so when can we expect VS to be balanced?!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Liewec123, Aug 12, 2022.

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  1. Liewec123

    so a month ago NC got a weapon that lets them deal a tiny amount of AA damage,
    naturally the VS are losing their mind over it, because how dare NC get an AA weapon,
    there are a dozen masthead nerf threads, but honestly, WHERE ARE THE VS NERF THREADS?!
    enough is enough, i'm done with the EZmode faction dominating every primetime alert.

    when will the OP faction finally be balanced to match NC and TR?

    i'm done pretending that VS are ok.
    for years now we've been expected to say everything is fine when the two balanced factions
    are both equal in the late 20%s for primetime alert wins.
    but VS are sitting just below 40%,
    is anyone really going to pretend that this is fine?

    dont give me BS excuses "better players" etc, VS are OP and you all know it, a reckoning is long overdue.
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  2. RRRIV

    ive been around for so long that i dont even know if this is bait/satire or not.
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  3. BlackFox

    I personally rather fight the VS than the NC, because the VS at least can be killed
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  4. Liewec123

    I'm deadly serious.
    How many years should we just expect the underpop faction to stomp primetime alerts.
    Why is it the norm? Why are people complaining on the rare occasion when NC get something half decent
    But noone is allowed to dare say a thing about VS and their gratuitous overperforming.

    But hey let's be real, there is no way VS could ever be nerfed, reddit would implode,
    Just look at them all already losing their minds because Darkstar traded THREE rounds for attachment access.
    Give VS an ACTUAL nerf and it would be like the apocalypse for them...
  5. Tr34

    VS weapons need buffs, what kind of good thing VS has besides the heat mechanic?
    They nerfed all the VS weapons and VS feels so underwhelming compared to TR and NC.
    We always have the lowest pop, then explain why don't everyone reroll to VS and make it the most populated faction?
    Because they don't like the weapons of VS, that's it. And most of the playerbase don't care about winning they just play to
    farm kills for themselves. Accept it, people play VS to win the alerts while other factions have good farming tools and they play for
    their own K/D stats. If you swapped the weapons of TR and VS now, VS would steamroll everyone with 60% win rate.
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  6. JibbaJabba

    Sorry man but VS hasn't been overpowered in years. The recent attachments patch which buffed many guns resulted in a bit of a shadow nerf for VS as well.

    I'm not sure they actually DO dominate in the primetime alerts. Someone pull the receipts.
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  7. Somentine

    If they do, at least on Emerald, it's largely because they are just better overall; better zergfits, better point holders, better zerg surfers (shout out to OO on TR though), and better farmers.

    There are some oppressive weapons like the Lasher, and magriders getting into places they really shouldn't, but overall NC has the better infantry equipment and TR has the better vehicles.
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  8. Anantidaephobia

    Funniest thread since last year I guess :D
    I won't start writing long series of data to try and prove my point of view. Instead I'll just tell you that, each fight I play I notice the very same thing : we VS need to have more players to capture/hold a base or we just fail. This must mean something.
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  9. BlackFox

    I highly doubt that, TR weapons are useless compared to the precision of VS guns and the damage output of NC rifles. The hoirzontal recoil really makes them a lot less effective. NS weapons are the best choice for anybdoy plaing as TR
  10. Mechwolf

    VS has more boots in buildings because their vehicles suck, it's been discussed time and time again, that's why they seem to win, they don't have 100+ prowlers/reavers on continent at all times, not to mention every single weapon VS has had minus a few I won't mention because they'll get nerfed when the devs notice they haven't been nerfed yet.

    Honestly, VS has been the dev's punching bag since 2014, their pop drops significantly the more nerfs they get because long-time players have seen everything on VS get nerfed into being unusable, like the PPA turret, the ZOE (but to be fair it needed a change, and the only thing even slightly fun is the NC shield), Lancer, and Magrider.
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  11. Mechwolf

    Actually since the TR blanket buff, TR has 10+ more shots in every clip with higher fire rate, and same accuracy and damage stats. The Cerious fans believe it's fair.
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  12. BlackFox

    Yeah but high fire rate does nothing in Planetside besides letting the gun dance around the enemy even on point blank range. Just having more ammo without the fire rate boost would probably even be the better option.

    The high fire rate is mainly the cause for the inaccuracy as the horizontal recoil changes directon after each fired shot. Faster fire = Faster swinging
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  13. Demigan

    The amount of misinformation in this thread...

    On a per-player basis the VS, TR and NC pull almost the exact same amount of MBT's, such a small difference it doesnt really matter. Campagne did the calculations (I think 3x by now). Add to that how Magriders somehow are often king of both infantry kills and vehicle kills. Which isnt surprising as at almost every single instance mobility beats everything else (like Aircraft or Harassers).

    The reason the VS wins is because their starter weapons are some of the best in the game, meaning that by sheer volume the VS has an easier time achieving victories. Additionally their arsenal is far more powerful than the VS wants us to believe. Not only do more VS players make it through the LMG auraxium grind despite their arsenal being "weak", their auraxium LMG also vastly outperforms any other LMG in the game and sees either equal or more usage than the other auraxium weapons. Oh and ofcourse the devs in their infinite wisdom decided to remove the downside of not being able to pick your attachments on it.

    And while the performance of the Betel is still massively better than anything else the VS cry about everything. "Oh noes it lost a few bullets, how am I ever going to kill anyone! Now I need more than 2 magazines to kill a single infil if I score a headshot with every bullet!*". They pretend the Betel got a deathblow while in reality its going strong as ever.

    *only slightly exaggerated, but basically what they are telling us.
  14. JibbaJabba

    Can we start with showing VS has a 60% primetime win rate before we devolve into arguing why.

    This whole OP is a 'begging the question' logic flaw.
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  15. MonnyMoony

    The data on this website doesn't appear to show anywhere near 60% win rate for VS.

    Whilst VS do appear to win slightly more prime time alerts - in terms of overall Global Faction Victories - it looks like NC is actually the leader (ironic given the OP appears to be NC from their avatar).

    If you go into Alert History and view alerts in date order - out of the last 100 alerts listed since the 13th Aug, VS have only won 28. That means for the last 100 alerts at least, VS actually appears to be under performing.

    NC by way of comparison have won 37 out of the last 100 alerts globally - and have drawn with VS for two more - meaning NC have won (or at least not lost) almost 39% of the past 100 alerts - that's well above average.
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  16. MonnyMoony

    Other stats are also interesting.

    NC lead the board with total number of kills (33.4% versus 33.2% for VS). NC also lead the board for individual infantry player kills, with NC players holding both first and second place.

    The weapon with the most kills is an NC weapon (Gauss Saw) and NC have more weapons in the top 20 highest performing weapons than VS do.

    The Vanguard and Prowler both out perform the Magrider in terms of total kills. Similar story with the Reaver and Mossie versus Scythe.

    In fact - i'm hard pressed to find any area where VS are showing clear advantage........particularly when viewed against NC.
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  17. JibbaJabba

    thank you.

    It can be a chore to disprove ********
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  18. mewmewmew

    Did you just say that VS has a 40% population in matches, so we need to nerf VS? Is this silly thing true? you want to nerf Darkstar because of their population ?
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  19. Liewec123

    i never said 60% win rate, i said "just below 40% while TR and NC are equally balanced in the late 20%s"
    and you can see that perfectly on PS2Alerts.

    firstly, one faction winning close to 40% of all primetime alerts while the other two are neck and neck in the late 20%s is not a slight win...its freaking COLOSSAL.

    secondly i'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you know why outside of primetime NC win more...
    but just incase, outside of primetime the population is usually below the "faction queue" threshold
    and therefore faction population is not forcefully balanced, and NC have far more players across most servers.
    this leads to mid day alerts being dominated by 50% overpop NC.
    if NC weren't winning most alerts out of primetime then something would be seriously wrong.

    what isn't fine is how even with a usual underpop, VS are dominating the game once factions are forcefully population balanced.


    BREAKING NEWS: underpopulated faction kills overall than overpopulated faction.

    now perhaps look at actual weapon performance, rather than cherry picking total number of kills...
    maybe take a look at magrider VKPUs and see it sitting ontop of the MBT hierarchy.
    or beteldouche KPUs and see it floating like freaking jesus high above every other LMG.
  20. JibbaJabba

    Sorry man, but that variation in win rate isn't great. And when combined with other stats like KDR of the players actually in the alert doesn't show that it's the weapons that are the issue.

    I've spent a lot of time playing with the weapons of all three factions. A lot.

    I've spent a lot of time in the command chat of all three factions on Emerald. A lot.

    All Three.

    Not just one.

    I'm gonna give you a very, very (very!) informed *opinion* on the matter:

    The VS on Emerald are "hardened". They do NOT have the best weapons. They haven't in YEARS. And they are underpopped Regularly. A good many veterans flock to VS because that's where the challenge is. And the noobs either quit from frustration or they stick around being underpopped and outgunned and they get gud because of it. And as people make new alts on other factions talent attracts talent.

    This happens day in, day out for years.

    Then when the population gets EVEN. When the fights become fair during primetime alerts it begins to show. The leaders have a clue and the individuals have a clue even without leadership. You can see it when you join random squads that are generally leaderless.

    It's the players dude. And alerts are about leadership. Bad leaders will produce bad results even with good teams.

    Go play some VS on Emerald late at night when it's west coast primetime. When Recursion comes on to Emerald. They seem to do just fine with the same guns everyone on TR cries about. Good players with good Leaders (Sayl, understatement). Go follow GOBS for a while, they have no issue with the NC guns.

    NC is dangerous as **** when the right leaders are logged on. You hear it in command chat and they curbstomp the server. When they are not, NC loses.

    TR leadership outside of Recursion is just utterly cringe. TR is very special. They massively overpop bases to win because they need too. Large portions of their pop will cling uselessly to vehicles. And when the base is won they turn about as fast as the titanic towards the next base. They'll stay at bases they can't win burning precious alert time. It's like watching a train wreck.

    And if you have certain known-to-cheat-in-outfit-wars outfits on? LOL - TR leadership knows they are doomed. Those guys will camp a bad lattice until the cows come home, making no progress, showing no nimbleness, and having an utter fixation on VS to the strategic detriment of the whole faction.

    Try this as an observation excercise:
    Follow your PL orders in your faction this week and observe your fights. Are you fighting and winning at overpops all the time? Yeah, I bet you are.

    Your enemy is fighting and losing at and underpop.

    Which one of you is getting good? Which one is getting soft?
    Which one of you is more likely to win in a hypothetical match up where the population is even?
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