So which is bugged? G2A Lock-on

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  1. TheRunDown

    So when flying a Mossy, I've become aware of how annoying G2A is..
    One of the two problems I find with G2A, I'm not sure which it is...

    There sometimes is no Lock-On warning, and I'll get a instant lock-on and a rocket up my A**.

    The second feels like there can sometimes be a very short lock-on time than normal, and I know from playing Ground the most, that it's not possible to achieve these short lock-on times..

    So either the G2A warning system is screwed.. or the lock-on timers are screwed..
  2. AmitGr

    (1) lock on time is dynamic based on the distance of the target from the source
    (2) lock on is client side (pretty sure of it), so lag can cause little to no warning.

    yes this happens quite frequently to me too. the only conclusion I can come up with is that it's probably related to latency/networking issues or some sort of bug. I also often get locked onto from way beyond lock on distance. sometimes 500-600m easily which is probably because on their screen I'm still well within lock on range and locks are client side. It becomes blatant when you break line of sight and you still get a lock on warning forseveral seconds sometimes even followed by a completed lock and an incoming missile. it's lag or some sort of bug. if you use a G2A lockon yourself you will see that there's nothing really broken about it it will seem that there's nothing really broken about it. In fact the range feels incredibly short.
  4. Cz4rMike

    Sometimes I get a lock on warning, then I think I dropped it, it goes away.... and here comes the rocket. So what's broken is the warning system, I don't think it's shortened time of G2A lock itself...

    source? never heard this...
  5. AmitGr

    It was introduced about half a year ago, maybe more - you can dig in the patch notes.
    It is also mentioned in planetside's wiki:

    Air: ASP-30 Grounder for TR, Hawk GD-68 for NC, and Nemesis VSH9 for VS. These are one-shot rocket launchers that can both dumb fire and lock on to air vehicles. These deal slightly less damage (1000 ) than the standard ones. The time needed to lock-on any air vehicles correlates respectively with the distance from the desired target. The closer you are, the faster the weapon locks-on. The farther away you are, the longer the weapon needs to lock-onto target.
  6. Cz4rMike

    thanx, didn't know. will check in VR.
  7. GhostAvatar

    Its simply lag. Nothing more and nothing less. Same issue as getting killed seconds after making it to cover as infantry. Or getting killed by the guy you just killed.
  8. BlueSkies

    On their screen they probably had a completed lock before you broke LoS, and the lock on launchers will hold a lock for a couple of seconds even if you're out of LoS.