for non-malicious purposes, namely getting an idea why some machines had bad performance while others worked fine.

    The SOE policy is more flexible than some people are letting me to believe and common sense has to be applied. Using sweetfx or having autohotkey installed is a bannable offense, but people generally are left with a warning, if it's a first offense. I never argued that SOE's ban is baseless, just that less severe measures, like a suspension, would be enough.

    Banning a player makes sense if the player used "illicit" methods to boost his standing - gain levels or such - but that's the point, I didn't. I'm guilty of making the stupid assumption that I can plug in a profiler.
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  12. sagolsun

    Also I wouldn't be better at their job than they are, not for a long while. With the speed at which SOE is releasing game updates and then patching them I shudder to think what the code looks like. First thing I'd do is probably start refactoring, delete some arcane junk code marked with // HERE BE DRAGONS DO NOT TOUCH -Rob and suddenly the game would crash at random and run like a drunk tortoise.

    Ah well, I'll submit another support ticket, failing that I'll send a snailmail letter to the Godfather Smedley.
  13. CaNsA

    Late night Ops just aint the same :(
  14. Vokker

    Funny how SOE only banns stat padders and glitchers, but the REAL HACKERS still remain.

  15. sagolsun

    The "real hackers" use hax written by professionals, detecting which is beyond SOE's capability. Or that detecting those hax could be a severe invasion of privacy or could potentially screw around with the system if done improperly.

    Either way detecting the most advanced hax out there requires windows API wizards - the kind, rumors say, SOE fired not long ago.

    For the record, I was banned for attempting to isolate the performance issues last patch, not the lib glitch. I tried to explain but to no avail. That kind of attitude of "we don't negotiate, we don't discuss, we don't compromise" is what inadvertently creates hostility, and in the end that helps nobody.
  16. sagolsun

    Yeah, and just when I got my new sit/stand desk. Dämn I wanted to try out playing PS2 with one of those. Supposedly they make you play better and aim worse, don't ask me on the mechanics behind that.
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  17. Papio

    As a someone who suffered unplayable FPS after GU4 was released and the maddening rage it induced during double XP weekend while people like me suffered.

    I'm sorry you were banned.
    I hope they give you a second chance.
    Don't user third party software that interacts with PS2 you dolt.

    TRAF Papio

    PS: I may have have some rage posts removed from the forum during that weekend :oops:
  18. Vikarius

    Gotta love that they ban him for that, but not BCP when he was exploiting, nor any of the high BR exploiters/hackers
  19. sagolsun

    They bought station cash, I didn't. A player who pays a monthly 25 USD subscription for hacks is a welcome, if misbehaving customer. Give him a slap on the wrist and he may decide to give that money to SOE instead.

    Free players are second class citizens. Free players who've played the game for a while but have shown no signs of being willing to pay smedbucks are a liability.
  20. CaNsA

    New sig, just for you dude.
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