So, where is the January patch?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MadGelo, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Hashlak

    lol January patch my A$$ !!
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  2. Brissles

    I done gone stepped on a theism minefield.
  3. PieBringer

    Apologies, I mistook this no-fun-allowed pub for someplace humor is easily telegraphed through text. I'll just be going, then.
  4. gudman591

    Let's talk about religion. Because this thread is empty otherwise.

    What sort of ancient fairytale do you believe in?
  5. Zhorg

    Not QQing - I was just looking forward to this patch for a while. When they eventually displayed the release date, I got looking forward to it testing it during the weekend - as during the week I have little to no time :/.

    Just a little disappointed, that's all. Still crossing my fingers it'll come out somewhere this weekend xoxoxoxo
  6. Momo93

    It's a pity, school soon starts and I wanted to try the new patch before it. Maybe tonight or tomorrow.
  7. the pestimist

    there probably not finished and cause ues they have to push it to a later date.
  8. 01101010

    See the trick here is to have the patch ready for testing on the first of the month. Then you have at least 3 weeks to test it and fix the stuff it breaks and then release it in the timeframe you have set. For example, the Feb roadmap stuff should be rolling out to the test servers now to be played with. I can't fault the community getting their panties in a twist when SoE were the ones to set the time periods on release stuff. If they don't give a time period but just lay out the stuff they'd like to do in the near future, then yeah - they have the leeway to move and delay and can shrug off the community's ire about when stuff is coming. Rule of thumb is to NEVER give a hard deadline of when stuff will be out because more often than not, you will not be able to hit that mark reliably.
  9. Brissles

    Then they shouldn't have, and this thread wouldn't exist.
  10. Lucifer

    Funny...01 February and no January patch.. :rolleyes:
  11. Yil

    Hope not. That's never panned out well for gamers, in my experience.
  12. pnkdth

    Welcome to MMOs. Deadlines in this genre are more guidelines than anything else.
  13. Oheck

    Not necessarily. I'm sure it's not such a black and white issue when it comes to patching something of this size. The fact is they are making a great deal of effort to communicate with their player base, as well as innovating how they receive player input on the game itself. They stated in their introduction to the roadmap system that its new, and will be refined over time. It's been a while since I've seen a developer reach out to their player base as much as I've seen this group do in the short time that this game has been released.
  14. FightingFirst

    Im guessing since Higby tweeted that they just couldnt quite get it finished for Thursday the patch might come out today on Friday. Personally, Id much prefer they take their time and deliver a good quality patch rather than rush it through and we get a load of bugs. Plus they are having to make changes due to our road map suggestions. At the end of the day its only a game and waiting a couple of days extra isnt that bad really.
  15. Badgered

    Hanging out with the February patch, duh.
  16. Jex =TE=

    No it would be moaning about how SOE can't give a release date on a patch. Like I said, those people that are ignorant should keep their mouths shut.
  17. MadGelo

    you know what they say about trowing stones when you live in a glass house?
  18. Brissles

    It's not particularly important that the community know exactly when a patch is being released. Estimated patch dates are reasonable.

    Incidentally, what're your thoughts on the Roadmap given your opinion on this matter?
  19. Ghosty78

    People forgetting that they can play this game for FREE if they so wish. Still, isn't going to stop anyone from moaning and ******** about anything and everything.
  20. Jex =TE=

    If they released the patch now, the forums would blow up in thread after thread on how SOE broke the game. The patch isn't finished but by all means, I'm sure the experts all here can give exact days on when thousands of lines of code can be written, tested, re-written, re-tested, etc.

    No they would prefer it was just rolled out and have a more broken game.
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