So whats the real difference between the 2 semi autos?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Canaris, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Canaris

    I'm a big fan of the semi-auto rifles for the infil I use the 99sv and was considering splashing out some cash on the KSR but when I look at them they have exactly the same stats apart from the 99 being very long and KSR being long? So what does that equate to in English, what's the real difference between them?
  2. Canaris

    also has anyone tried out the HSR scout rifle? just looking at the stats and they seem interesting
  3. Xiphos

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  4. Canaris

    ah brilliant Xiphos, thanks for that :D
  5. Blackhand

    Yea Xiphos rifle guide has all the stats, but simply the KSR-35 is the short range 99SV. You can equip lower zoom optics on it. It does more damage and has less recoil than the HSR-1, but cant attach laser sight and has a slight sway.
  6. dstock

    I trialed the HSR-1 real early in the game launch, liked it, and bought it yesterday w/ the triple cash promotion. After playing with it for a few hours, I love it. Everything the 99SV fails at, the HSR-1 serves admirably (close range, hip-fire, follow-up shots on people filling your reticle/scope that don't miss...). Cert the laser-sight (1 cert), suppressor (150 certs), & HS/NV scope (30 certs) for close quarters/Indoor, and use the laser sight with your choice of the 3.4 or 4x scope options for outdoors.

    The only thing you can't do with this gun is go gang-busters into a room and take out 3 or 4 enemies (who cares, this is what grenades/claymore/repeater is for ;) ). I'm very impressed with the accuracy over range, and with the much lower COF compared to the 99SV, I feel my effective range is about the same. My only real complaint is the RoF, ironically, you can shoot fast enough that your recoil won't settle. The gun rewards patience and a cool temper, I'm still trying to adapt to that. Beyond that, I wish I could carry more than six magazines, may actually cert into Ammo Bandolier now.

    Simply put, if the above didn't sell you, its the only gun I thought was worth buying because it completely changes how you can approach the game as an Infiltrator. It's on about the same level as upgrading your Liberator belly gun to the Dalton or Zephyr. If you wish Infiltrator was a little more Spy vs. Spy and a lot less "sitting on this hill 500m out with my thumb in my ***," you'll probably like it as well.