So, what's the point of the spawn timer now?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Warhawx, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Kalendric

    This whole "Go fight in an Infantry Resource zone" argument strikes me as absurd and laughable. I'm fighting where I am at any given moment because that is where the fighting is. Either my side is pushing on one of their bases, or we're defending one of our facilities. I don't get to make the choice of where I fight usually and I certainly can't just ask my platoon/outfit "Sorry gents, you mind if we go camp a biolab? I need Infantry resources".

    Even if I went to the local biolab, it would probably be empty unless it was actually at the front lines of the fighting. The move to lattice is only making this whole thing so much more pronounced with the greater emphasis on large zergs clashing over fewer links. It also doesn't help that MAXes are immobile without help. You might have a point saying something like "Go to another zone to get your resources back" in a Tank since it can drive over. There's deffinately an argument there for Air units that can cover the whole map in a few minutes.

    But for the waddling fat backsides of the MAX? If I wanted to enjoy long picturesque walks through the countryside I'd just step away from the computer thanks.
  2. Weirdkitten

    Double the spawn timer so the reduced cooldown certs have meaning. Anything that helps reduce the number of maxes is a good thing.
  3. Steveru

    Ha, really? They did that for all the revamped vehicles too?

    How many points were people earning on ATVs for god sakes??