So who else got banned for the stealth lib glitch?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by sagolsun, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. sagolsun

    A while ago we had the cloak glitch that allowed you to cloak a lib. It wasn't terribly OP but it was the single most fun liberator run I've ever had.

    Worth it.

    So who else got banned for that one?
  2. TheAppl3

    Sir I must say I find humor in this.

    Good luck to you with the appeal if you plan on filing one.
  3. Kastrenzo

    Wasn't Terribly OP?

    Sir you have a very warped sense of the word Fair.

    Well deserved ban. or suspension.
    What did you think was going to happen?
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  4. LameFox

    I'm not sure which is more confusing, enjoying liberators or posting this in tech support.
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  5. NaySayer

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  6. AnotherNoob

    So how long did you get banned for? Doing it once for the lols I guess I can relate to, but actually farming people with it, not so much :S
  7. Kastrenzo

    My guess is it was a ban *IE Permanent*, since they aren't beating around the bush with bans anymore.

    suspension is temporary, ban is indefinite/permanent
  8. Delain81

  9. Rak

    holy crap I want your internet connection
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  10. TheAppl3

    ...I like liberators :oops:
  11. Kedyn

    I hope they find a way to balance the stealth Lib so they can add it to the game (no idea how the heck they would do that - maybe set a duration on the cloak, remove the tailgun, and limit the gun to only the Shredder?), or just add the bug back in the game on my birthday... :)
  12. sagolsun

    I was hoping for a "Thank you for your comprehensive bug report!", but a ban works too.

    I did one liberator run to test out whether it affects damage, collisions, lockons, appear/disappear distance. Got about a dozen kills, it was kind of funny how the (semi)INVISIBLE liberator immediately became everybody's top target. Eventually died to a scythe, but it was fun to see 1/3 of Vanus switch to AA maxes to comb the sky.

    Correct, it's permanent. I appealed all the way up to Customer Support Director, her reply was basically "It doesn't matter whether you cheated to file a bug report, cheated because of lag, hardware problems, cheated because of conflicting software or cheated because we say you were. In all cases, regardless of severity and circumstances, the only punishment is a permanent and irreversible ban"
  13. Urban Cohort

    Reminds me of the self-repairing ESFs/Libs from back in beta...or the shotgun infils shooting while cloaked.

    Horrendously broken, deserving of a ban (assuming that a warning had been issued).
  14. PaperPlanes

    Perma ban for that is kind of harsh, but it's SOE's game, they have complete control over our access to it, they can ban anyone for any reason, says so in the EULA.

    Personally I'd have given you a 5 day suspension, not a fan of zero tolerance policies for anything except actual cheating via third party programs such as aimbots, wallhacks, etc. Yeah it would be a jerk move to use this exploit, but I couldn't see it warranting a perma ban. That's just me.
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  15. PS2Freak

    keep on good work Soe. so exploiters now see what they get.... also i heard people were permabanned for using shieldglitch, ammotower glitch and doubletripple Esf guns exploit.

    play fair.
  16. sagolsun

    You do know that without people like me exploits like the C4-on-sundie zone crash would still be live, right?
  17. Deathcapt

    Wow, given that the exploit was only up for a few hours, it seems a little harsh to perma ban someone for a first offense. I'm totally down witha 14 day suspension, but a perma ban is really intense. Especially, if you were just experimenting, and were otherwise a outstanding citizen. If I got banned for something like that I would be ******* pissed, especially spending a **** load of SC on this game. Especially with no warning.
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  18. Kastrenzo

    So what's someone supposed to do if they get in a random liberator, gun for them. and they are unaware that the pilot is cloak exploiting while they're trying to gun?
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  19. PaperPlanes

    They shouldn't ban for the double rockets on the ESF, it happens by accident all the time, it happens literally any time you change to rockets while you were firing your nose gun. That'd be like banning infantry for pulling a pistol while they had still been firing their LMG or something. It's such a common action that punishing players who did it would be pretty much punishing over half the game.

    You ever see how common the double infantry rocket visual bug is? It's caused by the same action, when a HA fires their gun and then pulls out a rocket launcher quickly and fires it. That's also pretty much how common the ESF rocket glitch is.

    Besides I am pretty sure they fixed the rocket glitch recently.
  20. drNovikov

    Please, tell me more about your pain. I enjoy when cheaters and exploiters suffer. Is there any way I could make your pain worse?
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