So who else got banned for the stealth lib glitch?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by sagolsun, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. Timothy The Tooth

    hey i have a
    windows 7 64bit system
    8GB RAM
    AMD Phenom II x4 945 processor, 3000 mhz, quad core
    and a amd radeon 5450 512mb card

    i know i cant play it with that because of the video card but i am buying a amd radeon hd 7770 1gb OC edition, will that make it playable in high settings or even medium with no lag??
  2. Ronin Oni

    I feel the same way....

    abusing in game misfortunes seems like it should be on a suspension/warning system. Obviously if you keep up bad behavior then permanent action could be required, but hell, sometimes people end up in glitched states on no fault of their own... and most people would laugh and ride out that random glitch state rather then "oh darn, I'm glitched, better suicide" as a first reaction.

    Only 3rd party program cheating should warrant instant no-warning bans IMO.

    Everything else should go on a 3 strike policy... 1st warning = 5 day suspension, second = 14 day suspension, 3rd = ban.
  3. Ronin Oni

    Playable, yes...

    but your GPU will be overkill as your CPU is going to be a major bottleneck for ya....

    Still, you should be able to play with all GPU options on high (textures) at "reasonable" FPS.

    AMD processors in particular are known to have worse performance as well. Still, I know someone with the same processor and a worse video card and he plays.
  4. itzCujo666

    Great stuff!

    Hopefully you really got banned for exploiting a glitch, not just suspended...?

    Hey, if you have any alts, make sure you "announce" them, so SOE can get ahead of you and ban your alts too ...before you exploit another glitch? :)

    MAYBE (if you're really lucky), you'll get your thread locked too....

    Anyway, gratz on getting banned, or whatever response you want! :D
  5. Timothy The Tooth

    im trying to stay around the 100-115 dollar range for one because i only game a little bit but dont want to have to deal with the lag n e more and with my rig i have now i cant even play because ill click shoot and it will shoot a second later, not sure why
  6. Ronin Oni

    Well, your current gfx card is woefully inadequate....

    Your processor isn't... it's just not very well optimized for it... and this game is really CPU heavy on top of that.

    You should be able to manage a pretty stable 30FPS in larger fights I think... well, other then when they introduce new performance bugs that tank everyone.

    To play PS2 at the lowest investment possible... yes, upgrading your video card should be sufficient.
  7. Timothy The Tooth

    kk thanks bro just wanted to be reassured befor i buy this card and psu dont wanna spend 200+ dollars and rip my hair out from the results haha
  8. Ronin Oni

    Frankly, you could probably do just as well with a HD6850 for $150 or less since as I said, once you upgrade your video, your CPU will be your bottleneck.

    Alternatively, you might even think about getting an NVidia... pick one up for $200, be able to run PhysX on your GPU, and get SC from their promo right now.
  9. Timothy The Tooth

    ZOTAC GeForce GTX 650 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card?????

    would tht be better? powered by nvidia
  10. Ronin Oni

    possibly.... might want to make your own thread to pose the question to a larger audience.
  11. sladuog

    The kind of lag that is produced by having a bad PC is processing lag, not server or client-server lag, which is apparently what sagolsun was banned for. If you have FPS drops, get a better PC. If you are disconnecting from the server and see people warping around and stuff, get better internet.

    This is totally off topic and you should REALLY have made a separate thread for this somewhere else.

    I like you, but post proof. Screenshots of emails from SOE?

    There are probably third party programs like mouse and keyboard macro programs that a lot of people use and I want to make sure that these are protected or allowed. This was addressed during beta on forums but I can't remember the decision and the beta forums are now restricted (decision I never understood, but admittedly haven't thought about very hard).

    A dev response would be appreciated if there are any reading (who won't lock the thread).

    If you can't post the screens message me in a conversation.

    Edit: typo.
  12. sagolsun

    Your GPU is fine but in big battles you'll experience bad FPS. PS2 needs a beefy CPU.



    In the meantime we had quite a bit of back and forth about whether I broke the rules. I was all like "okay but how exactly did I cheat or exploit with Vtune Amplifier? How do you even do that??" and Ms. Shannon was all like "Thank you. No, go away. Your account has been terminated. Is there anything else I can die in a fire you with?" - not ever challenging whether I what I did was or wasn't cheating. It had to be cheating, otherwise I wouldn't be banned in the first place, right?

    I can imagine that "extreme assertiveness required" and "signs of passive aggressive behavior are not grounds for rejection" had to be written on the job listing for Customer Support Director somewhere.

    In the meantime Ms. Shannon asserted that cheating summarily results in a permanent ban. No appeals, no second chances, no suspensions. That is at odds with the truth and the reports I'm getting, unless I was the catalyst for some overnight change of policy, but no matter.

    Yes, trying to do performance analysis on a game with custom anti-cheat with an industrial profiler might not have been a smart idea. Kind of like starting a massage business where the first thing the customer is getting is a full-body x-ray. Hindsight 20/20 and all.
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  13. TheAppl3

    I am honestly quite surprised this hasn't been locked yet. It's peculiar.

    Guy did something he wasn't supposed to do, got banned, complains on forum. This sort of thread usually has a forty minute lifespan.
  14. sagolsun

    Nah, we're having a civil discussion. No trolling, raging or other inappropriate behavior here. I'd appreciate if we'd keep it that way too.
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  15. TheAppl3

    That's exactly the baffling part! It's still civil! Clearly someone has erected a magical anti-idiot wall around this space.
  16. sagolsun

    It's simple, really. You can't genuinely be upset and disappointed over something you never had high expectations of, can you?

    Edit: For the record, hopes != expectations.
  17. PS2Freak

    i think, its not your job to profile launchers. don't do the work , which wasn't asked for you to do.

    i clearly see, exploiting + profiling.... smells like phish. You are very special Snowflake.
  18. santuckcasper

  19. sagolsun

    If you want to put it in those particular words yes it does. No offense meant, but your "do not act unless you are ordered to act" attitude is at odds with your signature. Maybe you should join the TR? There's always a place for well-disciplined, ordered and receptive recruits like yourself to be molded into our military machine.
  20. Gary

    People like players who constantly use a bug/glitch and exploit them enough to warrant a ban do not help even if they report the issue constantly using it does not help...

    I also record bugs and link videos directly to a group of TSR's which they then use and pass on! However when ever possible i avoid interacting with the enemy and instead get Outfit members to go to a quiet zone and use it on them, Stay within the warpgate and now stay within the VR zone when ever possible. Some of the videos require enemy presence due to some needing hot drops and i always yell in chat before i do it stating that i plan on doing it for a minute or 2 and will not be killing players in the process..

    I am hugely appreciative that they are banning players who exploited the issue!
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