So where was the Bastion Fleet Carrier in the Roadmap?

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  1. ScrapyardBob

    The questions:

    - Is it too big for our 8km by 8km map sizes (especially since some continents are only 6x6 or so in actual area)? This is probably the big issue as anything larger then about 2x the size of an existing Galaxy would be too large to move around our maps.

    - The guns on this would be like the BFR on steroids. How would you fight back against it if it could shoot at ground targets? (Which is the same complaint we have with orbital strikes. Anything that can shoot at you should be hittable by your team, although possibly by bringing in a different asset.)
  2. MasterChief096

    Hopefully it's never going to be in the Roadmap.
  3. wowie

    Anything this big would be large enough to attract a continent's worth of people by itself. I wouldn't expect it to be added until they threw in seamless oceans allowing cont-to-cont travel without loading screens. I Imagine that they would be hard/impossible to build while under attack, and that having an entire cont to yourself would be pretty much required in order to ensure construction wasn't interrupted.
  4. Burdman

    I like this idea too. But it would be cool to as I mentioned previously if they were a guard to Warpgates. To take the Warpgate would be a huge battle this thing would add to it!
  5. wowie

    I imagine that this would be built on a continent that you dominate, and then when it's built, the "huge" radar signature alerts everyone to it's presence in an 8 hex radius, both friendly and enemy. It would be useful in taking conts which you don't already have a strong foothold on, or, as you mentioned, defending conts that you're about to lose, simply by parking it over the WG. Not to mention the epic battles that could ensue when two superships happened to end up in the same place at the same time...

    "Sir, a Battlecruiser has been constructed on Esamir."

    The TR and their crown. I could see this happening.
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  6. Vortok

    Roadmap is highlights of what's planned for the next 6 months. Not everything that's ever been planned and may be released between now and the end of time.

    It's fairly clear that it's just more than 6 months away, if they're still pursuing the idea and developing it.
  7. Zakuak

    Lots of bits and pieces to iron out with getting something like this into the game I imagine.

    SO get on IT! lol, This things just wicked, I like all the ideas you guys are posting up about it too. My imagination is going nuts right now.

    I'm not fond of the idea that it would only be available to high ranked outfits....something this cool should be enjoyed by all, at the same time I surely don't want every pub at the WG able to spawn one of these on a whim lol.

    Push it up in certs, 5k certs ( or more? ) to even unlock the skill for it and requires a faction controlled continent to spawn it. Maybe its spawn could be tied to the player made/owned bases?

    Intercontinental travel would be advised with a ship like this, I recall them working on this or at least a way to warp your vehicles and such in between continents.

    After seeing how many vehicles there is in PS1 ( I know that games been out for almost 10 years but still...heh) I'm surprised we are not seeing a much larger roster for upcoming vehicles. I suppose it makes sense they want to get the games foundation nailed down prior to adding more fluff but things like oh man I like!
  8. Hael

    Damnit SOE, Give me my ****ing Titan and then tell me where to throw my fistful of money!
  9. wowie

    The theme song for every supership:
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  10. Burdman

  11. Burdman

    I would stand at the nose of our Bastion Fleet Carrier yelling SUPRISE MOTHAFUKAS! as we role into a base.
  12. sustainedfire

    The carrier is likely to be part of an "expansion" in a year or more.
  13. Burdman

    One can only hope!
  14. Jaes

    Lets all go to SOE and throw our paychecks at them to implement this faster
  15. Kristan

    I guess this is a part of concept for "empty" continents where players build everything from the scratch. But that won't happen any soon.
  16. Daedrick

  17. Slyguy65


    Add some way to earn outfit cash and spend it on perks and stuff like this....mmmmmmmmmmm

    Now i got a boner, LOOK WHAT YOU DID, really look
  18. Mogi67

    In the Higby Q&A with Azure Twilight the other day, towards the end there was a bunch of miscellaneous questions that were asked. One of them was about the Bastion Fleet Carrier. Higby kind of smirked and said something like"the bastion fleet carrier...yea, you might see it"

    it sounded like they didn't have any definite plans for it yet
  19. Mogi67

    also somebody asked about Searhus, and higby said that if there was a 7th month plan we would have heard about it, so presumably Searhus is slated to be implemented in July :/
  20. ProGamerGov

    SOE if you add this just freaking take my money, all my money!!